Learning to work in group.

Session 23 of 22 May 2012 - recorded – Original English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: B-Maya, E-Maya dan Wivine

Received by Wivine

Visitors:        KUWAYA, Master Sprit N°2 – The Voice of The Eternal Son.

                   Malvantra Melchizedek


Kuwaya spoke after 1h                           Total time meditation: 1h28min.


Kuwaya here: my children, I come to bring peace in your hearts. You still have a long way to go before you will reach The Father in Paradise.


You will meet many creatures like you and different from you. I can't describe them all; some are blue without hair and pointed ears, others can be very hairy and some may even have a scaly skin or wings. They can be so different.


There are more than 600 planets like yours only in the 'Planetary System of Satania' in which you reside. There are planets with oxygen and planets without oxygen and there are billions and billions of inhabited planets in the Seven Superuniverses. However the first you will encounter will be human souls from your Planetary System Satania with Jerusem as headquarters. It is on Jerusem that your System Sovereign Lanaforge rules who replaced Lucifer after his infamous rebellion.


You will meet on the Mansion Worlds many translators and interpreters as the ascending souls of all these different planets don’t know the 'language of Satania' upon arrival. You can well imagine that the way all these human souls see their “Father in Paradise” will be very different from yours. This is why you have these interpreters to interpret their words in an understandable way for you and vice versa.


All those ascending souls with such different aspects from so many planets do follow seminars in common classrooms on the Mansion Worlds. Unfortunately your minds on your planet Urantia were so distorted for 200,000 years by your former planetary Prince Caligastia that many of you must first follow an adjustment program before they can access these schools following your racism, your bigotry and prejudices and I'm not just talking about skin differences or physical appearances because it exists here even between individuals from the same culture with the same language.


Your small group is our first experiment where people came together as "one family" whose members are from several blended races, of different cultures with different languages to receive the guidance of their Father in Paradise and it worked out very well to some degree.


These are your experiences through which you can see how much "Love and Mercy" the people of Urantia still need before they will be ready to live as One family on One planet under One Father…….but all this will resolve in time.


You are still very young and have a lot of life lessons to learn. In your culture, between your own people there is also envy, jealousy and hatred. These are feelings that you find in all Mankind because they are not specific to a race, a culture or a religion; they are typical for growing souls.


My dear Maya children (20 to 23 years old) learn how to remain humble without falling into false humility. Acknowledge the differences between each other: between young people and little children, between people of your age and the elderly. Grow in wisdom and follow the guidance of your Father in Paradise who has given you a Fragment of Himself that resides in each one of you and helps you to adjust your thoughts and who guides you.


You have two Guardian Angels of which generally only one will get in contact with you. You have a lot of Celestials to help you, you have the love of Nebadonia - your Mother Spirit and your father Christ Michael (Jesus) who created you together in this local universe and whose dearest wish is to see you making contact with your God Fragment during your lifetime; with this Divine Spark that develops your soul together with your mortal mind, this soul that is growing steadily and will continue to grow for thousands of years, but not on your planet. She will continue to grow on the Morontia worlds to become more Spiritual and you will learn a lot of lessons through many practical experiences and training during this slow growing process.


The most important thing in Paradise is to be able to work in group on a project or for a common goal, just as you are trying to do here. A group can consist of 2 to 3 people or even more.


Everyone is supposed to bring his own contribution in a group. We expect that each individual fulfills the role in which he excels best in harmony with the others to carry out the project or common goal because it is the ‘project’ where it is all about and not one’s personal aggrandizement or reasons to participate. There is no need to be jealous of each other or seek to take over the role of another, because each one contributes by giving the best according to each one’s capabilities to bring forth the accomplishment of the common goal. Unfortunately we recognize well the little tensions between you all; we know these things.


When we give a few facilities and capabilities to someone that’s because this person is able to take that responsibility and works under our tutelage. If someone else in the group possess other skills and expresses the wish to develop them for the benefit of others then this person will receive more opportunities and capacities in accordance with his or her commitment and selflessness.


Each of you has his Midwayers, his own Guides, his personal Guardian Angels with their Cherubim and Sanobim and a God Fragment to adjust their thoughts and receive guidance.


If you are a person who has a tendency to envy the property of others on the material plane you take this problem with you when you grow spiritually during your life and even later. Because then you'll envy what? Others Thought Adjuster? Their Guardian Angel? Their Cherubim? Their Midwayer? Their spiritual development?


If you feel less worthy because of the capabilities of others and you start to be jealous, to envy them and play power games because you want to stand above them and you are unable to correct this attitude by standing in your own 'self-esteem and value' this will pop up in your spiritual development and will even worsen so that you would notice it and do something about it ………because it will slow you down and not the others.


We will help each of you to resolve these issues before we let your current group gather in its entirety to evolve to the next stage.


Each of you must solve his own problems through introspection, by looking in himself and asking: "what did I do to cause this situation?" When you do this we will show you where things have gone wrong which will allow you to learn to act differently in the same situation in the future. Therefore, you will improve your own character and your interaction with others.


If you don't introspect, if you don't search in your own heart in a sincere and honest way, by looking at yourself as in a mirror and asking us our loving and compassionate advice saying: "How should I act to prevent such a situation? Give me wisdom so that I can understand and avoid this from happening again?" Then we cannot help. You ought to look at yourself and not point the finger to another and condemning. Do not moralize others nor patronize them in a veiled or open way. No, please don’t; mind your own business and try to improve yourself.


Then your soul will really begin to grow and your soul must still grow a lot which will happen through experiences, by communicating and doing things with other people. Be aware that each person thinks of himself that he is always right and good and that he also has his free will. It is when you interact with others that you learn something about yourself so that you can adjust and correct yourself…...and there lies the key to the growth of your soul.


There will always be conflicts: conflicts between generations, conflicts between employer and employee, between brothers and sisters, in families, between neighbor’s and neighboring countries. These are conflicts that will help you grow and understand. Step over your preconceived ideas, your hatred and your jealousy and all these kinds of negative feelings by understanding through experience that God lives in every person and that you can see God in everyone's eyes... even if the other is not aware of it.


God looks at you through the eyes of others and sees how you act and react.


If you want your soul to ascend to a Higher Spiritual level then your Thought Adjuster or God Fragment as well as your Guardian Angels will put you in very difficult situations that will require you to constantly reconsider all you thought about right and wrong; where you will have to set aside and replace most of your beliefs, review your attitude towards others and where you will need to adjust your own opinions in order to grow up to become one day like God.


To reach a higher spiritual level is much more difficult than to lead a godless life. The more you learn here, even in difficult conditions, the better and easier it will be for you on the Mansion Worlds because then you will not have to learn these lessons anymore to continue the journey. Here you can learn fast, very fast. Once you will arrive on the Morontia Worlds, you will learn but it will need much more time... it will last much longer.


Thank your God Fragment, thank your Guardian Angels, thank your Guides who accompany you and thank The Father in Paradise for all the difficulties you encounter in this life. Because it is precisely these difficulties and challenges that will bring you wisdom and help your soul to grow in such a way that when she will be resurrected on the Mansion Worlds and receive her new Morontia body she will shine in all her sparkling golden colors that she gathered through her selfless, loving thoughts and actions during her earthly life in her physical body.


Here on earth you can hide behind a smile and kind words, but on the Mansion Worlds it will be the brightness of your soul, visible to all, which will be important and for which you will be looked for and respected.


We will therefore leave this situation to your own decisions and are not going to involve us further.


Consult daily Father in ‘silence' even if it is only for 10 minutes. This will enable Him to guide you and show you the wisdom you can learn from all these situations.

Thank you my children, thank you.


Malvantra here: Hello my children, I see that you have been very shocked emotionally. Know that for us you are equivalent and completely equal to other students. During your meditations we bring you all to 'special schools' on the Mansion Worlds so that your soul can acquire the necessary knowledge to carry out your work in the "borderland" around the Earth or whatever you call this invisible world. You have already met many human souls in this invisible dimension around your planet and you have also helped resolve problems caused by Caligastia and his companions.


My friends, you deliver a very good job, even if you are still so young to participate. I assure you that you are all doing very good work and not only you, my young Maya’s, but each one of the group and know that you sometimes work under our guidance when you sleep. We stand behind you, we guide and love you all.


I thank you, my children, see you next time.





For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.