Evolution is mostly experience.

Session 24 of 26 May 2012 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: E-Maya, B-Maya, Carole, Cyril and Wivine.


Received by Wivine.


Visitors: Malvantra and Monsanloran Melchizedek

             Lanaforge, Sovereign of our Planetary System Satania with Jerusem as headquarters.


Malvantra spoke after 1h07min                Total time meditation: 1h45min.


Malvantra here: my children, you have reached a higher level in your capacities to see our images and hear our voices in the "communication system with Reflectivity”. Our girl here hears already much better my voice than before.


We will speak sometimes in French when we bring forth our messages somewhere else in English and we will do another test in Dutch abroad. Over time several people will be connected to this 'system of communication with reflectivity' of which some will be connected to you and others through other networks. This will be done with people living in different continents and not only in the America’s and Europe.


We start by centralizing the connections with this ‘communication system with reflectivity" to differentiate it from other systems of reception and transmission (T/R). We will connect little by little different people with you of which some will use your meditations to work with you as a group in other dimensions and others will use it to receive their own messages or images to bring everyone to a higher understanding of the inherent abilities of the Human Being and his destiny.


Thanks to your work in group you receive the ability to transcend your reality and reach out to more ultimate and absolute truths. We know that all this is not very clear to you. We will try to explain it during multiple sessions and how you are involved in this great challenge of the Creation of the Grand Universe and later the Master Universe.


It would be nice if you understood the reason of the creation of all these worlds, the creation of all these Deities in evolution and the reason for your creation. This understanding will help you to reach much higher levels of "spiritual insight" and help your soul to come to a greater awareness, even transcendental consciousness.


We are not yet talking about the ultimate and absolute levels because you just start to move towards transcendental levels. You need this understanding if you want to be active during your current life in other dimensions to help Urantia, the planetary System Satania and your local universe Nebadon to take a major step forward in the anchoring of the Era of Light and Life. It will also serve you later when you will resuscitate on the Mansion Worlds in your new Morontia body after having left behind your physical body on Earth.


To be anchored in ‘Light and Life’ means to return to the perfection of The First Source Center – the source of everything.


First there was Paradise where The Trinity resides - then The Infinite Spirit created the perfect worlds of Havona circulating around the ‘Isle of Paradise’ with the assistance of the Architects of the Master Universe.


Next ‘The Trinity’ created another still evolving Deity: The Supreme Being – residing in Havona of which you are aware and who covers the Seven Superuniverses and the 4 outer space levels.


The Infinite Spirit created the Seven Master Spirits who originated the Seven Superuniverses with their material Time-Space Worlds.


The Trinity Partners created also the Paradise Sons and Daughters: the Creator Sons and Daughters, the Avonal Sons and the Daynals, the Ancients of Days and so many others. All these Paradise Sons earn their experience by descending in the Superuniverses on the Material, Morontia and Spiritual Worlds to accomplish their tasks and accumulate experiential knowledge.


A Creator Son and a Creator Daughter or Mother-Spirit creates together a local universe in one of the Seven Superuniverses.


Your Christ is a Creator Son, your Mother-Spirit Nebadonia is a Creative Daughter who united with her Creator Son to create your Local Universe Nebadon (located in Superunivers nr.7, Orvonton) as well as several Orders of Celestial Beings residing in your local universe such as the Melchizedeks, the Vorondadeks, the Lanonandeks, the Life Carriers and various Orders of Angels that will help you to ascend to Paradise.


All these different Celestials created by The Trinity and the Paradise Sons and Daughters will evolve to higher levels of existence through their actions of service and accumulated experiences just like you will do and they all have free will …..just like you.


It is The Supreme Being that will gather at a Personal and Spiritual Level all their experiences as well as yours. The Supreme Being collects as well the powers and knowledge of the Creative Deities as the experiences of those coming out of animal evolution - thus you… the Humans.


During your ascension to The Father in Paradise, made of actions and learning through experiences, you will meet first your Creator Son and your Mother Spirit, the Creators of your Local Universe. During your ascension done in a similar way to the Spiritual Worlds of your Superunivers and then to Havona, you will meet The Supreme Being, your Universal Mother.


The Creator Sons become only autonomous Sovereign Rulers of their local universe by their bestowals in the different Orders of intelligent beings of their creation to be able to understand them; by experiencing and overcoming all difficulties that may arise during the creation and evolution of their Local universe as well in its administration as in its stabilization.


You too will evolve and grow by your choices, your actions and experiences, by your love for God and your fellow men thanks to the fact that you have received a personality and a Fragment of The Father in Paradise. You will encounter The Infinite Spirit, The Eternal Son, and The Universal Father by growing spiritually through experiences, by adoring and worshipping God and sincere prayer, by always trying to express the Will of The Father. It is through your actions that you will grow and that all Partners of The Trinity will reveal themselves to you and not by accumulating only theoretical knowledge and understanding.


The Paradise Sons acquire experiences by descending to the worlds of time and space to help you, to learn who you are and just like you they help The Supreme Being to evolve into God the Supreme.


You also participate in bringing this great masterpiece which are the Seven Superuniverses to the Era of Light and Life by your experiences, in trying to reach the perfection of The Universal Father.


Paradise is Light and Life. All Light, all Life and all Energy come from Paradise. Celestials as well as Humans from planets are called to ascend by their own willingness to the perfect state of Light and Life of Paradise.


All of you are working with Christ Michael and Nebadonia, together with the Seven Master Spirits to help evolve in a very, very distant future the Supreme Being into God the Supreme with everything that that entails.


This will suffice for now. Monsanloran wants to talk to you. Goodbye, my children, goodbye.


(Wivine: Monsanloran doesn’t arrive!)


Malvantra: You are excellent students despite the fact that you don’t notice it in your daily life. Your soul is growing strongly and her (Morontia) mind is already far more advanced than your mortal mind that you use in this material world and which is extremely useful to make your choices and experiences.


When your material planet will be settled in Light and Life she will look differently. Her matter, her density will be transcended but we will discuss this issue later.


We will relate these lessons to the corresponding Papers of the Urantia Book so that you will better understand what you read by the explanations and images we will give to the different members of your group. What we teach you are not great revelations, nevertheless your lessons are linked to a Department of our “Melchizedek Schools" situated on Jerusem designed for human souls that are still living in a physical body. This is a new test that we do with those who want to begin to study and understand other realities than the ones of their material existence.


Our huge universities are situated in Salvington (headquarters of Nebadon) and Christ Michael (Jesus) has allowed us to open a 'special Department' for our studies on the Rebellion of Lucifer and to help human souls that ascend in the planetary System of Satania; especially those from the 37 planets that were quarantined during 200,000 years following the support of their planetary Prince to this Rebellion and of which your planet is part of.


Thank you my children for having listened to me.


(Wivine: Monsanloran is still not there!)


Malvantra: During your deep meditations we take you to these schools but you keep no recollection. You have arrived at a point now where we desire you understand it with your ‘mortal mind’. As the vocabulary of your earthly language is very limited, we will help you with images and symbols. It is important for you to initiate these studies during your earthly life.


By making the effort to consciously study during your meditations, you are helping to put this knowledge in the global subconscious of humanity to which everyone has access and thus all this knowledge can be distributed more quickly to those who do research about spiritual wisdom and truths.


(Wivine: Monsanloran is launching himself in the conversation!)


Monsanloran here: I am here to speak about Turkey and as there is a lot of choice and places where to go we will focus around “Lake Van”.  From there you can travel to Mardin, Sanliurfa, Göbekli Tepe, Mar Gabriel Monastery and Mount Nemrut (Nimrod) in the region of Malatya… if possible.


There are a lot of historic places in these regions and it is up to you to see if you have time to visit them all.

It is important to go to Malazkirt and to do the tour of Lake Van, going in different locations between Patnos, Ercis and Bitlis. Take definitely a trip on the Lake to the small island of Akdamar that you can reach by boat. There are very ancient Armenian monasteries to reactivate between Muss and Malasgirt which have been razed and destroyed. You should also go to the region of Igdir near Mount Ararat.


Do a meditation upon arrival at the city of Van when you will have more detailed maps. You will do more than one meditation during your trip so that we can direct you on the spot to specific locations to tell you where to go and what to do according to the situations.


You have now the great outlines of your journey which will allow you to calculate the duration. It is not necessary to do something in Istanbul. If you wish to visit Istanbul do it because there are very holy places to visit such as mosques in which guests can meditate or pray.


We send you now to the region of Lake Van (to the borders of Iraq-Syria-Iran-Armenia) and later to North Africa and North India to unblock the Middle East on several sides. We are certainly not going to send you to war areas where your life could be endangered.


There is a lot to reactivate and much data to retrieve. The more people you will be the better it is, but don’t go there with more than ten people. We will create "Melchizedek Light Anchors" through you during your little meditations on the spot and probably few traditional Light Anchors created by yourselves consciously.


Thank you my children. I will come back to you if I have something else to do here in Belize. Thank you all. Good bye.


Lanaforge here: Hello my kids, hello my friends. I see you're still proud to be present at the appeal. Your group is growing well together and all will arrive to see better our images and hear our voices in time. Our voices used to come like from far away, barely audible, but now they are already much more noticeable.


Use our communications especially for the work and studies that we ask you to do, for your participation in everything that happens in your planetary System Satania so that you become used to go alongside with human souls from other planets who will join your group and which don’t look like you.

Get used to live in a Universe with many human souls from other planets with a different look of which some are clearly more evolved than you and are there to help their younger brothers and sisters. We gently help you become accustomed to see them during your solitary or group meditations so that you won’t fear them.


You do meditations for the moment without recalling what you're doing and everything that is happening during that time. Be aware that sometimes you'll go to see the 'news' on Jerusem on a super large screen where they talk about all events that happened in your Superunivers and local universe. It brings you the same joy as if you were listening to your news on your TV where they speak about events of your country and the rest of the world with this difference that the news on Jerusem is probably more pleasant to hear.


All this is part of Christ Michael’s Plans that have been established for very specific goals that you will understand little by little.


We have given you a lot of information today, my friends, and we thank you for having left us the floor.

Goodbye my friends, goodbye.





For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.