What is the ‘Second Coming of Christ?


Session nr.25 of 29 May 2012 – recorded- English translation – Original French.


Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present : E-Maya, Cyril and Wivine

Received by Wivine

Visitors : Christ Michael (Jesus) –Creator Son of Nebadon-our local Universe.

              Gabriel of Salvington, the Bright and Morning Star.


Christ Michael spoke after 48min                Total time meditation: 1h15min


Christ Michael (Jesus) here: I come to you my children to explain what the announcement of my 'second coming' exactly means. I know that my coming in Christendom is expected since 2,000 years. Only from our point of view things do not go as fast.


Monjoronson - The Magisterial Son, Machiventa Melchizedek, and I will indeed come to this planet but not all at the same time. Nevertheless there will be a period in distant times where we will walk together on your globe each in our own ways.


The term "coming back in the flesh" is not suitable for me.


I will not be born again and I will not return in a physical body to live here as was the case 2,000 years ago. However I can someday make me visible at will to any individual, a group or a large assembly of people.


This will be done with a technique that Machiventa Melchizedek, Maltucia Melchizedek and other regional Melchizedeks will use to make themselves visible when they will work with groups or individuals to prepare the coming of your Magisterial Son, Mine and Machiventa’s.


This technique by which we will be able to densify us long enough to make us visible in your appearance, is a technique that you could compare, though not quite the same thing, to the one used by the Midwayers to materialize and dematerialize.


You will see one day the Melchizedeks appear to your group or Me or the Magisterial Son and the same will happen to other groups and individuals.


Some 'Light Anchors' facilitate the densification to let you see the Melchizedeks just as I could appear in front of any group of people who meditate together around a "Merkabah light Anchor". We are improving these techniques right now and they will refine as you go along in your growth.


You have been told here since the beginning that someday you'll see the Melchizedeks and it is true. Initially they will show up in secure places where you will meet in My Name without other people seeing you; for your protection and to put you in confidence during their appearances.


Your Midwayers will also appear in the same circumstances, in what would look like a body of flesh to you. It is a promise that has been made and it will be carried out within a few years for those who will be ready.


And as time passes by more people will become "capable in their hearts to love unconditionally" and be sufficiently "balanced in their mortal minds" so that we can show us because we don’t want to hasten things to avoid paranoia among those that serve us.


The Seconaphim, a huge Order of Reflective Celestial Angels that serve in the Superuniverses, form the link between Me and the Ancients of Days. They help in our communications and also play a special role in this "communication system with reflectivity” put in place here on your globe for you, Humans, so that you can better communicate with us and receive more accurate and safer messages to direct you in your actions. All this is very new and Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star, my first born, administers this very well.


I can confirm that I am already very close to you and many of you will see me one day. I warn you that my skin color will not be white as it wasn’t the case during my mortal life 2.000 years ago. You will certainly recognize me and I say no more for now.


Here's the answer to your questions, my girl, and you can pass it to those who are interested in this information. Good bye.


Gabriel of Salvington: I am Gabriel of Salvington, the first born of Christ Michael and your Mother Spirit Nebadonia. I am the Leader of all Angels of this local universe Nebadon. Gavalia and Galantia, my representatives, are always close to you during these communications.


You will be the pioneers who start with this system. When this “Morontia Light network of the Melchizedeks” will be well established, all transmitters-receivers (T/R’s) of our messages, working with another encircuitment - that we don’t want to change right now because they do a great job - will be automatically connected to this "communication system with reflectivity”.


You are a 'test group' that we will bring to the maximum level to operate the time needed to install the 'new Morontia light grid'. Stay as you are my children. Just live your daily life, be honest with each other and you will see how many things will have changed for you in a few years’ time.


We know that those of your group have great confidence in our messages and we thank you for it because without this confidence you could not go, nor act in all those areas where we have send you. It is thanks to your trust in us that we decided to continue with your group as well as enlarge it maybe later with a few more people.


I thank you once more for the trust you always had in our messages, in the work that we have asked you to do and that we will ask you again. You received your proves during your experiences and you understood why we cannot always explain everything with great pomp and many details.

However you have never doubted and what you don’t understand today we will try to explain later. Continue like this, my children; never give up because we are happy to work hand in hand with you.


We are expecting the implementation of the “Morontia Light grid of the Melchizedeks” in order to work more fully with all those who are willing to receive us and hear us even if we are called elsewhere by other names in other religions and philosophies.


Later, when you will travel, it can be that you come in contact with a group with another philosophy than yours, or even meet men with shaved heads in saffron robes that you will join and you will feel our presence there just the same way as when you are here.


Thank you and goodbye, my children. I confirm that you have many friends on many planets and that many Celestials love you, many Angels with their Cherubim and Sanobim take care of you, as well as all your Midwayers. You're not alone, you're extremely surrounded by loving personalities who help you everywhere you go and in everything you do. Goodbye children.





For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.