Receive a connection with The Supreme Being.


Session 26 of 30 May 2012 – recorded- English translation-  Original French.


Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present and received by Wivine.

Visitor: LANAFORGE – Sovereign of our Planetary System SATANIA with Jerusem as headquarters.


Lanaforge spoke after 33min                   Total time meditation: 51min.


Lanaforge here: I'll answer your questions.

You have seven portals (above the head) that connect you to The Supreme Being.

It is a connection created by the Master Spirits for The Supreme Being and it is AYA, Master Spirit n°7 of your Superunivers - the Voice of the Supreme Being - who gave you the opportunity to receive this connection.


In one of your ancient sessions the Melchizedeks told you that between you and The Supreme Being something special happened following the contact you had established with her.

She gave you the opportunity to be better connected to Her. All your knowledge, your understanding, the growth of your Morontia mind will be enhanced through these seven portals. Each portal represents a Master Spirit and it is AYA who manages what goes through these portals because he is the Voice of The Supreme Being.


The Morontia body that is woven on the frame of your physical body also receives Energy through these seven portals connecting you to The Supreme throughout the Master Spirits.


Every human being who understands and loves The Supreme Being can receive this facility provided that they are able to love their brothers and sisters without conditions, without judging, just by taking pleasure and joy in helping them with their capacities and according to the means available to them.


It is a gift of The Supreme Being to Man on Urantia to facilitate the transformation of the Morontia body during your mortal life that will serve as a vehicle for your soul and your Thought Adjuster………who will be united in the same body, a light body of Morontia substance - half material and half spiritual - which will look like your physical body during your earthly life.


During your meditations we can help you transform your physical body in more Light to give you the opportunity to dematerialize and thus travel in space.

The creation of this light-Morontia body will allow you to be at more than one place at the same time and later if necessary you will be able to dematerialize your physical body and rematerialize it in another environment.


It still asks a lot of training for all of you and one day all Mankind will be in possession of these capabilities.


Looking for contact and guidance of God through your indwelling God Fragment or Thought Adjuster greatly accelerates the process.


Then if you arrive at an understanding and a connection with The Supreme Being, your Universal Mother, it will go faster and you will reach much higher levels of "spiritual insight».

However, no one can skip the stages, nothing comes out of nowhere. This is not a grace that can fall from the sky just by asking........ You do the effort….... we deliver the means.


First open your heart to God and all Men. Then it is your desire and your wish to reach The Father in Paradise to become perfect like Him that will help you.


No master, no celestial or mortal teacher can be placed above The Universal Father, The First Source and Center out of whom everything originates. Exceed your addiction to look constantly for mortals and even placing them on a pedestal because they tell and teach you things they received.

You cannot access these very high levels of wisdom, knowledge, skills and abilities only by twirling around masters and guides, by limiting you to a religious group, or a specific belief based on a Book- no matter how much Wisdom it contains--, or by "blindly" following a Wise person.


It is first by loving The Universal Father above everyone and everything, by putting your destiny and your will in His Hands with trust and faith so He can guide you further and further and fetch you more and more in His own image. Of course it is possible that He will put mortals and teachers on your path that will teach you what you need or what you asked for at some point in your life.

But never deviate from His Guidance and never place the ‘Crown’ on the head of a mortal or a celestial that only belongs to The Universal Father.


Look first for the guidance of your indwelling God Fragment that The Universal Father has given you. He will take your hand and bring you to all those you have to meet, to all what you need to know for your ascension.

Never let another mortal that just like you is evolving on his or her path, nor a celestial teacher who is there to help you, take the place of The Father.


You don’t do yourself a favor, or this human person, or this Celestial personality by doing so. Don’t deify others because what these people teach you—one day you also will be able to teach to your companions on the journey.

Be simply respectful to any honest person or celestial who wants to help you, who knows the path and who wants to show it to you, nothing more.


The Supreme Being, your Universal Mother, is able to give you capabilities that will help you-- on one side-- to better understand all Deities or Celestials and on the other side--- even the smallest course that you follow on Earth: whether it's mathematics, a spiritual seminar, a workshop about housework, the creation of a piece of art or writing a book, all this can come from the Supreme Being through the Master Spirits as well as from your Mother Spirit Nebadonia, daughter of The Infinite Spirit.


To be able to be part of this earthly "mortal corps" which will serve the Magisterial Son during his Mission, it will not be enough to understand the process of transformation or rather the creation of a Morontia body for the soul which will look like your physical body during your earthly life. It will not be enough to be able to transmit our messages, or even be «a great Revelator» ----because it will just not be enough to have access to all you need to 'know and become' for it.


It is possible that following this process of transformation, your mortal life could be prolonged by 20, 50 or a 100 years and even beyond. Everything depends on the evolution of each soul and the path she travels.


As the implementation of the Magisterial Mission will go along and new souls will proceed to higher spiritual levels, they can take over from the 'first staff" that was enlisted to help us. We will absolutely not appoint now or later a "mortal staff" of which all members would suddenly be able to keep their mortal body alive for the next millennia.


We recruit, it’s true.


There are possibilities depending on the efforts you make, your motivations and the kind of work that attracts you. It could be that life extensions are granted in special cases. Nevertheless the "mortal staff" that will support the Magisterial Mission on Earth will be regularly renewed during the duration of this Mission and each member that has completed his task and service at the end of his mortal life will continue his ascension to The Universal Father as foreseen by the Plans of Christ Michael.


Be well aware of your motives and remember that it is first through the heart, the love you bring to others, by being of service without expecting something in return, by placing and loving The Universal Father above everything and everyone that will be the first triggers of your transformation.


The knowledge will come in time. Slowly your mortal mind will receive access to a higher mind closer to the Cosmic Mind; following your efforts, by having a lot of patience, while remaining humble in the sense that you will not seek self-aggrandizement, being able to help and work in the shadow without feeling the need to have a bunch of followers, or the desire for a large audience that applauds you.


In doing so you may reach the capacity of understanding that the Supreme Being gives to ‘Ascending Spiritual Beings’ who are in Havona and ready to enter The Isle of Paradise, to learn to distinguish and know the Original Trinity: The Universal Father, The Eternal Son and The Infinite Spirit.


This is the gift The Supreme Being can give to Mankind on Urantia.


You received now answers to your questions and they are not a secret for you to keep...……those who can will understand. Goodbye my girl.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.