Dematerialization and bilocation.

Session 27 of 2 June 2012 – Recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: E-Maya, B-Maya, Carole, Cyril and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.

Visitors: Lanaforge, Sovereign of our planetary System Satania, headquarters Jerusem.

Lanaforge spoke after 1h34 min               Total time meditation: 1h45min.

Lanaforge: it is Lanaforge here. We will start with some exercises of dematerialization and bilocation.

Make the difference between these tests and the images or symbols you receive when you go into “silence”.

With 'dematerialization' we mean that one day you will travel to other locations with your physical body during your meditations.

So far you have exercised 'bilocation' which means that your physical body remains in place and it is only the morontia body with the soul that travels.

Some among you have already managed to 'dematerialize' completely during a very short period of time and then the physical body is no longer visible.

When you 'bilocate' your physical body remains visible to the physical eye although you may almost say that it is not much more than an empty shell.

We will continue with these tests and one day you will all dematerialize to travel with us to places where your physical presence is required.

Don’t forget that these are the early stages and first tests: don’t get too excited and don't be sad if you don’t succeed right away.

Two of you were taken during a previous meditation by bilocation to the same place and they were able to keep almost the same memories - --with 60 to 70% correspondence. All these new capabilities will improve with exercise and patience.

One day you will go all together by bilocation or dematerialization (with your physical and morontia body) to places of our choice and when the meditation is over you will all remember the same thing for 90%. It will never be 100% because everyone remembers and sees things from a different angle.

The Melchizedeks are well advanced in the densification of their 'special body' and will continue to do their testing. Malvantra did a first test the other day with B-Maya during your meditation and he was not even visible to the naked eye. The face and head were not yet very noticeable however one day it will look very similar to a terrestrial human face.

{Note Wivine August 2014: we used to do several meditations per week to give everyone the opportunity to participate at least once a week but there was not always a Celestial to talk to us. The boy described us Malvantra Melchizedek as having a nice, transparent metallic-silver color whose face was not very visible, but seemed much too big and very square. Malvantra said a few kind words to the boy that he repeated us but they were not recorded. }

Carole, who can see during what she calls her “relaxed state or alpha sleep’ saw already 'morontia beings' and Midwayers. She doesn’t fear them any longer which is good.

Don't worry; you will all better distinguish your Midwayers, the presence of the Melchizedeks and the Morontia beings in time: each according to your abilities, your path and speed.

The technique of dematerialization can sometimes be a bit heavy and painful, with (electric) prickling’s like needles throughout the body, arms and legs. There's nothing dangerous in all this therefore do not be afraid of these side effects. You are brave and courageous, my children.

I thank you. I wanted to reassure you on what is happening so that you trust it and wouldn’t be afraid. Goodbye everyone.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.