The faithful servant.

Session 29 of 6 June 2012 – recorded – English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole, E-Maya, Cyril and Wivine.

Visitor: KUWAYA, Master Spirit N°2 of Superunivers N°2 – The Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

KUWAYA spoke after 2h20min                  Total time meditation: 2h38min.

Kuwaya:. I'm Kuwaya, Master Spirit n°2 of Superunivers n° 2 the Voice of Eternal Son-Mother, Mother of Christ Michael. I come to you because I have something to announce.

I thank you personally for the work that you have all undertaken here as well as your endurance, consistency and trust that you demonstrate. I also thank you for the loyalty you show towards the Plans of The Universal Father and Christ Michael, My Son by serving Him and we know you like to do this.

This development of fidelity towards the Universe, its Laws, its Wisdom and the Plans issued by The Universal Father is the most important quality that you can learn here.

What is important for us is not the amount of energy transfers you made, nor the amount of good deeds but your desire to learn and serve by establishing this bond of fidelity, this consistency in your contacts with The Father of all Universes.

We observe your group for 2 years. You had your internal problems and more will come, but what has always been a very constant element, is that you like to serve, that you are eager to learn, that you trust us and now you can add to this that we saw that we can trust you.

In Paradise we consider the “fidelity of a good servant” as one of the greatest qualities. The Father loves the “faithful servant”, who does not betray his Master and who does not bite the hand that feeds.

My Son asks you to help Him and wishes you to start again with your 'question-and-answer sessions' with Tomas and Ham where we will bring souls of different levels to follow these lessons with you at their level of understanding. We ask you to reconsider some papers of the Urantia book concerning the evolution of humanity and the migration of populations, the Rebellion, the arrival of Adam and Eve and their setbacks so that you can prepare your questions.

There will be a panel of Conciliators and Technical Advisers from your Superunivers because the distance is too huge between you and the policies of The Paradise Trinity. They will add the fineness of the Wisdom and Laws applied in the Universe through the answers you will receive from Ham and Tomas.

These lessons will be given at different echelons where each will receive his answers according to his level of understanding. This means that we will bring human souls still living on Earth, Morontia beings of the First and Second Mansion World as well as Seraphim with interpreters and translators.

All this is part of the study program of the causes of the Rebellion and the planets which have adhered.

Give us a sign when you are ready to start your 'first class' within 3-4 weeks which will also give us some time to organize this first experience at all levels.

Majeston will provide the Ancients of days with the necessary “Reflective Angels" to keep them informed of everything. Christ Michael and his conjoint Nebadonia, Mother Spirit of Nebadon as well as your Melchizedek “Tontons” will be present in this "first lesson".

I thank you my children for listening to me. Goodbye.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.