The future of The Melchizedeks.

Session 30 of 9 June 2012 – recorded – Original English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole, B-Maya, E-Maya, Cyril and Wivine.

Visitors: Father Melchizedek

Received by Wivine

Father Melchizedek spoke after 2h08min             Total time meditation: 2h20min.

Father Melchizedek here: my children, I'm here to inform you about My Sons: The Order of The Melchizedeks.

When Christ Michael and your Mother Spirit Nebadonia came together to organize their local universe Nebadon and create the necessary Celestials they started by The Bright and Morning Star Gabriel who is the Governor and Administrator of Nebadon, as well as the Chief of all Orders of Angels.

They worked all three together for a long period of time and one day My Parents decided to create me: Father Melchizedek.

All my Melchizedek Sons, the first large Order of Celestials of Nebadon, were created afterwards by 3 Personalities: Christ Michael, your Mother Spirit Nebadonia and Myself in this local universe according to the plans of The Universal Father and those of Christ Michael (Jesus). Our Order appeared to help with the creation of material life and educate Celestials and mortals that were generated after us in Nebadon.

We are here to carry out the desire of The Universal Father and The Eternal Son; to support the development of humans coming out of animal evolution so that they would be able to receive a God Fragment which will help them create an eternal soul who will voluntarily follow a long path of ascension to become like God: Perfect and a Creator exactly like Him.

The Plans of The Universal Father and The Eternal Son contain the idea of the creation of human souls coming out of animal life likely to reach this status after a long path of ascension; of their own will, by their own decisions by pioneering upwards through education and experience.

Of course, The Father and The Son-Mother could have created you 'perfect' just through the power of Their Thoughts. It is easy for Them, but that wasn’t the idea.

To achieve this 'vision' the Superuniverses were created, the local universes with their Constellations, Planetary Systems with their material planets as well as all Celestials needed so that you, the people of Urantia, could develop a soul with eternal survival, to give you the opportunity to have access to the status of Light and Life as an individual.

It is true that you, mortals of Urantia, receive a God Fragment or Thought Adjuster with which you can fuse one day and thus obtain the possibility to reach Paradise to be embraced by The Universal Father and become 'Perfect like Him - a Finaliter'.

This is not always the case on other planets. There are planets where mortals receive a Thought Adjuster to grow a soul with possibility of eternal life but these souls never fuse with their Adjusters which mean that they will never leave Nebadon.

And yes, due to the fact that you get a Thought Adjuster with which you could fuse you will leave one day this local universe Nebadon after your fusion.

This fusion can happen on Earth, on the Mansion Worlds or on the Morontia worlds. You will also receive many lessons in our “Melchizedeks schools” on Jerusem, then in our Universities on Salvington and when your training will be completed Christ Michael will graduate you so that you can leave Nebadon as a “novice spiritual Being” to continue your ascension through the Spiritual Worlds of the Superunivers, then Havona until Paradise where you will first encounter The Infinite Spirit then The Eternal Son and eventually The Father.

The Melchizedeks have indeed not received a Thought Adjuster as you did to help you create an immortal soul which one day will reach The Father.

The Melchizedeks have been created by a Creator Son, a Creative Daughter and Me, Father Melchizedek who has a connection with the Paradise Trinity, like My Parents.

The Melchizedeks are aware of many things and study everything. One day we will follow our Parents, Father Christ and Mother Nébadonia, in their next evolution step together with all Nebadon when our entire local universe reaches the stage of Light and Life, when all the Superuniverses will have reached the era of Light and Life and that the Supreme Being, of which we are also part, receives all powers in Her hands of Her Master Universe and be crowned God the Supreme.

We will serve then with 'Our Parents' at total different levels of consciousness and reality, just like you, if you do the effort to join The Father, to be embraced by Him and become like Him: Perfect!

Many human souls and celestials who serve in a local universe get opportunities to climb, can obtain a higher status of service with more responsibilities or leave as you Nebadon to take the road to Paradise. Otherwise, they will evolve and collaborate with us in this local universe until all Nebadon has reached the era of Light and Life.

The Melchizedeks and all other Celestial Orders of Nebadon were created for a purpose: to serve throughout the Administration, in the management of the Constellations, the Planetary Systems, the material planets, with the creation of material life on planets and to teach and assist all in their spiritual development.

Don't worry, we won't delay on you because we have also our opportunities to reach more transcendent and absolute levels.

We serve in a different way and we were created for another purpose, as for example to help you grow and later... in the next “Universe Era"... we will serve God the Supreme with all our experiences and knowledge acquired in this local universe....... in our own ways.

I thank you my children. I wanted to clarify these details and we accept the gratitude and respect you have shown towards our Order.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.