The beneficial mutations of the mind.

Session 31 of 11 June 2012 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril and Wivine

Visitor: Malvantra Melchizedek

Received by Wivine

{Note Wivine: we had questions concerning our mind abilities and how to access the Cosmic Mind without having a high school degree or great knowledge and intellectual capacities. The most amazing was that we had not discussed this between us before the meditation and there was Malvantra answering us.}

Malvantra spoke after 58min                      Total time meditation : 1h15min.

Malvantra here: we'll explain how the spiritual development of Man started.

Every person at this stage has an innate need to search perfection in his brain and nervous system which are interconnected. Animal life evolved under this impetus; by trying to get more perfect in order to survive in its environment and adapt.

All influences on the mind come from the Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits which aren't celestial beings but rather 'spiritual circuits' offered to you by Nebadonia, Mother Spirit of your local universe Nebadon.

Once the brain is sufficiently developed and the nervous system refined, the 5 first Adjutant Mind Spirits will systematically and one after another induce the mortal mind with as result that the intellect, the memory and learning ability will increase. The Adjutant Mind-Spirits of worship and wisdom will be the last to intervene.

It is only by slow evolution that has taken and will take further millennia that humanity will evolve in its entirety to a state that some call "Enlightened " and others "Light and Life", or an ‘Ascendant Master'.

How did start the first humans almost 1,000,000 years ago?

To enable the Adjutant Mind-Spirits to intervene and work in the mortal mind the early humans needed a bigger brain, more suitable and capable as well as a better agility of their hands to learn by doing, by experiencing: first by manufacturing tools, reflecting on their performance afterwards. It is the interconnection between hands and brain that help intelligence to grow and improves learning.

When primitive man reached a more physical level and a sufficiently brain capacity, the Adjutant Mind-Spirits could better work together, and as soon as these first humans reached a state of worship, that they went looking for a Superior Creative Source, the Adjutant Spirits of wisdom and worship could come in action.

Once the Adjutant Spirit of wisdom and worship are active in the mortal mind, spiritual circuits are opening and your Mother Spirit Nebadonia will pour out Her 'Holy Spirit'.

Next The Universal Father will take the decision to send one of His Own Fragments to help these first humans to grow a soul.

The physical bodies as well as brainpower have certainly evolved and you are now at a stage where a child can receive a Thought Adjuster to develop his ‘embryonic soul’ immediately after his first moral decision.

The innate need for perfection, to improve still exist in your brain and nervous system and when you will begin to seek God in you, to look for communication with The Creator and have the desire to follow His Will, than your Thought Adjuster, your Angels with their Cherubim and Sanobim, your Midwayers and all other Celestial Orders which were created for this purpose are enabled to do everything possible to help you evolve in the direction of the path that leads straight to The Universal Father in Paradise.

Just as certain beneficial mutations can occur in your physical body there may occur mutations in your mind.

By your desire to achieve perfection, to reach The Father, to understand, to comply with His Will and try to become like Him, a "spiritual leap" can occur in your mind. Your mind can even make a "leap" to the Cosmic Mind.

We mean here that it's more your desire to do the Will of The Father, your desire to serve others out of love without adding conditions, by establishing contact with your God Fragment or Thought Adjuster that will trigger these "leaps" to the Cosmic Mind and even beyond. This will take you to much higher levels of understanding then just reading a 'Book of Revelations' as the Urantia Book, Bibles or other Holy Books or even teachings of Asian Masters by holding tight to it in a way that will limit you or by following blindly the interpretations of others about these Books.

The Urantia Book was revealed to humanity to rectify and correct all errors and confusion that circulate on your planet. It is a tool and a very satisfactory basis for any Celestial Order to present themselves and to explain you their work in the universe and with you…….and it is your desire to learn that will help you understand the teachings a Celestial wants to share with you.

The leaps of the mind and mutations in your body come from your desire to have more knowledge and more means to help your brethren as well as from your spontaneous inner contact with your God Fragment.

Each individual in your group has his own level of intelligence, school education and still a great potential to develop.

By putting you in group for a common goal everyone learns from each other, you will understand and sense the experiences, the acquired knowledge of the others and vice versa. You often think about the same thing without talking about it between each other and it is this way you will do…. ‘together’…… these "jumps" to the highest spiritual levels.

These are "your small leaps" but they will lead you towards a very high celestial spiritual insight that few will reach for now because this is only achieved by a fervent desire to serve, through your contact and love for The Father, your understanding and rising love for The Supreme Being and the Deities of the Trinity.

You will receive from The Supreme Being the necessary mind abilities to increase your intelligence, your memory, your ability to learn and certainly to understand and have insight of the highest spiritual levels.

You will need Her help to reach these higher levels of understanding, to make these tremendous "leaps" because without Her you can read as much as you want, you will not reach these heights and this is true for you as for all others.

Thus go on, my children, like you are busy. Meditate and learn together.

Ham and Tomas await you. We put everything in place for this first lesson on 'the study about the dysfunction of the theories of Lucifer as opposed to the Plans for the evolution of the universes designed by The Universal Father and adapted by His Son Christ Michael-Jesus to his local universe Nebadon.'

Continue my children. The Supreme Being, your Queen MOM cares for you and became aware of you and so this whole local universe as well as the Grand universe will benefit from it.

It is an unusual thing to see a mortal child, who has not even fused with her God Fragment, issue the desire to make contact with her Universal Mother (The Supreme Being) and succeed. This has opened huge doors and we hope others will follow because it will help all to grow.

Goodbye, my children and have a nice evening.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.