Using the Pure Energy of The Thought Adjuster.

Session 32 of 17 June 2012 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize


Present : Cyril and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.

Visitors : Malvantra Melchizedek

                  AYA– Master Spirit N°7 of our Superunivers N°7 Orvonton. The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.


Malvantra spoke after 56min                     Total time meditation : 1h16min


Malvantra here: I have to tell you something, my children. What you felt during the two last sessions is a transformation of your Morontia body and physical body. The mind of your soul received an extra talent, a gift of The Supreme Being, which will influence your mortal mind in such a way that your intelligence and your ability to understand will be increased.

Due to the request of AYA, Master Spirit N°7, speaking on behalf of The Supreme Being, we have not continued our tests to help you hear our voices and transmit our messages because we must first help implement these transformations in the Morontia mind of your soul and the mortal mind of your physical body. This had to be done right away.

We will certainly start again with these tests to let you all transmit so that you can later pass on our message to those who must be aware of it, or hear or read it.

The Supreme Being wanted to give you a sign of Her affection and Her presence. She informs each person in your group who wishes to feel Her that She will take you in Her arms as She did with this girl here, if you ask for it. She will take you in Her arms the same way, will dance with you and show you the worlds and the constellations that are under Her influence.

Don't try too much to understand or join Her with your mind, all this is for much later when you will become "Pure Spirits" staying on the Havona worlds. Establish simply a loving relationship with Her like a mother with her child.

Your physical, mental, intellectual transformations are real and this additional dotation of The Supreme Being to the Morontia mind of your soul will help you. You will experience the effects during your experiences and your studies. You will read for example the Urantia Book suddenly with an ease that you did not previously. For those who are still in school you will learn and understand everything much faster. You will feel the effects of this in all your experiences and actions.

Later, when your transformations will be done, independent Thought Adjusters will give you other abilities to help others and yourself at the same time. These Adjusters do not reside in a mortal person and will be sent straight from Paradise.

You will get help to receive additive capabilities to those you already obtained to do a “specific work” we'll let you know in due time which will help you much during your travels.

For your next trips we will present you a 'general route' because all the places where you have to go will not necessarily be marked on maps. This does not mean that you should go with jeeps in almost inaccessible regions. Only the 'very ancient’ places where there is still knowledge to recover of the people of 'Van' and the descendants "of Adamson and Ratta and Adam and Eve" are most of the time in a natural setting, often mountainous but rarely where there is a village, a church, a chapel or a building.

 (Note Wivine August 2014: since then we call these places “Adam and Eve landscapes” because it is always in nature, sometimes with megalithic stones, sometimes mounds of stones like for a tomb, sometimes it is a region of dolmen and menhirs, or a place with caves and rock paintings or even mounts of earth.) it can be a specific place as a whole region but what they all have in common is the immense energy they radiate which we feel as a call.}

That is why you will receive from Monsanloran Melchizedek places and cities to visit and between two places you will need to stop your convoy where you will feel an intense pressure on your head. We'll tell you this way to stop and guide you to the specific location where you will do exactly what we ask.

To do this 'specialized job' you must have access to the “Pure Energy of your Thought Adjuster”.

It is for this purpose that we prepare you all through these transformations. Your group will receive two “independent Adjusters” to assist in these transformations that will give you the competence and the capacity required to successfully use this “Pure Energy” which will be much stronger than the Energy you pick up outside of you to transmit it to others.

It will be your personal Thought Adjusters that will help you and they will be assisted and led in turn by these two “Independent Adjusters”.

When you have done your experiences during and after your travels you will have questions and we will answer you in a comprehensible manner for you.

You see, my kids, everything goes on and we are preparing you for a very important job. Your preparation will begin in Turkey then continue during all your upcoming trips, large and small, that you will make in Europe, North Africa, the American continents, Northern India and Asia.

You will not be able to learn your new skills to others. This is something you receive personally and only to do this "exceptional work" that we are expecting from you in the future.

AYA here: I am Master Spirit n°7, representative of The Trinity and The Supreme Being. I confirm what Malvantra Melchizedek just said. You received from The Supreme Being, your Queen MOM, a gift to increase your intellectual abilities, your memory and your ability to understand the Wisdom of the invisible worlds: the Morontia worlds and Spiritual worlds. Continue as you are busy my kids. The Melchizedeks take pretty much care and are very proud of you.

Don’t doubt anymore, my children, don’t doubt about anything. You will constantly receive evidence of our presence, first via your Midwayers which are very close to you, who can touch you and you will feel their ‘touch'.

The Melchizedeks who will work with you will show themselves gently. You'll see them in their Morontia form, first during your meditations and later with your physical eyes….. here in this place. It will be a bit hazy as a floating light with a vague face but sufficient to see them. They will each have a different color so that you can distinguish them.

How long it will take before they appear in a physical body that is another issue and certainly not for tomorrow.

Thank you, my children. Goodbye and thank you for listening to me.


{Note Wivine August 2014: I long wondered what this "exceptional work" was for which we needed the 'Pure energy' of our God Fragment. I thought about everything, because our possibilities increased but I hadn't thought that it would be something for what I had such a fear 30 years ago and for which I asked means to God. Now I know, and what we call the "the cleaning of the dark grid" is a necessary preparation for it.

Many of us and even some outside our group were much too focused and fixated by the 'receiving and transmission of messages'... which was only an intermediate step to start. I just took this role on me, the time needed and that is all.

Those who are still part of the current group fortunately understood that it is all about personal development and an increase of capacities, which is something totally different and now we can climb the next mountain together and perform other tasks and grow on a different basis.

We make no difference between age, ethnic origin, education and ancestral or traditional religion. We work in mutual respect towards one another. We are all people with various innate abilities that put their souls together to achieve something and at the same time develop under the guidance and direction of our God Fragment or Thought Adjuster and our Guides.

We have no need for human leaders or teachers; we are just people who share their experiences and their knowledge by growing up together. No need for clairvoyants, or teachers of teachers, or great revelators.

Remember that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King.

Each of us has developed enough personal abilities to see and hear the celestials in his or her own way. We still have the problem of different languages, making everyone cannot converse with each other, but in meditation it plays no role and after meditation we speak and translate to each other what has been seen and experienced during meditation or even at home.

I see very well that the newcomers manage to follow in a very short time and can join pretty fast those with more experience in meditation and in working with The Energy. Everything goes much faster now than before.

Nobody expects from me that I convey messages or adulate me when it happens... There's no need for that. None of us tries to put him or her on a higher seat in order to be praised.

Well Yes, I chased or run away from those who tried to use me or the group to have a social.. .oh forgive me... spiritual life at their convenience, to use me as a spare shoe, to fill their pockets or extract money, to keep or stick me in their 'music box' to limit and control me ... or simply to use me as a personal message transmitter..…. ………….and I can go on and on. I speak only about people I met in the USA and Europe here. Who fits the shoe, wear it!

Our childhood diseases disappeared in the group. The group is recomposing and our number is growing and this time it will be in complete anonymity.

We are all "one-eyed men" who complement each other and none of us is “blind”!

Everyone is free in his movements and lives in his own family and religious environment, read the books or messages of their choices. We barely discuss our religions or beliefs and certainly don’t impose them.

We want simply to transcend the foundations of our beliefs to other heights and receive additional means to be of better service to our Human family and we seek not, absolutely not, 'blind followers' or 'arrogant one-eyed men’.}


Pour les explications des mots en bleu voir le Livre d’Urantia.