You ask – You receive!

Session 33 of 20 June 2012 –recorded- English translation- –Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present:        Carole, Cyril and Wivine

Received by Wivine

Visitor: SIRAYA- Master Spirit n°1 of Superunivers nr.1 – The Voice of The Universal Father.

Siraya spoke after 1h30min           Total time meditation:1h50min.

{Note Wivine August 2014: this session is a response to questions from some person outside our group on what was said in session 32 of June 17, 2012 in the style: "who are you small insignificant people to receive such assistance and from where are these “Independent Adjusters" which are not mentioned in the Urantia Book.}

SIRAYA : Siraya here, I am The Voice of The Universal Father.

The Father wants to talk you about a small part of His Plans in which you are involved to withdraw Urantia from the claws and the consequences of the Caligastia rebellion.

You have always been told that for any Divine intervention to help Mankind the cooperation of human beings is required in a co-creative way in the sense that you can ask Me opportunities and means to achieve necessary improvements on Urantia. I will confine myself here to this specific case.

If you ask My help sincerely and with all your heart to help others I will initiate everything to give you all you need to satisfy your request.

We have always explained you in all teachings you received, that the help of God will always be there for you when you ask Him, and that there will be no Divine intervention without human collaboration.

Any individual may receive assistance to do something in a particular field to assist Urantia when He asks Me. I will give you the means and I will guide you so that you can meet other people to work with or lessons to follow so that you achieve to do this in a co-creative way with Me.

There is nothing new here because if we don’t let humans participate in their ascent, I can make changes as much as I want, it will not help them to do the necessary efforts to reach Me and wish to become like Me: Perfect.

Your group chose to work in the field of invisible dimensions around Earth. Lots of nasty things remain in these places, in these invisible dimensions to you that some call the fourth dimension or the borderland between the physical realm and the morontia and still by many other names. Therefore, for exceptional situations we have to give you extraordinary and unusual means and that's what I decided to do: you ask, you will receive.

I'll try to explain it simply for you.

I gave the possibility to My Son, Christ Michael-Jesus to use an army of "My specialized Fragments" in this work to assist your Thought Adjusters.

As they are also Fragments of Me we didn’t want to give them the same name to avoid confusion. It is an Order of Divine Fragments that is not revealed to you but who are able to work in association and in close collaboration with your Thought Adjusters.

In addition there are also Thought Adjusters that are very related to Me and who will work closely with these 'extraordinary associates’ of your Thought Adjusters to pass on the “Pure Energy” which comes from Me and that will be used to clean and illuminate all that has been polluted by the actions and the consequences of the Caligastia betrayal and his companions.

I won't tell you more; this should suffice for now and soothe the minds of everyone.

You have received this assistance, not because you are chosen ones, but because you have emitted the desire to contribute in this area and asked for help. Then we observed you and kept an eye on you for quite some time. The Angels of Associations have ensured to bring you together and it is the desire of each of you to participate in this ‘cleaning’, in the illumination of these terribly dirty places and the ablution of the remains of human negative emotions that attracted to you this additional assistance.

I still have many tricks in my pocket and I help Urantia in many ways with all the different Orders of My Fragments located on Divinington of which most are unknown to you. This should suffice as explanation.

Know that I am God Almighty, and I can do everything. Especially full of things you, mortals of Urantia, are totally incapable of understanding.

My children, rest assured I am with you. I give you my 'secret army' to help you in the work that you will accomplish for us by travelling across your globe where it is most needed and when this work is completed "My breath" will descend on the entire planet and the 'Light grid of the Melchizedeks’ may settle at once.

What you do now and these long trainings that will follow are necessary so that you can work one day with 'My Pure Energy” that I pass through my “Secret Army of Fragments”, which, if they have no other tasks to perform, lie on Divinington.

Your nervous system and physical body must be adapted and transformed to be able to support “My Energy”, otherwise you will succumb. Your long training via your meditations and your Energy work will help you in this.

As mentioned you can only use it for these "specific tasks" that you will understand eventually, don't worry.

There are things that will not be revealed to Mankind and the explanations you received here should be enough to those who asked too many questions and have not sufficient faith in The Father.

Thank you my children, continue your training. You will be so happy the day you will see the results obtained with the means I granted you.

Many are dreaming to participate but few are acting and much less have the patience and endurance to learn how to do this work properly.

Goodbye, my kids, goodbye.

Malvantra here: Yes my children you will work with exceptional powers for which we train you so that you become able to use this “Pure God Energy” in you. You will only receive permission to use these powers for 'special actions '.

Those who may travel to other continents will go. Those from Belize will travel in the different American Continents' when they are ready and in age to do so.

I thank you my children. Goodbye and have a nice day.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.