The presence of God will be seen and felt.

Session 34 of 23 June 2012 – recorded – Original English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: B-Maya, Cyril and Wivine.


Visitors:        AYA – Master Spirit N° 7 of Superunivers n° 7 Orvonton, The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

                   Monsanloran Melchizedek

                   Christ Michael and Mother Spirit Nebadonia

                   Malvantra Melchizedek.


Received by Wivine.


AYA spoke after 1h49min              Total time meditation: 2h06min.


{Note Wivine: B-Maya told me before the meditation that past Sunday his family asked him to accompany them to the mass. He refused, but while his family was in the church he decided suddenly to send the “Energy of the Trinity” with our techniques to all present in the Church. When the family returned they told him that during the mass a woman suddenly began to cry and that she was very agitated emotionally.

As nobody understood what happened to her everyone thought it was a negative influence. The priest then asked everyone to pray around her, but she didn’t calm down. It was only after some time that she could explain what she had seen. Here is her story: ' I saw the ceiling suddenly opening and a huge bright white light beam came down and at the same time there was another huge light beam coming out of the floor rising up and when the two light beams met between the floor and the ceiling, millions of small bright lights came out and scattered throughout the Church surrounding everybody and then God appeared. I saw God! »


B Maya asked around what time this happened and to his surprise the time corresponded with the moment he had sent Energy.


I knew it wasn't our usual energy transfer because then she would have seen a kind of transparent milky white fog and others would have felt the Energy penetrating them. This looked more like the creation of a ‘Merkabah Light- Anchor’. But how was that possible? So I asked explanations at the beginning of our meditation. }


AYA here: I am Master Spirit nr.7 of Superunivers nr.7, Orvonton. I am the Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being. I speak to you now as Master Spirit.


What B-Maya told you this morning, is something that will happen more and more. In the future you will be able to create these "temporary or permanent Merkabah -Light Anchors” remotely. When B-Maya sent The Energy with the method you have taught him, we used it in this church to create a "temporary Merkabah Light Anchor”. This Maya woman who saw its inception during the mass has seen and felt the Presence of The Father following the appearance of Christ Michael.


{Note Wivine August 2014: when Jesus appears this way you don’t see Him in human form and still you need to be able to see this. You only see lightening’s of blue and white light with a semblance of a face. This woman must have had the biggest shock of her life. It is the second Maya woman who could see this. The 1st was when we created our Light Anchor at the temple a few years ago with 6 people and no one knew it was Christ Michael who had appeared. We had a vague suspicion, but we were never certain. There was only the Maya woman who saw the scene and described it to us afterwards still with fear in her eyes. We, the Europeans, didn’t see anything at all. }


It's a new experience for you that we can experiment now because you have received these "Independent Thought Adjusters of Paradise" to run your future tasks in the 'cleaning' of different places located in the 3rd and 4th dimension.

The methods used will be visible only in the 4th dimension for most of you, with the exception of those who have an innate brain sensitivity to see this in the 3rd dimension or by receiving help from their Thought Adjuster and Midwayers.


There are now other powers available and you will receive the ability to make the ‘World of Spirit’ temporarily visible by creating together these 'types of Merkabah’s' in regions where it is most needed. The local population who will see or feel this will consider these places as ‘Holy’ and will associate them with their religion. Don't worry about this because it is a normal reaction for people who do not understand the way the ‘world of Spirit’ works.


If B-Maya was able to do this from his home to the Church of the village, imagine a moment what an impact you'll have when you'll do this in group with the abilities that you will be granted through these ' Special God Fragments of Paradise' to create a “temporary or permanent Merkabah Light Anchor” remotely in some areas... Imagine the impact this will have on these areas!


This is the first explanation we give you here so that you would have an idea of what your future capabilities will contain. Much more will be added to what you can do now.


Continue your training and meditations; have faith and trust. If your family and entourage don’t understand on what you are working, please be lenient with them because not long ago you thought exactly like them.


If people attend by chance to the creation of a Light Anchor with the appearance of Jesus- Christ Michael among them, explain it as simply as possible.


Thank you, my children and goodbye.


Monsanloran here: my children once you are in possession of the detailed maps of Turkey, study them well and then I shall indicate you the places where to go. When you are on the spot you will get more details about what you should see through brochures of the tourist office or by the locals with whom you will come in contact. Do if possible every day a little meditation so that we can guide you to the exact sites and tell you what you have to do. Goodbye, my children.


Christ Michael here: my children, wherever you go, alone or in group, you will be able to show My Presence with these new capabilities. What this Maya woman lived is but a taste of what many people will live when you will use the 'Energy of The Father' under our direction and by doing exactly what we'll tell you.


Don't be surprised if strange things happen when you send this 'energy' to places where people gather for a mass or to pray on My behalf or of God. I remind you that: "you are my anonymous soldiers, that you have to work in silence behind the curtains to bring all children back to Me and I will then guide them to their home until The Father because that is My job."


Thank you, my children, and don’t give up because the "fun" only begun.


Nebadonia: I am Nebadonia your Mother Spirit of this local universe, the Conjoint of Jesus Christ or Christ Michael. I am so happy, my children, you have chosen to do this work and we are seeing already the outcomes. All My Angels that I sent you are very happy with all the changes that resulted from your small efforts.


I encourage you to continue, my children, and don't be confused by what people tell you because they do not understand the work you do. Just live your daily life normally and keep this part secret between you.

Goodbye, my children. You have my blessing.




For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.