Confusion between names.

Session 35 of 25 June 2012 – recorded – English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present and received by Wivine.

Visitors:        Teacher HAM

                   Monsanloran Melchizedek

                   Malvantra Melchizedek

HAM spoke after 1h25min              Total time meditation: 1h39min

HAM here: I come to you to answer your question. First I'll explain my function. I lead a group of teachers. They are all ascending souls just like me. They all come from the Morontia Worlds of this local universe and not all were born on your planet. A few names of teachers are known in the “Teaching Mission”. Often the same teacher will work with different groups, but this is not always the case.

The teacher who was assigned last year to you, long before I joined your 'question-and-answer sessions", was presented to you as 'Thomas' and you have written his name in French like in "Saint-Thomas”. Because you were not aware of all the names of the teachers working for the “Magisterial Mission” and the “Teaching Mission” we left things as such. For you it was Thomas.

The person who is your teacher is indeed the one known as T.O.M.A.S. without "H". So, now you know how to spell his name properly.

I will conduct during your next session the souls who come from the First Mansion world and those who have been placed in good care in places specially arranged for them so that they can come and study here all the good and bad sides of the philosophies of Lucifer and your former planetary Prince Caligastia. I will manage their questions and you will receive my answers.

Tomas will answer your questions and his name is pronounced T..OOOO –m-AAAAS – like a chant. I hope this solves the misunderstanding with his name.

Thank you, my girl and reassure this person who asked the question.

All of you are pampered by the ‘Melchizedek Tontons’, and you receive the best teachers for what you need to learn.

Goodbye.. .and no… didn’t disturb me. Goodbye.

Malvantra here: relax and don't worry so much because of the doubts of others. We know the task can be cumbersome and frustrating for you. You will see that the situation will change when they have more confidence in us. They will eventually understand that no matter what position they occupy in the work you all do that your souls are on an equal footing for us.

I am the Leader of the group and no one-else.

When you saw 'the dark grid' you did not understand what it was and you have sought help for Belize. You have knocked on many doors and none opened. Finally we came to offer you our help and you trusted us from the very beginning. Others wanted to join you and you wished them welcome.

Let it be crystal clear to anyone who joined afterwards: I am the leader here.

Thank you.

Monsanloran here: You want to know how to spell my name correctly? I'll try to help you.


Write it down as it is spelled to you and we will improve this later. But because you know me as Monsanloran I rather prefer to keep this name to avoid confusion.

Goodbye, my girl and we are with you as well as with the others.

You, those involved in this, be aware that for us you are all as important as this girl, only she knows us since a long time and never doubted our existence. She already follows the inner guidance of her God Fragment very well and has absolute confidence in us. It is this relationship of trust that you all still must acquire, but it will come.

Goodbye everyone.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.