First session in 2012 of Questions/Answers on Lucifer Rebellion.

Organised with the presence of visible people and invisible souls and celestials.

Session 36 of 27 June 2012 – recorded – English Translation - Original English/French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: B-Maya, Carole, Cyril and Wivine.

Received by Wivine

Visitors:        Malvantra Melchizedek

Teachers Ham and Tomas

                   TALACIA –ascended human soul from de « Corps of Finality » –a human soul who ascended to Paradise and that has been embraced by The Universal Father to become like Him “perfect”.

                   Midwayers who settled the circuitry and the translations.

{Note Wivine: the presence of the Midwayers has been heard and strongly felt. They walked around us and we heard their steps, even voices. It was a little bit frightening all this back and forth walking around us who had their eyes closed and couldn’t see what was happening. It seemed they had a moment of stress, running from one to another, to arrange this special communication between us and the First Mansion World }.

Malvantra spoke after 1h29min                          Total time of the meditation: 2h50min

MALVANTRA here: Ham and Tomas are ready. All of us are ready. Tomas is here near me and you can start asking your first question.

STUDENT:  Hello Tomas, this is Carole I have a question for you. The Bible states that” the sins of the father will fall on his children”, with our free will we are responsible for our actions only, why then should we be flawed by our father’s wrong doings? Please explain, thank you.

TOMAS: Hello my friends, this is Tomas here. I am glad to be back with you and be able to answer your interesting questions.

So Carole, « the sins of the father can fall down on the children », so states the Bible…well that is not what The Urantia Book says.

To understand one must know something of 'genetics'. In your DNA, you will find all codes of your history; from the small frog from which you have evolved, passing through the evolution of lemuroids up to the Homo sapiens that you became. This means that your own DNA is a mixture of DNA from your ancestors. The first ancestors known to you are your parents and then their parents and their parents,... and so on until you go a million years back.

Following the default of Adam and Eve who were superhuman, there is not enough DNA of them in you and I mean here in all humanity, not just you. Some have a bit more, others a bit less but it is far from enough.

It may happen that a DNA code is damaged in your genetic code and this damaged code can reproduce itself in the next generations. By the fact that 35,000 years ago, Adam and Eve were unable to raise sufficiently the DNA of the human races when humanity reached the peak of its biological evolution, it's up to your geneticists to learn how to improve this situation and genetics is still a young science on your planet.

On the other hand there is a lot of Energy coming from the Universe transmitted to your planet by Celestials and you help in this when you do your meditations and send ‘The Energy of the Trinity’ to continents and countries. This contributes to slowly transform DNA of humanity to a higher level - even supra-human.

It is true that when you are the child of a murderer or someone who has done a lot of bad things and end his life in prison, there will always be people who will point the finger towards you. But that is the way human beings judge others.

When you received your "personality" after birth and later your God Fragment (Thought Adjuster), you have the opportunity to work with your God Fragment to transform your genes or rather overcome the animal genes you have in you.

You can also decide to follow the path God has designed for you.

As soon as you get in touch with your indwelling God Fragment who talks all the time to you to assist the development of your soul and you chose to follow his advice, you will evolve in a much better way. Then your soul will reach much higher levels and you will become a very different person from your biological father who ended up in prison because of his actions. I know that this is not your case, it is just an example.

All your decisions and what you did is also stored in your cells and your DNA. You can change and influence everything once you decide to follow the advice of your inner God Fragment.

Many human souls may have developed in the past but also many degenerated not being able to become a Human where the will, the ability to take moral decisions and the intelligence were not present to be able to search for a Creator.

So, Yes, there may be biological heritage, but which can easily be overcome by education and by choosing to act differently. Don't forget that you are born without knowledge and the way how you are educated as well as your environment and religion will determine much how you will see things later. Education is a very important issue. Once you have learned to follow your inner God Fragment you will always be on the right track and you will not repeat the sins of your ancestors.

I don’t know if my answer is clear enough for you. If you want more comments you can ask.

STUDENT: No Tomas, I was more thinking on the spiritual level here. I know about the DNA inheritance.

TOMAS: well! Then I will take up more simply. You have to help your Thought Adjuster to develop your soul through your decisions because you are responsible for the growth and survival of your soul and only you... following your decisions and actions. Your parents, your ancestors have nothing to do with it.

It is you with your Thought Adjuster, who will allow the development of a soul with the potential of eternal survival, who may wish to continue her path to reach The Universal Father on Paradise and that is what is decisive. Your parents cannot decide this for you, no one can, only you and there is no influence at all of your ancestors on the spiritual levels. Is this clearer to you? (Yes, yes).

Thank you, next question.

Student: Hi Tomas, I am B-Maya. The majority of the world believes in Christianity. Why does their spiritual believe say that repenting, baptism and going to church is a representation of being good and they also say that these are the means to have a close relationship with God?

TOMAS: Firstly you have in Christianity many different directions and it is not the greatest belief in the world. Christianity is followed very closely by Buddhism. Buddhism came into existence 500 years before Jesus walked on your world. Christianity was transmitted by the Apostles of Jesus. They did not write the Bible. These Bibles were written much, much later, hundreds of years later and in addition not all what Jesus said is written in the Bible, or what is written is not always what Jesus had in mind.

You ask many questions here.

Let us look at Christianity in Belize: you have at least a dozen Christian beliefs here and they all have a church and a priest. The priest knows only what is in his Bible and each of these different Christian branches have their own Bible and their own interpretations ….but all call themselves Christians. You have Catholics, Evangelists, Jehovah’s, Methodists, The Saints of latter-days, Nazarenes churches, the churches of Padre Pio, Marital churches, Mennonites and on top your own ancestral Maya belief.

Ten pages would not be enough to describe all Christian beliefs which are represented only here in Belize, a small country of 300,000 inhabitants of which half is below 18 years of age.

Why do you think that God would choose one church rather than another? 

God does not prefer one church over another. God lives in everybody and works with all through His Thought Adjusters, these Fragments of Him of which you received one.

It's a human need to go to a priest, to be in group in a church to worship God.

The image or idea that you have of God is less important. In ancient times, 1 million years ago, God could be a thunder, a tree, an animal, a stone, a mountain. The way in which you see and understand God will change with your evolution, will change through your contact with your God Fragment and slowly, slowly by passing thousands of invisible worlds like the Mansion Worlds, the Morontia worlds, the Spiritual Worlds, Havona and Paradise, your mind and intelligence will increase and your understanding and awareness of what God really is will constantly change and grow.

It is not important for God how you call Him and He is not a male person. It is important to God that you, as human beings begin to search for a Creator, something that is bigger than you, something that has meaning for you. You have your ideas about what God is and another person will have his or her understanding of God.

The more you will evolve, the more you learn, the more you practice meditation or going ‘in silence’ to speak with God as to a friend, the more He will teach and show you who and what He really is. Your idea of what and where God is will change constantly.

God can show Him to anyone and everywhere, you do not need a church. This comes from those who sell their religion, who come from an organized religion with priests and preachers who sell their church and tell you that you will find God only "in their church", and yes, people believe this.

God can show Him in all churches, under a tree, in an open field, on each mountain, here in this place and He did when you created for the first time a ‘Merkabah Light Anchor’ here. God has shown Him here between you and this has even been seen by one of you (by D-Maya). These types of ‘Merkabah Light Anchors’ may be from now on created and seen all over the world.

People who have a strong faith in their religion and who think they know things better than others, will think when God will appear in their church that it is a sign that their religion is the only true religion.

But God is not bound to a religion. You cannot put God, The Creator of all, who lives in every human on this planet, in the box of one religion.

Does this answer your question? (Yes)

STUDENT: How can you deliver us the true message that God is happy with the techniques we learned to transfer Universal Energy, the creation of Light Anchors (Merkabah’s) and what is happening now with these new capacities?

TOMAS: The techniques you've learned to transfer the ‘Energy of the Trinity’, the creation of a Light Anchor and the new techniques you will learn and are trained for during your meditations... all of this you received from God... to help in the cleaning of the 'dark energy grid' and the "dark places" in the 4th dimension or 'borderland', as well as to assist in a huge number of other situations.

When you use them to help, for the reasons that you received them then you will see many miracles happen around you that you won't be able to explain, but for which you will receive explanations afterwards. You were asked to keep secret between those of your group all that is happening here and will happen around you.

God gave you the means to help because you asked to get rid of "Obeah" (Belizean name for something like Voodoo or black magic) practiced by the people of this country.

Know that what you call "Obeah" is spread all over the world and you help in this during your meditations when we take you to those places all over the planet to 'clean up' and it is sometimes necessary to go physically in some regions.

God is pleased when you talk constantly with Him like to a friend and when He senses that you love and trust Him... then God is happy... and if you want to reach Him and join Him in Paradise to become like Him: Perfect... then God will be even happier.

You have no idea how happy you make Him when you talk to Him, when you acknowledge his Presence in you. In time you will hear and feel that you are always..... .always surrounded by His Love. He is happy when He feels that his young children, the young souls you are, recognize Him, like Him, talk to Him and follow His advice.

Tell me, what father wouldn't be happy in this case?

Does this answer your question? (Yes Tomas).

Next question.

{Note Wivine: The next questions are from the French speaking students and are asked and answered in French.}

Student: While reading Paper 62 of the Urantia Book I realized that it takes considerable patience to achieve the desired results of the evolution of humanity. Then I thought of Lucifer and I remembered a story. In my country someone had developed an excellent beer. Only to perfectly produce it, it required a fermentation time of several days; much more than a normal beer. This person sold his factory and in ten years’ time the new owners called him back twice to readjust the production because there was always a plant manager who wanted to accelerate the production process with the result that the beer was no good anymore and that nobody wanted to buy it.

Lucifer also intended to accelerate the development process of souls and the result wasn’t indeed the same anymore. To me this is proof that the Plan of The Universal Father and of our other father Christ Michael is a well-developed plan and should not be changed without consulting those who conceived it. Thank you for your comments.

TOMAS: It is indeed an excellent example in your material life that can be used to compare it with the great problem of impatience of some celestials who work in this local universe to help human souls evolve and become perfect as God. It is indeed a long and slow evolution. As you know there have been three Rebellions in this local universe of Nebadon, the biggest one was Lucifer’s and it had a very particular facet.

Speeding up a process because you want to be the "smart one" and thinking you are more intelligent than the one who developed the Plans will always bring trouble. The Universal Father developed His Plans and His Son Christ Michael adapted them to his Local universe Nebadon with the agreement of His Father. Each time, just like it happened in that plant, someone wanted to deviate from these Plans without consulting Christ Michael, even denying His Authority and the existence of His Father. When it comes to speed up things it can be discussed and solutions can be found to improve the process. But accelerating in a thoughtless way the evolution of a human soul has never, never been successful. This was especially seen with the Rebellion of Lucifer and even with other Rebellions. It does not give the expected result.

The rebellions occur usually when the Michael-Creator Sons begin their bestowals, like yours that you call Jesus Christ,. They studied a lot, they have creative capabilities, they have their own characters, their own ideas and plans decided with their Father, The Universal Father, to create you and help you develop a soul that can one day leave this local universe to continue her evolution on the Spiritual Worlds of the Superunivers, next to Havona and then to Paradise to become 'Perfect' as The Father of all.

All this comes from a Grand Plan and an immense amount of Celestials have been created to manage and administer all these universes.

But the more you descend the Celestial echelons, the more you approach the level of human beings, the farthest they are of the influence of The Universal Father.

You, who received a God Fragment, you can choose to develop your soul and follow the path towards The Universal Father on your own speed, following your actions and decisions because you received this sacrosanct "free will".

Many celestial of whom Lucifer was the Leader did not understand the Plan of The Universal Father and Christ Michael and they listened to the great sophistry, the great prattling’s of a terrible clever personality, much smarter than them and they followed Lucifer’s ideas because he could influence them.

We had three rebellions in Nebadon and by the fact that we let them play out, by letting this disease go on until the end to see all the negative and positive that could come out of it, we noticed that some things could indeed be improved to help those human souls that arrive from the material planets on the (Morontia) Mansion Worlds.

However accelerating bluntly the process of evolution of the soul, it's like forcing a flower to grow so fast and high by a adding a huge amount of chemical fertilizers that she would become too long with a weak stem and not enough roots; with the slightest gust of wind the flower would fall down due to her lack of strength.

The acceleration of soul development with humans coming out of animal evolution is a fundamental error. This is not a theory or a blind belief of us in The Universal Father. Lucifer and his rebellion have shown us this during 200,000 years.

All planets of the Superuniverses are looking this side as well as to the other rebellious planets and we note very well that the philosophies of Lucifer and the planetary Princes who followed him do not take the road, do not give the desired result. Thank you very much.

Next question please.

Student: Question on Lucifer: I've always had the impression that something caused a kind of bitterness in this brilliant Lanonandek Son who suddenly began to gnaw, to glorify himself to finally end up with companions of his kind hating their own father Christ Michael going even to claim that The Universal Father did not exist and that HE was even an invention... and I know very well that this is not true... and to openly attack the “Corps of Finality” of ascending mortals who have been embraced by The Universal Father by saying that they were telling nonsense and that they could not even prove him the existence of God.

I can't get rid of the idea that somewhere someone offended him in this "Corps of Finality" that he started to blow up his mind like that, by preparing intelligently his coup of Rebellion, to prove that he was right... I do not think that with his “declaration of liberty” when he declared openly his rebellion that he wanted the best for human souls and at the end he didn’t even care anymore. It really gives me the impression he reacted like someone offended or snubbed him and that it upset him. Thank you for your comments.

TALACIA: I am TALACIA and I shall answer instead of TOMAS. I am a "Finaliter". I am what you will become. I am part of the "Corps of Finality" and I am not a soul that originated on your planet. I crossed all the worlds of Havona and Paradise and I am referred to as one who has been embraced by The Universal Father. So, I know very well that The Universal Father, (The Deities of) The Trinity and the Supreme Being do exist.

It is true that it is an experience that you must have lived to fully understand it.

I don’t know what happened exactly with Lucifer, former Sovereign of Satania with Jerusem as headquarters, when he visited the Finaliter’s World.

I am speaking here on behalf of the "Corps of the Finality' that has the task on his world – the ‘1st transition world of the 56’ that revolve around Jerusem – to care for babies until they are about 16 years old. These children receive also a Thought Adjuster after their first moral decision just like you and when they decide to continue their ascension they begin their evolution on the 1st Mansion World, which is one of the 7 satellites or 'Mansion Worlds' circulating around the ‘1st transition World’ named in general "The Finaliter’s World".


I would like to reassure all parents who have lost young children by telling them that the ‘undeveloped souls’ of their babies or little children are not lost. They are well taken care of and you will see them again.

Okay, let’s continue with Lucifer.

There was surely an altercation between them when Lucifer tried to criticize the way the Finaliter’s educated these children and was trying to influence them.

Lucifer did not have like you a God Fragment. He was a divine son created by a Son of God (Christ Michael) and your Mother Spirit Nebadonia. He was part of the brilliant Order of the Lanonandek Sons who don’t receive a Thought Adjuster and have different evolution possibilities than you and who are an integral part of this local universe Nebadon.

When the Seven Superuniverses with their local universes will be anchored in Light and Life…… another universe age will come.

Then the Supreme Being will receive full powers over all Superuniverses and will become God the Almighty Supreme and start the development of the outer space worlds that are circulating around the Seven Superuniverses.

All Celestials created by Christ Michael and Nebadonia in Nebadon have a wonderful future, just like you. Only Lucifer was very proud and probably there were discussions regarding suggestions that the 'Corps of Finality" probably not accepted.

While I don't know all the details, it is likely that his pride developed in an unacceptable way and that he wanted to exercise more power and influence around him than he had received when he became Sovereign of the planetary System Satania.

Lucifer got certainly upset by several high ranked Celestial Personalities who did not want to follow him in his requirements. Following this the idea of rebellion likely originated in his head. His pride was great and you know from your environment that a proud person is fast upset. They may react differently according to their nature; some more brutally and others will mature a plan for revenge to prove their superiority and luring themselves by thinking they can do so with impunity.

I won't say more on this subject. Thank you for allowing me to speak on behalf of my Order; an Order that I wish you to join in many, many years. Good bye.

TOMAS : It’s Tomas again here. You can ask your next question.

Student : Question on Paper 63  Andon and Fonta the first beings considered as humans on Earth almost 995.000 years ago.

The Urantia Book states: (711.3) 63:0.3 Andon is the Nebadon name which signifies “the first Fatherlike creature to exhibit human perfection hunger.” Fonta signifies “the first Sonlike creature to exhibit human perfection hunger.” Andon and Fonta never knew these names until they were bestowed upon them at the time of fusion with their Thought Adjusters.

Question: Does this mean that the difference between a man and a woman finds its origin in a kind of resemblance to The Universal Father and The Eternal Mother-Son? Because they create together also children...Paradise Sons of course, not like us.

TOMAS: indeed the origin lies there. As these are Deities of the Trinity it is very difficult for you to imagine. The first who are closest to you in the celestial hierarchy, which stand out as man-woman and may be considered by you as parents are:

- Christ Michael, Son of The Universel Father and The Eternel Son and

-Nebadonia your Mother-Spirit, Daughter of The Infinite Spirit.

There is a substantial difference that passes through the Creator Son and a Mother Spirit of a local universe to the sexual human beings- man-woman- that you are. You need two complements on your globe - a man and a woman - to create a new Human being. This occurs throughout all the celestial hierarchy: it takes two complements and even sometimes three - to create a new being.

Thank you for your question.

Student :  Excerpt of The Urantia Book (711.7) 63:1.4 The decision of Andon and Fonta to flee from the Primates tribes implies a quality of mind far above the baser intelligence which characterized so many of their later descendants who stooped to mate with their retarded cousins of the simian tribes. But their vague feeling of being something more than mere animals was due to the possession of personality and was augmented by the indwelling presence of the Thought Adjusters.

Question: it’s only from the time of Andon and Fonta that the Urantia Book speaks of "possession of personality", the feeling of being different from the other. Does the appearance of the personality, gift received from The Universal Father, happens when the mind of human beings are under the influence of all the Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits? How does it work? When do we receive our personality?

TOMAS: Currently you all receive your personality at birth or shortly after.

Your "personality" is unique and immutable and is not "the identity of your soul". The personality and the Thought Adjuster remain unchanged, but when they work together they generate soul growth by constantly bringing change to let your soul grow and evolve. Without this interaction your soul wouldn’t evolve anymore and she would cease to exist.

Your personality has morality and recognizes other celestial or human personalities. Personality acknowledges the difference with other unique persons and will look for others to enter into a relationship with them. Because man is a social being, he will search company to not be alone.

"Personality" will decide on habits of behavior and will follow after physical death the soul and the’ identity’ of the soul. It is your personality that will decide to surrender your will to God and is the one who is creative or co-creative in you.

Let’s go back to these ancestral times.

An animal in evolution will evolve through genetic jumps into a 'pre-human animal' possessing superior intelligence that will allow the "seven Adjutant mind spirits" to interfere. The "Adjutant spirits" are not spirits but rather ‘mind circuits' given by Nebadonia, your Mother Spirit. As soon as the mind of this 'pre-human animal' becomes sensitive to the 6th and 7th ‘mind spirit', the one’s of worship and wisdom, this creature will receive a 'personality' as well as its offspring and become a 'human'.

Next, this first ‘human’ receives after his first moral decision a Thought Adjuster between 10 and 15 years of age.

Andon and Fonta were the first humans who were able to develop a soul that could survive forever and they brilliantly fused with their Thought Adjusters or God Fragment on the Morontia worlds. Their descendants also received a "personality" and a "Thought Adjuster", but not all could subsequently fuse with their Thought Adjusters. Their souls then received a Fragment of your Mother Spirit Nebadonia with which they were able to fuse and become permanent citizens of this local universe.

Thank you for your question.

Student :  Excerpt of the Urantia Book. (714.7) 63:4.9 It is impossible to induce such primitive beings long to live together in peace. Man is the descendant of fighting animals, and when closely associated, uncultured people irritate and offend each other. The Life Carriers know this tendency among evolutionary creatures and accordingly make provision for the eventual separation of developing human beings into at least three, and more often six, distinct and separate races.

Question : can you explain to us why the appearance of the six coloured races after the first humans was beneficial for our development?

TOMAS: Normally the colored races appear before the first human being that is able to receive a Thought Adjuster to create a soul with whom this Adjuster will later fuse.

Your planet is a decimal planet which means that a planet out of 10 in Satania is called a ‘decimal planet’ on which you can experiment with life. The Life carriers, the geneticists of this local universe Nebadon, will establish life forms with improvements. Whenever they implant life on a planet they act like your scientists: they observe. If the results of the experiences are beneficial they will improve the genetic codes for humans on new planets.

Numerous experimentations were done here. For you, it began with the frog out of which the ‘pre-humans’ could appear. Next the first ‘humans’ who could make moral decisions came out of the ancestral species of the lemuroids and this is the reason why fear, instinctual behavior and animalistic violence are still part of the genetics of your physical body.

The purpose of evolution of early humans is to become more intelligent, to be capable of receiving the "seven adjutants mind spirits" to elevate their mortal mind and as soon as the one of wisdom and adoration comes into play, Mother Spirit pours out her ‘Spirit’ or what is commonly called "The Holy Spirit" on these individuals in evolution.

Each of the six colored races had their own genetics, their warlike and peaceful, sedentary or nomadic tendencies. Some headed faster to the spiritual side like the red race and the yellow races had more the tendency to organize a family life.

It is through the blending of these races with the first human race, called Andonites after the name of Andon, that the genetics of these first human beings improved and that the animal need to fight all the time for its territory, its food and females decreased. Unfortunately this full blending never occurred here but this was the purpose of the introduction of the different races so that humans could end up one day with the creation of a peaceful civilization on the entire planet.

Here on Urantia nothing evolved as planned and everything that ought to succeed... went wrong. But hey, we came to your rescue and you receive tremendous assistance to get out of it as well on the genetic level as on the spiritual, mental and physical level.

Thank you for your question.

Student : Excerpts U.B. (735.7) 65:4.8 Another outstanding variation of procedure was the late arrival of the Planetary Prince. As a rule, the prince appears on a planet about the time of will development; and if such a plan had been followed, Caligastia might have come to Urantia even during the lifetimes of Andon and Fonta instead of almost five hundred thousand years later, simultaneously with the appearance of the six Sangik races.

(735.8) 65:4.9 On an ordinary inhabited world a Planetary Prince would have been granted on the request of the Life Carriers at, or sometime after, the appearance of Andon and Fonta. But Urantia having been designated a life-modification planet, it was by preagreement that the Melchizedek observers, twelve in number, were sent as advisers to the Life Carriers and as overseers of the planet until the subsequent arrival of the Planetary Prince. These Melchizedeks came at the time Andon and Fonta made the decisions which enabled Thought Adjusters to indwell their mortal minds.

Question: Why was the arrival of the Planetary Prince delayed and that at first Melchizedeks came to oversee the evolution of humanity in its early stages?

TOMAS: because it was an experiment and a project of the Melchizedeks, who work with the Life Carriers; because it was decided to let evolve life or the creation of the first humans well before the advent of the colored races, thus much faster than usual.

Normally the first humans appear 500,000 years after the implantation of the first life cells in the adequate seas. Here they appeared much sooner and the involved Melchizedeks who received permission from Christ Michael and The Ancients of Days for this experiment wanted to keep an eye on their project. Wouldn’t you?

The planetary Prince came on the exact date and time as on a planet with a traditional human evolution.

Here everything has been done upside down. First the early human beings arrived and then the different colored races showed up and in the next step all these races should have blended.

This was all very new and for the first time we tried to accelerate a process. It cannot be said that Christ Michael did not occasionally accept to do an experiment to accelerate (slowly) evolution as your planet is one example of the acceleration of a process.

The Melchizedeks specialized in this kind of work with the Life Carriers came to control everything and the planetary Prince did absolutely not come late. This was planned as well. There was already a mix between early humans and the colored races going on and humanity had already done her step forward allowing the Prince to begin his work.

The goal was to make a first experiment with the creation of a human species able to reflect and make moral decisions, to worship and to search for the presence of a Creator before the colored races appeared and all blended.

The second novelty was to bring forth the colored races all in one and the same family not one after the other in different continents.

Thank you for your question.

Student : Excerpt of the U.B. : (736.2) 65:4.11 It was our intention to produce an early manifestation of will in the evolutionary life of Urantia, and we succeeded. Ordinarily, will does not emerge until the colored races have long been in existence, usually first appearing among the superior types of the red man. Your world is the only planet in Satania where the human type of will has appeared in a precolored race.

Question: why and who has decided to try to produce much earlier a human race with a will than on other planets? Andon and Fonta, the first humans, appeared almost 500,000 years earlier than on other planets if my deduction is correct.

TOMAS: I think that I have answered this question in my previous answer. It was an experience agreed with Christ Michael and the Ancients of Days who must still give their approval when it comes to implant new life forms. The Melchizedeks working with the Life Carriers were the ones who came up with the proposed changes.

Next question please.

Student: Excerpt of the U.B.. (736.7) 65:5.4 There are, of course, certain compensations for tribulation, such as Michael’s bestowal on Urantia. But irrespective of all such considerations, the later celestial supervisors of this planet express complete confidence in the ultimate evolutionary triumph of the human race and in the eventual vindication of our original plans and life patterns.

Question: Is this still the case? Will our current human race triumph in its evolution without additional interventions following what Caligastia did here to limit us?

TOMAS: I’ll put it kindly; we will have to give you a helping hand.

There are many ‘correcting plans’ for your planet which has a special destination and a specific purpose.

Caligastia wanted to play the apprentice sorcerer and did not have the best intentions with you. Why would he have done many efforts to help your souls evolve on a path of ascension leading to Paradise in order to be embraced by The Universal Father while he and Lucifer denied His very existence?

To achieve his own ideas he manipulated the ‘Morontia life grid' and did many other harmful things to you. To solve the problems caused by such malfeasance we need to make some changes to the human race, and there are several programs en route to this effect.

The Life Carriers have all done a great job and because it was an experiment some errors may have occurred, but it were not the miscalculations of the Life Carriers that have done the greatest damage here. We therefore need the intervention of Christ Michael and The Universal Father to give you a helping hand so that humanity can continue her evolution as it was supposed to be according to the original Plans of Christ Michael.

Thank you for your question.

We will stop your questions for now. I think HAM has answers to questions asked by the invisible ones. Thank you for your patience, one moment, please.

HAM: Hello I am Ham. There are many questions asked by souls from the rebel planets that are now on the First Mansion World. They begin to understand that what has been told to them was fundamentally wrong. Especially that there was no Universal Father, no Trinity and that Christ Michael had no authority over them and that it is not possible to develop a soul if from the very beginning one denies the existence of the Universal Father.

If one denies the existence of The Universal Father and The Trinity from the start and wants to keep the created souls around him, which future as a planetary Prince can you give them? I ask you-- the Angels, you the Seraphim, you the Morontia Beings and you the Material sons and daughters?

This is what they are beginning to understand at the moment and this understanding comes from the fact that you have confirmed as human beings still living on Urantia that you have a real contact with your God Fragment, that you are aware of the presence of God in you, that you want to move towards Him and that you will certainly not follow in their fallacies like "there is no freedom, there are only physical laws and The Universal Father does not exist. »

They understood where the errors and lies of Caligastia and his friends came from; that it came because they did not believe in a Universal Father, in a future for the soul, believing that there was only this planet for them and that after physical death their souls would continue to live on and around Earth.

Let's end this session and if you want we will organize a second meeting next week where we can continue with your questions. We see that this girl is too tired and believe it’s better to stop immediately.

Thank you my dear friends. This has been very valuable for all souls and celestials, for all ascending souls, the Finaliter’s and the Celestial Observers of the Universe. Everyone is very satisfied. We will continue with a few more lessons so that all understand very well where the problem is located and this will serve this whole Universe.

We'll see you Saturday or next Wednesday, just tell me. Today was the first time and we had to put everything in place which took time. We will be able to start faster next time. I thank you my children and goodbye.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.