Second session in 2012 of Questions/Answers on Lucifer Rebellion.


Session 37a of 4 July 2012- recorded- English translation – Original English/French

Location: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Carole, Cyril and Wivine in Mezza Verde.


Visitors:        Tomas Teacher

                   Christ Michael  - Jesus – Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon.

Received by Wivine.

Tomas spoke after 1h17min           Total time meditation: 2h57min

TOMAS: Hello this is Tomas here.  We promised you that the connexions would be better today. You can start with your questions.

Student: Hello “Toomaas” this is Carole with her two questions. In your last session you mentioned our planet experienced three rebellions, could you please give us some information on the other two rebellions and how it has influenced our evolution?

Tomas: It is only the Lucifer rebellion that occurred in this planetary System Satania where your planet has no.606. Normally, a System can have about 1,000 inhabitable planets and in yours there are still about 400 planets where life must be implemented which means that the development of Satania is not finished.

The other 2 rebellions took place in other Constellations, in other planetary Systems far from you, but in this local universe Nebadon and they had no impact on Urantia. They have had an influence on the planets of their own system and these events obviously hampered the development of Nebadon. It must be understood that the Seven Superuniverses with their local universes, their Constellations and planetary Systems are designed to evolve, just like you as an individual, towards Light and Life, to the level of perfection of Havona and Paradise.

A rebellion may delay a planetary System and its Constellation and delaying a Constellation retards the evolution of an entire Local Universe and therefore the evolution of your Superunivers Orvonton. So, if you help us to bring Urantia to the early stages of Light and Life you will at the same time help the advancement of all Nebadon, and accelerate the one of Orvonton. You can't help for now other planets, but you certainly have an influence on yours.

Does this answer your question? (Yes, thanks Toomaas).

Student: Is the 4th dimension a place of pure negative energy and if so how is it affecting our 3rd dimension?

Tomas: what you call the 4th dimension or the 'borderland' is not necessarily negative everywhere. Your Midwayers also live in this 4th dimension and it is composed of many places of which only some are very dark.

The Rebellion is officially over. All the leaders of the rebellion of Lucifer and other rebellions have been brought to justice. Many have chosen "de-creation" as well as their companions but others however agreed to accept rehabilitation programs.

Compare the current situation to a house that has been squatted and much has been destroyed. Imagine all the dirt staying there after the squatters have been removed and where still a few subordinate entities live, those who followed, not leaders, try to hide to go on with their business. They hide because they don’t know what to do else. We are evacuating all these entities and souls right now, but dirt must be removed and what is damaged must be repaired.

Have you ever seen a squatted building after the departure of the squatters which was in perfect condition before? You must restore, remove dirt, clean and repaint and this is the kind of work in which you help us. You are a 'special team', trained and educated with specific powers to act and be able to do this work. We will not describe all the scenes you can find there, no, it would look like a horror movie and frighten you, which is not necessary.

Be aware that those malicious and dark practices that are held here on Urantia, regardless their names have their projection in the 4th dimension. All this must be removed and you already deliver good work with the Midwayers and other Beings who work in this field and which help you.

Does this answer your question? (Yes, Tomas. Thank you.)

{Note Wivine: the French questions and answers start from here.}

Student: When we move on to the Mansion Worlds are we going to continue to help our world and perhaps do other "cleansing work" on other planets like we do now or will there be other things awaiting us, because I love the work we do?

Tomas: this is a continuation of the previous answer. Indeed, you are a group who has been trained for this work and later when you leave Urantia you will go to schools on the Mansion Worlds where you will learn a lot and you will be of ongoing support in this area for other planets.

Since Christ Michael received full powers and became Master Sovereign of his local universe Nebadon no more rebellions will occur. However, there is still much to be done and in your time calculation it will probably take a hundred more years to clean all the rebellion planets and there will be many more things that you'll be able to do which are not yet revealed to you.

You will understand when you’ll arrive on the First Mansion World. Your group is closely linked; you work well together and perhaps others will join you later on Mansonia Number one. You will continue to do the kind of work that you like and for which you are trained although you will achieve it on a different level and with other capabilities.

You'll surely receive other tasks to accomplish when you will evolve out there that are more difficult to explain, but which you will understand once you will be there. Work and School never stops and learning with the Melchizedeks always includes practical training. They will give you theoretical lessons as well as resources and capabilities to perform tasks. Once you have completed your practical exercises and acquired sufficient experience you can move on to the next level.

You are now under the tutelage of the Melchizedeks. Also here you learn through experiences. It is only when you have experienced strange things during your activities that you come up with questions and receive gradually your answers.

Was this the answer to your question? (Yes Tomas and thank you).

Student: I would like to know very simply what exactly Lucifer and Caligastia did to bring Earth in difficulties and how Jesus intervened to resolve the problem. I understood that he could not resolve everything otherwise we wouldn't have this "cleansing" work to do.

The Melchizedeks have opened schools specifically to study this phenomenon and the consequences of the rebellion in the System of Satania in which a total of 37 planetary Princes participated.

You need to understand that Lucifer was a Primary Lanonandek Son, created by Christ Michael and Nebadonia. Lucifer had a remarkable intelligence but began to cultivate his pride. He corrupted his mind to show that he could do which was an attribute of God. The first thing he did was to deny the existence of the First Source and Center, The Universal Father and refused to follow the guidelines of the local universe of Christ Michael. He accepted Christ Michael as his father, but not his authority and eventually turned himself against his own father.

All Celestials of a Superunivers and a local universe are created for one purpose and that’s to assist in the development of your soul from the very beginning, right here on your planet, so that your soul can survive physical death; be strong enough to have the will and desire to continue her evolution on the Morontia Worlds, next the Spiritual Worlds of the Superunivers and later on the Worlds of Havona and Paradise until she can join The Universal Father to be embraced by Him and eventually join the "Corps of Finality”.

Lucifer did convince thousands of Angels on Jerusem, approximately 700,000 Material Sons and Daughters (Adam’s and Eve’s), a mass of Morontia Companions and a large part of the Angels of the planetary Governments. He gave to the planetary Princes who followed him full authority to act as they wished, to act against the Order of the Universe, the Paradise Sons and the High ranked Celestials administering the Universes.

Then many things went wrong and as if that wasn't enough, they have transformed the "Morontia life circuits" of Urantia.

I'll first explain the word "Morontia": Morontia material and energy are life energies of the Universe whose composition is between the ‘pure material’ and the ‘pure spiritual’. 'Morontia material' and 'Morontia energy circuits' are therefore half-materiel and half-spiritual. You are familiar with the material worlds and its energies, but imagine that there is such a thing as 'spiritual energy' and 'spiritual energy systems' that are completely invisible to the physical eye and neither for the 'eyes' of the Morontia soul. Even when you will live on the Morontia Worlds you will not be able to discern without help the High Spiritual Beings of Paradise, Havona and the Superunivers... you may feel them or see them as a few light flashes but that’s all.

Lucifer was placed 2,000 years ago on a prison planet until his trial but Christ aloud Caligastia to walk around freely during some period of time on your planet with his companions without authorization to exercise his former function as planetary Prince. Caligastia knew very well that he could not continue his misdeeds and that he would be one day brought before Court which led him to make many abominations to get revenge. He tampered with human DNA so that you could no longer make the necessary genetic "jumps" on the physical level and mind level as it was originally planned in the "life plasma" the Life Carriers introduced and he knew very well that this was considered a very serious crime by the Universe.

You can compare it to people who hide their small children or babies in a cave giving them just some food without love or activities to grow properly. There is sufficient documentation in your libraries on the subject and you know very well that these children are much less likely to develop spiritually and mentally compared to a child that grows in normal conditions with loving parents, a healthy family environment and lots of development opportunities. It is well known in your pedagogy and psychology that there are parts of the brain and body that need to be developed from a very young age, so that the child can grow up and become an adult with a well-developed brain, body, mind and intelligence.

I hope that this example suffices for you to understand what he has done to avoid that human souls continue their path to Paradise.

In second place comes the fact that Christ Michael ended the rebellion only since two thousand years because he always refused to use his power as the Creator of this local universe. He has therefore done it during his earthly life as Jesus: as a man among men.

It is neither Christ Michael who will judge the celestials that participated in the rebellions. He gave order to lock them up on a Jerusem prison planet, but he will not render judgment. The Ancients of Days of the Superunivers will do so through their courts, with the help of their Seconaphim - the reflective angels, their Legal Advisers and Conciliators who will examine case-by-case and give a fair trial to each celestial that has contributed to the rebellion.

All this takes time. All these celestials had first to be tried before we could intervene. During that time there were still angels of the rebellion remaining on earth which have been replaced or removed now. However, there is a lot of damage that must be repaired and human beings must consciously contribute to the renovation of their planet. There is never Divine intervention without the cooperation of mortals.

It is up to you to decide and choose if you want to contribute. You here, you have chosen for this and you received the necessary capabilities. It was your choice to serve in this area and others may prefer a totally different field to provide relief.

Of course 200,000 years or even 2,000 years are an eternity for you but not for us, not for The Trinity and the Gods of Paradise. For them, 200,000 years are only 3 days.

Do not forget the great mercy of Christ Michael which he has from his Mother, The Eternal Son-Mother, and which is also a great feature of your Master Spirit-AYA. Many opportunities and possibilities of salvation are offered to all celestials that made mistakes, who haven't understood what happened and who even took the wrong path. This is also a reason why it has taken so long.

With regard to the work that remains to be done, The Universal Father and Christ Michael have put all means at disposal and now it is up to you to act. Take your broom in hand and begin to clean. Nothing is done without the help and cooperation of Man otherwise your evolution would be worthless.

Thank you for your question.

Student: I read in the Urantia Book the papers on the life of Jesus. What wondered me the most is the role of Mary his mother, it seems that she did not understand the exact role of her son and did not invest her to help him. But she appeared all around the world and is considered a Saint, a mother who has been with her son and who understood and supported him. Thank you for your comments.

Christ Michael here: my children, I will answer you myself to clear up this confusion.

To receive full powers and become Master Sovereign of Nebadon, my local universe, as a Creator Son and a Son of Paradise, I had to live a life in "seven Orders” of my own creation. I started with a life as a Melchizedek, then as a Lanonandek and for my seventh and final bestowal, I had to choose a planet to life the experience of a human being and my choice fell on Urantia, your planet.

However, I had taken on me a supplementary and ambitious mission during my seven bestowals and one of its components was to reveal during my human life The Universal Father and The Supreme Being to each Man, each ascending soul and all Angels of all Nebadon.

The Lucifer rebellion gave me a broader frame with more contrast to reveal My Father, The Universal Father, and The Universe Mother- The Supreme Being in which you live and which continues to grow thanks to the contribution of your actions, your decisions and your experiences.

When a Creator Son takes upon him the life of a human he must be conceived and born as a mortal child: from a man and a woman. Of course they sought for me the most appropriate parents because I was a Creator Son with a Mission and I needed a physical body able to express my Divine Qualities. Several couples were selected and the final choice fell on those you know under the names of Joseph and Mary.

When Gabriel, my first-born, came to tell her when she was pregnant that her child had a Mission to accomplish, she did not really understand what he meant.

There was since a long time among Jews, and my earthly mother was Jewish, a prophecy that one day a Messiah would come that would chase the Romans with his divine powers; who would become King of their nation, who would give them back their ancient glory and become rulers over the world. I explain it very simply as has been requested.

The family where I was born, the villages where I grew up were in the region of the Zealots. The Zealots took up arms against the Romans and began to attack them a bit like your current terrorists do. By the fact that my Father Joseph died when I was 15 and I had to sustain my family as the eldest son, we were able to avoid that I had to take arms against the occupier by joining them.

There were in those days two political viewpoints: one group wanted a Messiah who would help them implement a free Jewish State in a peaceful manner and the second group was looking for a leader who would chase the Romans with weapons to make the Jewish nation huge, rich and strong. My earthly mother had also her ambitions for me as did my brothers and sisters and the people of my village. She hoped that one day I would become this “Supra-Human and powerful King” that was expected. When I was 20 years old I left home and transmitted the responsibility for my family to my younger brothers who were in age to do so. I made several long journeys which kept me away from my family for a long time.

You must understand that when you start, just like me in those days, to follow the path towards The Father, when you begin to cooperate with your indwelling Fragment The Father gave you to communicate with him, that you will become a person who will walk on this earth, but not be part of it. It may be that you’ll get more and more problems with your family, your friends and your environment because they will not understand you. They will expect things of you and if you don't give them they will be disappointed and may even go up to reject you, you and all that you represent. This is what I lived and some of my Apostles.

However, my mother always loved me and when I was imprisoned and nailed on the cross she always remained close to me. She suffered greatly at the sight of my agony as any loving mother, but she never understood me.

I took my decision just before the celebration of the Jewish Eastern Fest in Jerusalem where many pilgrims came from everywhere. The mass that followed me expected that I would walk into the Temple of Jerusalem with a lot of fanfare, that I would announce I was the long expected " Messiah" and I'd let me crown 'King of the Jews' and ‘Master of the Temple of Jerusalem' by the people.

Unfortunately I had to disappoint them because I refused!

I took a donkey and I simply entered the temple where I declared publicly that I had chosen the "Kingdom of Heaven", the ‘Celestial Jerusalem’ and that I refused to be crowned 'King of the Jewish nation’.

This declaration was for many a huge disappointment and shortly after, I ended up on the cross.

My earthly mother developed her soul with her Thought Adjuster just like you do. Marie is an ascending soul and she understood who I was when she arrived on the First Mansion World. Mary was my earthly mother and my Divine Mother is The Eternal Son.

My companion and Divine Minister is Nebadonia who created with me all the planets and Celestials of our Local Universe Nebadon. She is your Mother Spirit, Daughter of The Infinite Spirit.

As you know there is a lot of confusion among you on this topic. This is one reason we have decided to give you the Urantia Book as 5th Revelation so that you have a basis to help you get out of the enormous confusion that reigns on your world in all religions and philosophies.

Let us speak now about the Marian apparitions.

The Marian apparitions are often in areas where there is a risk of bursting of wars or violent events. They always occur in places where there is a former Light Anchor because it facilitates the densification of a celestial Morontia body in such a way that it can be seen by young children.

It is always an Angel of a non-revealed Order of your Mother Spirit who appears and who is asked to deliver a message. Of course young Christian children are going to see in her "Virgin Mary". If it was always the same Celestial Being she would be described always the same way, but everywhere she is seen and described differently.

It is through this indirect way that your local universe Mother Spirit can manifest in a female form: loving and gentle towards her earthly children by giving them a message of peace. The confusion with Mary, my earthly mother is certainly understandable. Be aware that Mary sometimes talks to you also through some transmitters/receivers of messages.

That’s all I wish to say about it, because it is not good to undermine a believe system and that People pray to Mary for help and see in these apparitions Mary or that they directly pray Nebadonia for help is not important. It is your Mother Spirit Nebadonia with the powers she received from The Infinite Spirit who hears your prayers and who helps you.


Check where and when these apparitions took place and know that there were also apparitions in the Arab world (Egypt). This phenomenon also implements a great celestial power in some regions to form a counterweight against the prevailing darkness.

Thank you for your question.


End Part One.


For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.