Second session in 2012 of Questions/Answers on Lucifer Rebellion.


Session 37 of 4 July 2012- recorded- English translation – Original English/French

Location: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Carole, Cyril and Wivine in Mezza Verde.

Visitors:        Tomas Teacher

                   Christ Michael  - Jesus – Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon.

Received by Wivine.

Tomas spoke after 1h17min           Total time meditation: 2h57min

Student: Did Jesus when he was a child have the soul of Christ Michael?

Christ Michael: I am a Paradise Son, I am a created Spiritual Being. If you want to become a Spirit Being like Me, then you must first be born in a physical body and develop your soul in such a way that she will survive physical death. You do grow up through your actions and moral decisions and it is your God Fragment which systematically converts or translates these good deeds and thoughts in 'spiritual values' on your Morontia soul.

If you don’t develop your soul with enough ‘spiritual values’ so that she would be accepted on the Mansion Worlds to evolve afterwards on the Morontia Worlds, next on the Spiritual Worlds, then you will never become a ‘Spiritual Paradise Being' like Me.

You are the one who needs the vehicle of the Morontia soul with a Morontia body that will evolve constantly by learning and growing gradually to become more and more Spiritual in body and soul in order to be able to reach The Universal Father and become 'Perfect' like Him. The words "Perfect like Him" have several meanings that we cannot explain to you now.

I was born on your planet as a baby the same way as you did without keeping any recollection of who I was. How I was able to do this as a Paradise Son is a well-kept secret and mystery to you. The unveiling of my initial identity happened when I was an adult. I grew up like you and when I took my first moral decision I received, just like you did, a Thought Adjuster who helped my ‘embryonic soul’ to grow.

I crossed all Morontia worlds and all Spiritual worlds after my physical death to allow my ‘human soul’ to grow the same way as you will do. However my ‘human soul’ never fused with my God Fragment and the Spiritual Soul of a Finaliter that I developed is now part of my original Paradise Being as a Creator Son.

By the fact that I didn’t fuse with my Thought Adjuster he could not receive My "personality". Therefor My Father gave him a "personality" of his own for his services and he became an "independent personalized Thought Adjuster”.

The Thought Adjuster that guides you to greater Spiritual Heights has the possibility to fuse with your soul on the Morontia worlds and thus receives your 'personality' that The Universal Father granted you. It is thanks to this fusion with your God Fragment that your 'human Morontia Soul’ will be able one day to leave this local universe Nebadon to continue her evolution as a novice Spiritual Being to become one day as God: Perfect.

Thank you for your question.

Student: How reacted Jesus Christ (Michael) after returning to "His World", and even now when he sees his teachings transformed in x churches with ego, power and wealth?

Christ Michael: my children, I never abandoned you. You have no idea what a Creator Son is, what a God is. I'm still around you; I am always around you and in you. I know everything that happens. I went through the same stages of development that you will undertake one day on the Mansion Worlds, the Morontia Worlds and the Spiritual Worlds until the Paradise Father and then I went back to my headquarters on Salvington -capital of Nebadon - and I did all this to better understand you. A Creator Son of a local universe does not suddenly disappear in 'His World '……..He is always available for His children.

Be aware that what you see now, all these Christian churches, the greed for power and money………..always existed, even in my time. It was simply predictable. Many of my Apostles were very simple people with little education that followed Me by conviction and didn’t understand everything of my Teaching’s. When they were traveling to preach the Gospel they had to fight against local religions and beliefs, and as always there were things that have been absorbed and others rejected... and suddenly a new religion emerges.

You can imagine that I, as a Paradise Son, knew this in advance. This is part of the evolution of humanity. I came to sow the seeds 2,000 years ago and now these seeds became small plants in you. I knew that it would take nearly two thousand years to reopen the ' Morontia circuits of the local universe ' and the 'spiritual communication circuits of the Superunivers’ to end the quarantine of Urantia.

All aids are available now and it is up to you to take the hand that we tend to cooperate with us.

Thank you very much my children. Tomas will respond to your next questions. I understand that there is a lot of confusion and it is good to ask questions to clear things up. We will help you step by step and eventually you will learn much more on the Mansion worlds and the Morontia worlds. I thank my children and don’t worry. Goodbye everyone.

Student: How did the Urantia Book came into existence as I see sometimes a Protestant influence?

Tomas: Christ Michael decided to give you a book in which his teachings would be brought back in its proper perspective. Many things have been said on Earth and this provoked a terrible confusion.

Much has been deliberately distorted and the original teachings of Jesus were lost. Understand that Lucifer, Satan, and Caligastia were against Christ Michael. They even used a symbol of the Trinity - the triangle--- to mock it by replacing it with the symbol of their triumvirate "the trio Lucifer-Satan-Caligastia ", by their three faced pyramid to confuse you and many other similar things have occurred on your planet.

As long as you don’t go into ‘silence' or ‘meditate’ with the intention of communicating with The Universal Father you will have much difficulties to find your way in everything you read. This is precisely why it was decided to offer you this book like on other rebel planets: to help you get out of this confusion.

Many Celestials contributed to write these Papers, it is not so that a single celestial wrote it all. Melchizedeks, Angels and many other Orders of Celestials are the authors of these different Papers. Then it was necessary to find a way to transfer everything accurately to a human mind. They found someone in England, but it did not work out. Then the choice fell on a person in the United States with sufficient intellectual basis and appropriate vocabulary. An adequate Midwayer was found to transmit the Papers in the mind of this person in question while a friend spent his time typing all that he expressed on the machine.

It took a long time because it was a difficult task which began in 1934 to be published finally 20 years later. It was quite revolutionary and they had to be very careful. The Group of Caligastia did everything to prevent its publication and doomed this revelation to failure. But in the end we succeeded.

It is important to remember that we never force anyone to believe anything. You have your free will and that is sacred to us. You can freely choose the path you want to go and what you want to believe.

There are many truths in the Urantia Book at several levels of understanding. The more you will follow the guidelines of your Thought Adjuster, the more you will understand the information which is revealed through the many Papers that will provide you with answers which at first you could not find or understand.

I thank you my children. Next question, please.

Student : Excerpt Urantia Book Paper 66 - The Planetary Prince of Urantia

(750.1) 66:6.6 The Dalamatia teachers sought to add conscious social selection to the purely natural selection of biologic evolution. They did not derange human society, but they did markedly accelerate its normal and natural evolution. Their motive was progression by evolution and not revolution by revelation. The human race had spent ages in acquiring the little religion and morals it had, and these supermen knew better than to rob mankind of these few advances by the confusion and dismay which always result when enlightened and superior beings undertake to uplift the backward races by overteaching and overenlightenment.

Question: we humans often have the tendency when we enter the realm of spirituality to push others to follow our path and watering people with too many acquired wisdom and even still poorly understood by us. We all tend to play the spiritual teachers and are looking for an audience to which we can debit our supposed wisdom. Thank you for your comments and show us the good attitude and explain why it is not well to do this.

Tomas: indeed, it is something that we often see. It is the enthusiasm of the beginner who starts to undertake a spiritual quest and discovers new information. It is often the enthusiasm, the inner vase overflowing quickly with each new discovery which gives you the need to communicate everything immediately to others. You want to convey it to others and you would like them to follow you in that direction.

Here are the reactions of a young soul whose inner vase still needs to grow in order to contain more. The more your soul will grow, the more your inner vase will expand, the more it will be able to contain new revelations without feeling the need to proclaim it immediately on the rooftops.

You evolve through your deeds, your actions and even through your religion and your beliefs. One day you start a quest seeking more truth and you will read books, get in touch with new ideas and take what attracts you. Your Thought Adjuster and your Angels help you and guide you constantly in this. Your Thought Adjuster has his plans and prepares your path.

He knows your potential, knows how far you can go in this mortal life and what is best to further develop your soul. He sees your future beyond your earthly life and from the moment you start to communicate and listen to him then... well then... you will take your true flight and move forward with huge steps.

Nobody on your planet possesses currently all Knowledge and all 'The Truth'. Even those who have read the Urantia Book 25 times do not have all knowledge or understanding at all levels of awareness of what is described in that Book.

We know very well what to respond when someone asks questions. We answer preferably in a simple way, we never say too much, just a few small bites, just enough so that the person to whom we answer can swallow the information without falling head over heels. The soul grows in harmony when she acquires higher spiritual knowledge gradually about the meaning of life and what is happening with the soul after physical death.

Acquiring superior theoretical spiritual knowledge is not the most important thing for an ascending mortal.

The important thing for you is to experience many situations where you constantly have to take decisions, where you have to think before you act because you are pushed to make moral choices. Those pleasant and unpleasant experiences will increase your character strength, will give you an iron will and if on top this goes hand in hand with a genuine love for God and service to your fellow men with selfless love…… your soul could reach unprecedented heights already on Earth.

I can assure you that everyone walking this planet develops and evolves with "false truths". They are like crutches, scaffoldings and signs, in other words ‘tools'. If you would find all 'The Truth' with what you read in Books or heard from your 'Ascended Masters' then you would not need a Thought Adjuster or our advice.

Be very well aware that your God Fragment or Thought Adjuster possesses all "The Truth" because he is God and therefore you will find all "The Truth" in you ……..because he lives in you.

Well, well...As soon as you have a bit of knowledge you want to teach it to others.

I say to you, that once you have made contact with your Father Fragment and you submit yourself to his guidance, your knowledge and your beliefs will change every three months. You will need to constantly revise all your beliefs. So be careful when you pass your certainties to others who turn to you, who will take your word for it, do not mislead them and that later you should have to admit that you don’t believe any more in those things which you were so convinced of before.

You are currently trained to better hear our voices so that you can receive 'personally' our communications and transmit exactly our words when you will stand before an audience of one or more persons. Once you reach this ability you will be able to set aside your writings and notes and you will manage to perfectly reproduce "our words" that people need to hear in order to receive the teachings they necessitate at that moment. We know better than you the needs of others to move forward and we will explain them in a comprehensible manner.

Teach each one how to follow his or her personal guidance. How Celestials and their Thought Adjuster can help them through meditation and rest assured that sooner or later they will arrive at the same conclusions as you.

You cannot judge the needs of another soul and your path is yours and another has his or hers. The development of your soul will be far from over when you leave this earth. A soul can only reach a certain height on a material planet and the highest level she can reach here is to succeed to cross the Seven psychic circles: to have reached the First psychic circle and the fusion with her Thought Adjuster here on your planet. At that moment you will have learned all you could learn during your mortal life on Urantia and you will continue your soul development right away on the Morontia worlds.

As for now, due to the current evolution level of humanity on Urantia, few people will reach this 1 psychic circle and fuse already here with their Thought Adjuster. This is why the Mansion Worlds and the Morontia Worlds were created, to give you the possibility to fuse with your God Fragment by moving on from one celestial world to another. The fusion generally occurs on one of the Seven Mansion worlds and then you cross the Morontia Worlds up to Salvington, the last step before leaving Nebadon to then start your career as a young ‘Spiritual Being' on the Spiritual Worlds of your Superunivers.

It sometimes happens that a soul arrives on Salvington without having been able to fuse with her God Fragment. Then she gets the possibility to fuse with a Fragment Christ Michael’s Spirit to be able to pursue her career in the Superunivers of which she will become a permanent resident.

End part 2 of the session.


For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.