Second session in 2012 of Questions/Answers on Lucifer Rebellion.


Session 37c of 4 July 2012- recorded- English translation – Original English/French

Location: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Carole, Cyril and Wivine in Mezza Verde.

Visitors:        Tomas Teacher

                   Christ Michael  - Jesus – Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon.

Received by Wivine.

Tomas spoke after 1h17min           Total time meditation: 2h57min

Student : Excerpt of the Urantia Book: (752.3) 66:8.2 It should be noted that both Lucifer and Caligastia had been patiently instructed and lovingly warned respecting their critical tendencies and the subtle development of their pride of self and its associated exaggeration of the feeling of self-importance. But all of these attempts to help had been misconstrued as unwarranted criticism and as unjustified interference with personal liberties. Both Caligastia and Lucifer judged their friendly advisers as being actuated by the very reprehensible motives which were beginning to dominate their own distorted thinking and misguided planning. They judged their unselfish advisers by their own evolving selfishness.

Question: I do not understand how such feelings of narcissism, to be full of you and even encourage protesters, defying the authority at any time... can exist in a Lanonandek Son created by Christ Michael and Nebadonia. These feelings exist in humanity, they are found at all levels and by evolving I suppose that they go away... but that this occurs with Lanonandeks who are supposed to manage the evolution of humanity on a planet.... I cannot grasp it. I do not understand and I would like if possible that someone explains.

Tomas: Lanonandek Sons are deployed in many situations. It is a fact that it is the Order of which the System Sovereigns such as Lucifer and the planetary Princes such as Caligastia are chosen. The Lanonandek Sons are a beautiful Order that emerged after the Order of the Melchizedek and the Order of the Vorondadek.

More than 12 million Lanonandek Sons were created and they were the first students of the “Melchizedek universities” who subdivided them into three categories:

        More than 700.000 Primary Lanonandeks, candidate System Sovereign’s.

        More than 10 million Secondary Lanonandeks, candidate planetary Princes.

        About one million Tertiary Lanonandeks, for administrative work.

It is always possible that a problem arises with planetary Princes and System Sovereign’s because it is among them that is the greatest risk. We had three rebellions in Nebadon and this is due to the fact that these Sons receive a certain freedom to help primitive humans evolve, to facilitate their development, whether as a planetary Prince or a System Sovereign.

A few cases on millions and millions of Lanonandeks do not mean that this is the rule or a representation of the mass within their Order. In other 'local universes' the Lanonandeks are rather limited in their scope of action. It was Christ Michael of Nebadon who granted them more freedom and opportunities to enable them to achieve improvements and come up with new ideas.

These Sons don’t receive a God Fragment like you, they are also a little more distant from the Universal Father and less divine as the previous Orders. Therefore, it can occur that you have one with a more proud character than others. It is possible, and when he starts to boast his grandeur he can become dangerous.

All Lanonandeks are regularly scanned to see if their minds and thoughts stay faithful to the Universe. Know that the risk of insubordination was discovered in Lucifer and Caligastia. The danger of rebellion was indeed there and they both received a lot of help and advice to think about changing their mind. Here also you can see the great mercy at work of your Creator Son Christ Michael.

When a rebellion occurs, it explodes. Christ Michael could have destroyed his Sons in a blink of an eye, but they were his children. Moreover he was advised not to do so and let this extraordinary rebellion take place until all who observed it in the Superunivers, who had sympathy for the ideas of Lucifer, would change their minds. Up to the point where nobody was attracted anymore by these ideas of freedom because they saw very well that this was not the right direction to take.

This gave a lot of hope and confirmation that the Plans of The Universal Father and Christ Michael were excellent and that all Celestials were there for one purpose: to help you evolve and develop your soul. You have never been without help and now you get even more help.

Since you have chosen to work in the 'cleaning' and help your brethren with 'the Energy of the Trinity', you will start already to take classes in the schools the Melchizedeks implemented to investigate this rebellion.

Don't forget that your destiny is to become like God - 'Perfect', if you but chose to do so, to be able to act later in another universe era as creators on the "outer space worlds”.

Understand the true destiny of Mankind on Urantia........ the true purpose of your creation.

I thank you for your question.

Student : Excerpt of the Urantia Book : (753.2) 66:8.6 The doctrine of a personal devil on Urantia, though it had some foundation in the planetary presence of the traitorous and iniquitous Caligastia, was nevertheless wholly fictitious in its teachings that such a “devil” could influence the normal human mind against its free and natural choosing. Even before Michael’s bestowal on Urantia, neither Caligastia nor Daligastia was ever able to oppress mortals or to coerce any normal individual into doing anything against the human will. The free will of man is supreme in moral affairs; even the indwelling Thought Adjuster refuses to compel man to think a single thought or to perform a single act against the choosing of man’s own will.

Question: I agree that they could not influence human mind against the will of the human... but what when humans want to make contact with these famous demons for personal reasons?.. Because you can find this throughout all our history... There is even a legal “Satan” cult in the United States that sends their missionaries here in Belize proclaiming that God does not exist and that only Satan will save us from final destruction.

Tomas: indeed, you have your free will. You choose what and who you want to believe. You can decide to follow Satanism, practice black magic, follow the path of evil and believe with persistence that The Universal Father does not exist.

You decide to harm others and we will not describe the horrible deeds a human being can do to his neighbor... and indeed this is how you open yourself to the influence of darkness. It is a choice. But not one demon or benevolent spirit may interfere with your free will, cannot go against your will.

Be careful when you use excessively alcohol and drugs because it changes the chemistry of your brain in such a way that you can lose control of your will and then you take unnecessary risks...!!!

Constantly choosing for excessive ‘evil doing' prevents the development of the soul and if the soul is not sufficiently developed following your moral actions and loving thoughts she may lose her chances for waking up to resurrect on the 1rst Mansion World.

This is of course a question of personal choice.

I thank you for your question.

Student : Excerpt of the Urantia Book : (754.5) 67:1.4 There are many ways of looking at sin, but from the universe philosophic viewpoint sin is the attitude of a personality who is knowingly resisting cosmic reality. Error might be regarded as a misconception or distortion of reality. Evil is a partial realization of, or maladjustment to, universe realities. But sin is a purposeful resistance to divine reality — a conscious choosing to oppose spiritual progress — while iniquity consists in an open and persistent defiance of recognized reality and signifies such a degree of personality disintegration as to border on cosmic insanity.

Question: on the "disintegration of personality". The "personality" is a gift of God. Is this is a fragment of the "Great Personality of God”? Can you compare it to the indwelling Thought Adjusters who have no personality because they are pre-personal? And how can "personality" disintegrate like a pottery that you drop on the ground and shatters into pieces?

Tomas: it is difficult to explain. Personality is always a gift of The Universal Father or The Infinite Spirit, which She receives of The Father to give to other Celestials. The received 'personality' cannot break and is unique.

We will take the example of Men. Men are composed of several parts: you have a material body, an electrochemical mortal mind, a developing Morontia soul with a Morontia body, you are composed of different energies or ‘energy systems’, you receive a personality suitable for a mortal and a Thought Adjuster.

The personality and the Thought Adjuster are direct gifts from God and are not annullable, but may move away of the "composed human being" during his physical life under certain conditions.

The 'personality' will become coordinator of the ‘composite human’. But a 'personality' can sometimes be disturbed in her coordination work when men’s mind starts to dysfunction in such a way that she will separate her from the ‘composite human being’. This phenomenon is known in psychiatric hospitals because when it occurs these people are not able anymore to integrate society.

There is yet another element that you must take into account and that is the fact that you need to express your 'personality'. You must show what it is made of through your 'free will'. You are expected to deploy your 'personality' and show your willingness by making intellectual decisions, higher moral choices and by acquiring ‘spiritual insight’.

These three elements of the human "I am" and the development of the 'soul' which are the intellect, morality and spiritual insight must grow together in a balanced way because otherwise distorted and inharmonious conduct may occur which may swing between the crazy spiritual fanatic up to the highly intelligent psychopath.

We still wish to emphasize that each individual has his own growth capacity which we, and certainly your Thought Adjuster, will take into account and we ask you to do the same.

The mind and ego of Lucifer were so perverted that he lost it and at the end he even realized it. He had so much to restore that he couldn't cope with it and finally refused the outstretched hand of Christ preferring 'de-creation'. His received 'personality' from God has been given to The Supreme Being and now he only continues to live in the eternal memory of all.

I thank you for your question.

Student: Tomas said that we receive our personality now after birth and even a little later. Does this mean that in a later stage of human evolution, perhaps in the Age of Light and Life, personality could be given earlier? During pregnancy or even at conception?

Tomas: you must first understand what is "personality".

God is a Person, He is "Personality" and can provide a "personality" to any "energy system’ or ‘entity' whether it is Physical, Morontial or Spiritual. This received 'personality' remains in the Personality circuitry of the Personality of The Universal Father and every human being receives his 'unique personality'.

Why do you get a personality’ ?

You receive a "personality" with a free will to get eternal life because it enables you to talk to ‘The Creator of All’ from person to person, she can decide to submit her will to His. Something you can do from the moment you receive your indwelling God Fragment. However, a God Fragment does not have a "personality" like you because he is ‘pre-personnel. You will give him this gift later when you will fuse together - The Eternal fusion of God with Man. God who gives himself to Man and Man who gives himself to God.

A ‘personality’ knows who she is, a personality can communicate with another personality. It is clear to one personality that others are different from her. A human personality can join others to work together on a project and even to create something together.

If you had no 'personality', if you did not have the feeling of "I am" and "you are", then you wouldn’t talk to God. You would not be able to be friends together as you do now with other people. You would not even feel the need to reach Him and you wouldn’t have a free-will which allows you precisely to choose for Him and have the desire and the will to approach Him.

When do you receive your ‘personality’?

Let’s talk about the current situation: your physical body is considered to be a "complete entity" or a "complete energy system" after birth.

You will receive your "personality" after birth or a little later if you were born premature or when you have a possibility of physical survival as a baby. The 'personality' currently manifest itself in average around 3 years when children begin to feel that there is a difference between them and the others and their 'ego' or their 'me' wants to assert itself.

When a very young child or a baby dies after receiving its personality, his little "soul embryo' is taken to the World of The Finaliters, where it will be cared for. These babies and young children arrive there with their 'personality' and will be awakened-resurrected in the exact form they had at physical death.

They will not have yet an “identity”. They will not yet be registered with a number in the records of the archives of the universe. Therefore this child will stay linked to his earthly parents and will have to wait until one of the two or the most advanced dies on Earth and arrives on the First Mansion World to be awoken - resuscitated and continue to grow with his mother or his father. It is only at the moment that the child receives its indwelling Thought Adjuster that it will receive, just like you, an identity in the celestial Archives.

As long as you have not received a Thought Adjuster you will not be able to develop your 'embryonic soul' in an adult 'Morontia soul' and it is only and only the 'Morontia soul' that will ascend to the Higher Celestial Worlds with her Thought Adjuster.

So, we will let grow these babies and young children on the Finaliters World around Jerusem and when it is their time to take their first moral decision they will get a Thought Adjuster, just like you. They will grow up and develop their Morontia soul and around 16 years of age they will be able to decide freely with their received personality if they wish to continue their path towards The Universal Father on Paradise. If they choose to do so they will be placed on the First Mansion World where they will go to school to continue the ascension of their soul like you will do after your physical death.

I thank you for your question.

We'll finish today and will continue to answer your questions during a next session. We recommend you to do this next week, this will give you time to think about other issues. Thank you very much and we hope that our answers gave you satisfaction and that they will help you in your further development. Thank you very much and see you soon.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.