Improved communications between Celestials and Mankind.

Session 38 of 15 July 2012 – recorded – English translation -  Original French.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Cyril and Wivine

Visitor : Monsanloran Melchizedek

Received by Wivine

Monsanloran spoke after 2h18min            Total time meditation : 2h37min.

Monsanloran: my kids, we encircuited and reinforced you both for your trip to Turkey and we ask you to postpone your Q/A session with Tomas.

We have made significant changes to your brains so that those who are ready for this can slowly increase their contact with their God Fragment so that your Thought Adjuster will not only "adjust" your thoughts to the right path but will, with your permission, rather starting to "control" your mortal mind.

However, this can only occur when you have submitted your will fully to The Universal Father. The more you submit your will with confidence to The Universal Father, the more your Thought Adjuster may take 'control' of your mind. This way he will be able to gradually unite his Divine Thoughts with the mind of your Morontia soul and your mortal mind.

When we spoke you at the very beginning about this ‘communication system with reflectivity' it was to make a difference between the way you here receive our messages and transmit them and how this is working with other transmitters/receivers.

You asked us many times why others can easily and quickly receive messages and even see things while you have to go through these long and deep meditations. Meditations in which you completely lose contact with the outside world until you don’t feel your physical body anymore as if you had none, because it transforms into Morontia energy-matter. During these meditations you will sometimes have the feeling that we are putting a hat on your head that is strongly tightened to avoid that the course of your thoughts would interfere.

Well, all this is done so that you would submit yourself to the 'control' of your God Fragment, to receive our messages and communications more clearly, more audible without the interference of your mind during this process. It is something that will be taught to you and requires a lot of time. The messages you receive are adapted to your level of understanding, custom made, adapted to your knowledge and vocabulary and you can personally certainly trust them.

Thanks to this training, which takes a lot of time you will develop in the long run a tremendous capacity to reproduce our words immediately, objectively and without thinking, with open eyes before an audience. Your Thought Adjuster will then block your mind in such a way that you will express the exact words that the person or people before you need to hear.

You will soon be working with a ‘new system’ whereby your soul will receive the messages, will hear them and you will pronounce them before others. Compare it with simultaneous interpreting at international conferences.

Urantia wasn’t connected yet to the "communication system with reflectivity”. To help you in this we had to wait until those "communications with reflectivity" were active so that all Celestials, the Melchizedeks and the Angels who work on Earth could have direct access to all necessary information and receive instructions

- from Jerusem-headquarters of your planetary System Satania

- from Salvington-headquarters of our local universe Nebadon

- from Uversa – headquarters of our Superunivers nr 7 Orvonton

- from the Master Spirits and other Celestials residing on Havona.

It is for us that this system with reflectivity was installed so that we can receive all our information and then relay it to you.

There will be a form of communication comparable to your internet, your phone and television network, which will be installed in the "new Morontia grid" that my Brothers have prepared in conjunction with the Power Directors of the circuits, communications and the Tertiary Seconaphim who will help in all such communications. This is something very new and very sophisticated and it requests from you a serious training.

We don’t have yet a specific name for people who follow your transmission system because so far it’s only you all here who are tested with this communication system where the mind is completely blocked; which is very important because if your mind interferes during the communication by questioning, speaking, being emotional, you will immediately block the transmission.

It will go much further than what you think but currently no one can say that he or she is a "reflectivator" and that in addition it should imply that those messages are perfect and that you have an advantage over other transmitters, which is totally untrue.

If you want a name for this transmission-reception system that is still not to the point, which is still in development and for which we built you out, we present the following name:

« transmission/reception communication system without interference of the mind».

This system is connected to the reflectivity system which has been installed for the celestials. But you are not 'reflectivators', you're not like the Seconaphim, you do not reflect perfectly images, you do not reflect perfectly our messages which will still be limited by your own vocabulary, your own level of understanding and your needs.

Nevertheless they will be sufficiently reliable to guide you in your work, to help you evolve and to direct you in those actions you will have to undertake for us in several countries.

It will also help us to transmit you the “new techniques” in the use of “The Energy of The Trinity' so that you can help your family, your country, continents, wars, natural disasters or epidemics. This will also allow us to use the energy transfers you will do with your “new abilities” to create 'light anchors' remotely in some places if we want to.

Soon you'll be as a relay, almost a machine when you will receive and transmit our messages. You will lose all sensation of your body when the words will reach you gently during meditation and you will express them automatically. It will go so quickly that two minutes later you will have forgotten what you said two minutes before. You will only understand the message after transcribing it from your recorder.

We recommend that you re-read these posts more than once by letting time elapse between each reading because in hindsight and with your future experiences you will understand much better what we try to explain you.

You will understand gradually, within a year or two, when you will have worked with your “new abilities”, when you'll be even more advanced in your meditations, when your group will understand where we really take them that the name "reflectivator" is absolutely not the term which fits to define you in what you do or what you will become.

Let others call themselves how they want but they have to define it properly. We have given here our definition of the way in which we work with you.

We will go much further in this after the preparatory work is completed and all communication systems are installed so that everyone will have easy access to this “new network”. Compare it to your old phone lines in copper wire that have been replaced by optical fiber which passes information much faster by sending pulses of light.

As other communication techniques will be discovered by your scientists on the material plane to pass your TV/audio-internet information even faster and differently than now, the same thing with new features will appear for those who transmit our messages. One day you will receive the possibility to have conversations and lessons live with the Celestial world (without having to pass through a human transmitter).

Communication between mortals and Celestials will improve as well as communications between mortals on the material level.

Thank you, my children and goodbye.


{Note Wivine October 2014: Someone once launched the term "reflectivator" in good faith but it caused a lot of controversy and confusion and as for us this 'system of communication with reflectivity' was not clear either I asked clarification for all us.

We thought at the time that we were formed to become transmitters of celestial messages which we should make known to others. But it was absolutely not that, this was going much further, much further …… something that we couldn't imagine, of which we ignored the existence.

Receiving messages of celestials during meditations, transmitting in a recorder and transcribe them afterwards was just an intermediate step I had taken on me to help us out, to go ahead and receive our own guidelines directly. This has led us to something so different which was also for me unknown terrain.

My knowledge of the Urantia book was rudimentary at the time, it improved meanwhile because I was often led to this book, but I'm still not a great specialist and never became a fundamentalist fanatic of it. The book helped me to better understand.

I did not have great problems with it because I knew about the existence of the seven Mansion worlds by other authors and it has taught me, confirmed, explained and clarified much. It is true that it is a product of his time, from the beginning of the 20th century, in which the way of thinking of some elite merges, you have to use your discernment and be guided through it like with everything, but it is a good base.

The progression of the soul is slow for sure. It asks constant efforts, continuous work on oneself and looking for answers to your questions. Each person who thinks a little realizes very well that the perfection of the soul cannot be achieved in a single human life. There must be heavenly places where one can continue to evolve to reach this paradise perfection and the celestials showed me one of these worlds before I even knew of the existence of the Urantia book. I couldn't identify it at that time but I deduced from it that after this life one could continue to learn and evolve on a celestial world which was a great relief for me.

Reincarnation was a possibility that I have long explored but again sooner or later you remain blocked and God is often not part of the equation and what happens after the famous cycle of reincarnations ends? Never found clear answers. And I continued to search.

Going ahead, be a pioneer in unknown terrain is not easy, it takes a lot of courage, determination, confidence and faith in God and his inner Guidance. Letting go old beliefs that have well served you to embrace new ones is not easy. The pressure of the family, social and religious environment exists very well to keep you on 'the right path'. You lose many friends, even companions who walked part of the way with you because they want to keep you in what they know or take another direction. When you separate they hurt you and you hurt them. It is often very hard to continue alone to the unknown only with ones faith in God and His inner guidance.

However so many wonderful things are coming to you at each small step forward you achieve, being able to remove those old scaffoldings that no longer serve to go to the next step which brings new wisdom and abilities to help yourself and others. All these new wonderful travel companions you meet, having direct and loving contact with your celestial guidance……. compensates the efforts, the tears shed and erases the bitterness.}


For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.