Mayas and Incas connected since ancient times.

Session 39 of 18 July 2012 - recorded ---Original English

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: B-Maya, Cyril and Wivine

Visitor: Ma-Qin – Primary Midwayer n° 173

Received by B-Maya and Wivine.

Ma-Qin spoke after…1h29min…                Total time meditation: 1h48min


MA-QIN (B-Maya): It is God’s Love that we took a piece of our time to offer Him. I am Ma-Qin and I am very pleased to be a part of this meditation. I just wanted to restate that you have to go over the last session about the Thought Adjusters (session 38- July, 15th 2012). It is very important to understand that the Thought Adjuster has to ‘control’ the mind. I will be here more often.


{Note Wivine: B-Maya interrupted the transmission because he heard a noise on his recorder and checked it …battery went off.

10 min later Ma-Quin spoke through me and it is only after the meditation that I knew what really happened.)


MA-QIN (Wivine): I am Ma-Qin Primary Midwayer n° 173. I use the name Ma-Qin because it has a signification in the Maya language. I am assigned to your group from now on and especially to B-Maya for the Maya people. I am since a while around your group and I work together with you and all your Midwayers.

I will be a kind of messenger between the Celestials, the Midwayers and you. I will have to convey messages and knowledge to the Mayan people through B-Maya. For the moment, we will both have to attune, as well I as B-Maya and we are working on it with the Melchizedeks.

I make the relay between the (secondary) Midwayers and you and the Administration of Jerusem. It is not the first time and in fact it has been told you from the beginning that your group and the Maya youngsters of your group will have an important role to play in the future, in the reunification of the Maya populations spread now over 3 countries. They need to come back to their old values and find again for what they stand.

The reunification of the Mayas will be spread over 3 to 4 generations but already started now on many levels. When we speak to receive back the values of the ancient Mayas we speak of ancient knowledge on a spiritual level.

The same thing will be organized in Peru, in the Andes to bring back the ancient knowledge of the Incas. One day you will go there with your entire group. There is a very great ancient connection between the Incas and the Mayas since more than 2,000 years.


This is all I can tell you for the moment. Most of my contacts will be with B-Maya because I am here with his own (secondary) Midwayers to protect him so that he can be prepared to speak to his own people which will take at least 5 years’ time.


Thank you very much my friends and we will meet again. Goodbye.




For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.