Predictions and Visions of disasters.

Session 40 of 23 July 2012 – recorded- English translation - Original Dutch/English/French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Cyril, B-Maya and Wivine.

Visitors:        Rombautascending soul.

                   SirayaMaster Spirit n°1, of Superunivers nr.1 – The Voice of The Universal Father.

                   Maltucia Melchizedek.

ROMBAUT spoke after 1h25min                Total time meditation: 1h49min.

Rombaut here: I'm Rombaut, an ascending soul that accompanied this girl (Wivine) for many years to assist with her energy transfers. We are going to do a test so that you can recognize our voice and express our words automatically. As she is more comfortable in her Dutch language, and it was also mine, I was asked to address her to perform this test.

It will still be done in a meditative state with eyes closed until your brain and DNA changes are completed to enable you to do this with open eyes. When we then talk through you, people will see a change in your eyes, in your radiance and when we will stop talking through you, when it is your own personality that will act again, you will be as usual.

You already received these kind of comments, my girl, when you were teaching. More than one person told you that when you taught there were magenta and indigo colors coming out of your eyes and that this happened only during the lesson.

You will all be trained to talk this way. We will let you feel this by staying very close behind you to let you will feel our presence almost physically, then you'll automatically repeat our words.

Thank you my girl, it was just a test to allow you to see and feel how we will proceed in the future. Thank you.

{Note Wivine-November 2014: this was an intermediate step that brought us later to something else, to receive our messages directly from our Thought Adjuster.

What Siraya said below is an answer to our question about all end of world disaster scenarios predicted for decades. Still people predict that large parts of South America and entire Central America will disappear as well as large parts of Europe and Asia with their population. What should we believe of all these ‘end of world’ prophets?}

Siraya here: I am Master Spirit nr.1, the Voice of The Universal Father.

The Father is here to confirm that your lives are not in danger and that He doesn't have the intent to destroy almost all Mankind, or destroy whole continents so necessary to the people of this planet, to just keep only a quarter of the population that will survive on a quarter of Earth's surface. This makes no sense and is far from being The Plan. On the contrary, gradually more land will surface to make available new fertile soil for the new generations to come.

To dangle disaster situations as a solution to the fears of some races on your planet is not part of My Plan.

I live in every mortal and I am with any human being and for sure the genetics of all your races need improvement but destroying three-quarters of Earth's surface with three quarters of its population will certainly not solve the problem.

My children, I took care of everything. Don’t worry... you are exactly where you should be and you do everything we ask... so go on, continue with what you do, and don't worry about what you read or what others write. This is not your problem, nor the solution. We have Plans for the Maya people, for the Inca population, for all people of Central America and South America, we have plans for North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia and China and many other countries.

I have absolutely no intention, nor Christ Michael to destroy three quarter of your population and your continents in one fell swoop. We will add no more to this and let others draw their own conclusions.

Thank you my children, thank you for your trust, for your love for Me, to take patience so that one day you will be able to work directly with Me to be of service to your brothers and sisters. Your abilities will then be much enhanced to help stabilize everything.

See you soon, my children.

Christ Michael here: I know the impatience of Christians regarding my Second Coming. Be aware that my Second Coming is not the solution to your overpopulation or the spiritual evolution of Urantia, your planet.

The solution is « you », Yes, all of you ! You have to act instead of waiting.

I promised to return but I never said in a human body. I'm back and I'm all the time here. I take care of all my children. I take care of all those who speak in my name, of those who serve willingly because they like to render service without waiting for other rewards than to know that what they do is done well and that it helps others.

Stay calm, my children, stay just between you. Do the job we expect from you, don’t let others rebuke you or meddle in what you do.

I love you all; I love all people of Urantia, all beings of my local universe Nebadon.

Till next time, my children.

Maltucia Melchizedek: My children, Malvantra asked me to have a word with you. I'm always close to you and I will be the one who will continue to work with you. I am a Melchizedek and I replace my brother Monsanloran when you work in the area of Belize. However Monsanloran Melchizedek will always accompany you on your trips, just like me, so that you feel comfortable.

This area here and your work with the Maya's is very important and be sure that the Maya region will not be destroyed because it is not part of the Plans of The Father and Christ Michael. Moreover, no region will be destroyed in such a way that life would become impossible.

Then don't worry because your lives are not in danger and this region here will remain stable because it is God's Plan. There are no elected or chosen people or race to survive or to bring The Light.

There are only individuals scattered around the world who all want to serve wholeheartedly and who love The Father very much.

We always told you that one day you will be able to see us in a semi-material shape because we have no intention at the moment to come in a physical body and it is not necessary. Nothing has changed in this.

My children, continue with what you are occupied, do it heartily and don't worry anymore about others.

We are here, all Celestials are there to guide you and help you according to the orders of Christ Michael, Nebadonia and The Father of all. They are the only ones you need to take into account from now on.

Goodbye, my children, and do as many meditations that you can in order to be prepared for your travels abroad.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.