The Energy of The Trinity.

Session 41 of 26 July 2012 – recorded- English translation – Original French/English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, -Belize

Present: Cyril, Carole and Wivine

Visitors: Monsanloran Melchizedek

             SIRAYA, The Voice of The Universal Father– Master Spirit n°1 of Superuniverse nr.1.

             CHRIST MICHAEL –Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon.

Received by Wivine.

Monsanloran spoke after 1h20min            Total time meditation: 2h12min.

Monsanloran here: Hi Carole, I am pleased to see you again. Try to attend these meditations a little more so that we can bring you to the same level as the others.

My children, you're almost ready for your trip to Turkey. Try to do as many meditations you can the next 2 months. We have connected you well to the celestial circuits, we have increased the energy frequencies, as you have felt, to augment your capacity of transferring Energy to the places we will specify, to allow your body to withstand heavier loads of Energy which will pass through you to reactivate ancient holy places or to create ‘Light Anchors’ on other places.

There are very difficult areas and this is why we have increased your body capacity to carry heavy loads of Energy. This was done by strengthening your nervous system, certain areas of the brain and certain phases of your DNA in some chromosomes.

For those who are interested know that you have 22 pairs of homologous chromosomes (numbered from 1 to 22) with hundreds of thousands of genetic characteristics and you have a 23rd pair which is used for sexual reproduction. You therefore have 46 chromosomes or 23 pairs.

The 23rd pair of chromosomes is often badly damaged following your diet which became more chemical than natural; following the chemicals in the air that you breathe for many years such as heavy metals and radioactivity; due to the Sun's rays which are not sufficiently filtered because the ozone layer became too thin; because of the radioactive fish and seafood which are caught near nuclear power plants or in seas where nuclear waste is dumped for years. Your immune system is too weak to resist bacteria and virulent viruses, sometimes created by man to be used as a biological weapon which is sometimes tested on people to see how it reacts and how to protect themselves against it.

To remedy this situation the Celestial World implemented much to strengthen your immune system and promote your spiritual awakening, among other things.

Understand well that the “Energy of The Trinity” that you use here does not come from the dimensions of time and space. It is a “pure spiritual energy” that you receive from the 'independent God Fragments' through your personal Thought Adjuster to use it with his permission. This 'spiritual energy' cannot be manipulated by your mortal mind.

It can only be received by people who want to send it with a generous and selfless heart. Interference of the mind to try to lead this 'energy' for one’s own purposes will immediately stop the transfer carried out by your Thought Adjuster.

Understand that it is not possible to use this 'spiritual energy' which comes directly from The Universal Father, passes through the different 'unrevealed' God Fragments to your Thought Adjuster for dark purposes or selfish reasons.

You have been and are still constantly trained to block your mind so that your Thought Adjuster can transmit to the maximum this 'pure spiritual energy' to the places we'll tell you. You have received sufficient training to block your mind and it will go so fast that no problem will arise.

Understand and make clear to others that it is not possible to use this 'spiritual energy' from your God Fragment for anything else than to help Humanity according to the Will of The Father. This Energy is not neutral as is the energy of the universe. She is intelligent, spiritual, and can only harmonize.

This 'spiritual energy' is not absorbed by your mind and cannot be manipulated by your thoughts; she comes from a completely different circuitry. She comes directly from the First Source and Center and this is why we have asked you to call her “ The Energy of The Trinity”, to make a difference with all other types of universe energies or the commonly used term "Universal Energy" used by Reiki practitioners and other similar energy healing practices or energy harmonization’s of body-mind-spirit.

It is The Universal Father, who has given His consent for this and you will teach this technique later to others thanks to the new capabilities your God Fragment or Thought Adjuster will provide you. You will understand everything much better later when you will be ready.

You will only teach this to those we will appoint you clearly, to those we will allow you to teach this by giving you a push in the back. Don’t ask any financial reward or donation for it. Be aware that this will never become a teaching for the masses and it is not for now because you will need a few more years to be ready.

When you arrive in Europe study the maps of Turkey and we will meet you in the city of Van. Stay there for 2 days and do a meditation in order to receive your instructions.

Adamson and his 2nd wife Ratta will join us there as well as Van and Amadon who received permission to accompany you. Secondary Midwayers will be present that are working in those regions as well as Angels and Archangels unknown to you. Many will be there to accompany you to implement what is needed.

Thank you, my children and don’t be afraid. It will be tiring but everything will be fine and you're well protected. You now know that this kind of journey is driving from one place to another doing a lot of mileage, but you will also experience wonderful moments.

Thank you, my children, I'll leave the floor to...

Siraya: I am Siraya - the Voice of The Universal Father. I just encourage you in what you are going to undertake in the former region where Van had its headquarters and where Adamson-1st son of Adam and Eve - met his 2nd wife Ratta. It is ancient history, but we will try to revive it for you.

I am very happy that you take this on your shoulders; you have accepted this work where no human glory awaits. Be it one example for others how anyone can gather enough courage and what a person can accomplish when they live in close contact with Me. I act this way with all those who want to know Me and put their hands in Mine so I can lead them to a life of happiness and prosperity.

Thank you, my children, thank you very much.

(after 16min waiting.)

Christ Michael here: my children, I gave permission to quite a lot of Celestials to accompany you in the region of "Lake Van” in Turkey. This will be an exceptional adventure for all of us and especially for those of our team that will remember those ancient days when they lived there.

The work you will perform in this region is part of the services that are rendered by the “reserve Corps of Destiny" and the “Cosmic reserve corps of universe-conscious citizens on Urantia", those who possess a deeper insight of their cosmic citizenship. You are part of those two corpses.

The tasks that we let you do under the tutelage of the Melchizedeks are part of a Department of the Magisterial Mission. You are under the supervision of a Celestial that you’ll learn to know later who works under the authority of the right hand of the Magisterial Son. We won't use the name "Monjoronson" for him anymore because there has been too much misuse. His real name will be announced later and we will talk in the meantime about My Brother, "The Magisterial Son".

Go to your new adventures with your usual lightheartedly........ Departure approaches.......... don’t hesitate and go for it. We are all there to accompany you. Good bye.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.