Transformation of the brain and genes.

Session 42 of 30 July 2012 – recorded- English translation – Original French/English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril, B-Maya and Wivine.

Visitors:        Malvantra Melchizedek

                   MA-QUIN –Primary Midwayer n°173

Message from Malvantra received by Wivine in French.

Message from Ma-Quin received by B-Maya in English.

Malvantra spoke after 2h17min               Total time meditation: 2h41min.

Malvantra here: my lovely children, we know you like to always hear some news from us.

Your current meditations allow us to connect you to a much higher "spiritual circuit" from The Eternal Son who administers everything what is Spirit, spiritual gravity, spiritual energy and the spiritual circuits.

To login to these higher 'spiritual circuits' many steps must be taken and the first one is the activation of two endocrine glands that secrete hormones in the brain: the pineal gland (epiphysis) and the pituitary (hypophysis) must be activated together to let them vibrate in parallel. In addition, we also work on the 'cerebellum' which lies behind, at the bottom of your head to unite all its parts and develop it.

This is the reason why you have all these sensations on your head during your meditations: sometimes at the back of the brain, sometimes at the top in the middle or on the forehead and an electric current that is flowing all around your head to connect.

You need a physical support in your brain to be able to connect to these higher "spiritual circuits" in order to be able to hear and see clearly your Celestial Guides so that you can pronounce in the future their words as well as those of your Thought Adjuster simultaneously and correctly.

There's also a change that should be applied to the genetic code of chromosome nr.2 which determines your supra intelligent capabilities.

We will speak later about chromosome nr.23 which is used for sexual reproduction and on which important corrections should also be done. This will be done in part by us and in part by the new discoveries that your geneticists-scientists will make in this field through our contribution in their research.

Now let us speak about the 'sexual identity' (feeling a man or a woman) of a person.

Please be aware that it is determined by the brain during development of the fetus and that the received personality of The Universal Father also plays a role. The soul will receive the 'gender identity' that is developed in the brain regardless which sexual preferences may arise later during the life of a mortal. When the soul reaches the 1st Mansion World and problems would arise regarding the acceptance of her male or female polarization she will be helped with much love and support.

Understand that each person with a brain that is functional will receive a Thought Adjuster to develop his soul towards superior spiritual values and is a son or daughter of God regardless of the 'sexual identity' which may not correspond to the physical body or homosexual preferences that could develop during mortal life. Every person has the right to be loved and to love, to be respected, to receive an education and have a worthy place in society.

It is unfortunate that you always feel the need to dominate the opposite sex, to feel yourself above others, often because of an inner fear to be dominated oneself. This occurs as well between heterosexual, transsexual and homosexual people. It is a useless fight that leads nowhere. It just proves that humanity in its current evolution has a lot to learn about the reason for its creation and the purpose of life, which is to reach The Universal Father in Paradise and everything that this implies.

The reproduction of human life on your planet is done by the sexual act between a man and a woman. This is the basis of your family, and this is the way it has been designed by the Life carriers according to the Plans of Christ Michael. The Adam and Eve's as well as their descendants breed the same way as mortal men and women when they live on a material planet.

Due to genetic or hormonal deficiencies in the phases of development of a fetus or the influence of chemical substances such as medication or contamination of air and food, it is possible that children are born with physical abnormalities of all kinds and sometimes it can have an influence on gender identity or sexual preferences which will manifest during or after puberty.

Sexual pleasure and reproduction exist only on the planets of time and space. Once you will be woken up on the First Mansion World with your new Morontia body you will not be able to reproduce sexually or enjoy sexual pleasures anymore.

Later, on the Havona worlds, when you will be High Spiritual Beings this difference between male and female polarization will be much less visible but will always exist and it has a reason.

The reason resides in the next Universe Era, when you will be the new 'Creator Sons and Daughters' as provided in the Plans of The Universal Father to create life on those worlds that are currently in formation in the "outer space levels". You will create life there in a spiritual way between complements, male and female, and not by sexual acts as is happening here on your planet with your physical body.

I hope that this small simple explanation will calm the minds and answered your questions.

The (3rd) session with questions and answers of Tomas will be shifted to December 2012 when you'll be back in Central America. This will leave you more time to think about some questions. The previous two sessions on the rebellion were enough to help on Morontia level. Draw your questions preferably upon the Urantia book so that you can learn because the book is for you as for us a great help to teach you.

I thank you all and see you soon.

MA-QUIN: good day my children. I am a Primary Midwayer with nr 173. I am Ma-Quin presenting myself. The reason why I wanted to talk to B-Maya is because there is something special that he is going to hold here while you, his friends, are gone. These regular meditations of the last few days are like training for him so that he could be very strong by himself while his friends are gone.

Even when you all are gone I still need you to stay connected between each other by asking you to do some remote meditations while he stays right here in Placencia to connect you all together. It is also a kind of experiment to give everybody the same message. In the months to come you aren’t going to be all the time together. There are some who will have to separate during their journeys. It is just a matter of keeping a strong group together for the days they will be split so that each one of the group would stay strong when they are by themselves.

It is all I have to say and I will make more contact.

Thank you very much and have a nice day. Goodbye my children.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.