Don’t expect any recognition by others.

Session 44 of 19 August 2012 – recorded- –Original English.

Present: B-Maya in Mezza Verde- Placencia, Belize

           Cyril remote from Italy.

           Wivine remote from Belgium.

Visitors: MA-QUIN –Primairy Midwayer n° 1-7-3

                 Malvantra and Monsanloran Melchizedek

                AYA, Master Spirit N°7 – as The Voice of The Supreme Being.

Received by Wivine in Belgium.

MA-QUIN spoke after 1h11min                 Total time meditation: 1h30min.

Ma-Quin: I am Ma-Quin, Primary Midwayer nr. 1-7-3.

(Wivine: I later phoned with B-Maya. He told me that he didn’t receive any message and confirmed me that the Energy during the meditation was very heavy.)

We are doing this exercise for the first time with your group to test our 'system of communication with reflectivity' in order to pass the same message in different countries to different people in different languages at the same time. I speak English for the moment because it's the language I've learned to be able to communicate with you and B-Maya. Many changes will occur within your group to enable everyone to see and hear us one day.

Your journey in Turkey will be an excellent initiation for the group. B Maya and Carole will also be part of this during their meditations, even if they will do them at different times.

We are testing different systems and many other things right now. All your Midwayers, personal Guides and Guardian Angels, Cherubim and Sanobim work hand in hand with me.

B-Maya does his best to go on with the meditations in Placencia. I know that you are separated from your usual environment but everything will be fine. Do once a week a meditation together with those in Belize when you will be staying in different countries.

Thanks everyone, I am Ma-Quin, Primary Midwayer nr. 1-7-3.

Malvantra here: I am the Chief of the “Melchizedek school” that studies the consequences of the Lucifer rebellion in Nebadon. We are ready on our side for your trip to Turkey.

You will be assisted by invisible and visible guides that you will take sometimes for local people. That’s all I am gone say on this subject and it is up to you to make up your mind who are those local guides.

What you will do there is very important to stabilize this entire region. It will also be an initiation in "higher spiritual knowledge" and much more that you will discover and understand on-site.

Thank you, my children, and prepare your trip by collecting as much information as possible on the area around ‘Lake Van’. Thank you.

Monsanloran here: everything is indeed ready on our side. We decided where we are going and what to do. Study better the next weeks all these areas and find also the prehistoric caves and the ancient sites of the Kingdom of Urartu. Make regular meditations out there so that we can better direct you. You will depart from 'Lake Van' to ‘Mount Ararat’, Malasgirt, Patnos-Ercis, Ahlat, Tatvan and Mus. Search more details and get information about these regions.

I thank all of you.

AYA here : I am Master Spirit nr.7 of Orvonton – your Superuniverse and I speak now in the name of The Supreme Being.

The Supreme Being speaking to us :

My children, I encourage you in all your endeavors and all your efforts to make a better world of your planet, where peace will prevail in the hearts of many.

Do not expect any recognition for the work you do. Nor from your family or friends, not even from those who deal with spiritual matters or are interested in the spiritual world, not even the readers of the Urantia book.

There is only Me, The Universal Father, The Eternal Son-Mother and The Infinite Spirit who can feel what is happening in your hearts, in your mind and appreciate what you do.

All your experiences and what you live is first absorbed by your planetary Supreme called Urantia, and it is through her that all your experiences will reach Me so that I can grow thanks to all your current and future actions.

I wanted to ensure you that you are surrounded by my Providence due to the tasks you are performing on your planet and I can follow all what you do through the "Reflectivity system" which has been implemented by The Infinite Spirit, the Paradise Mother, with Majeston as head of all Reflective spirits groups.

I speak now to your group of origin, including those who don’t join you anymore because they must first acquire more experiences and life hardships. Experiences and life difficulties are essential because they help you evolve, especially the youngest among you. They can show you where you have to improve. They are the foundations and support of a healthy, balanced spiritual growth of the soul. Your soul’s 'eternal life' just started. You cannot be perfect yet and until you reach this perfection, there is still a long way to go; a road full of adventures, full of wonderful things to learn and wonderful creatures to meet.

I thank all of you and encourage you in all the good you want to undertake.

You live with and are surrounded by a Universe Family consisting of millions and millions of Celestials going from the High Spiritual Paradise Beings until half-material-half-spiritual Morontia creatures, so many Angels and much more. Your life doesn’t stop here, it will continue because it is the Will of The Universal Father.

Continue, my children, you are on the right track and don't listen to those who try to get you of that path. You trust us or you trust those others. We have always kept our promises and we have given you evidence so far. Go ahead, my children and continue. My love and my Providence are with you all. Thank you.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book