Session N°45 of 26 August 2012 – recorded – Original English

Present:        Carole and B-Maya in Mezza Verde- Placencia, Belize

                   Cyril remote from Italy

                   Wivine remote from Belgium

Received by B-Maya {21years and English is his second language.}

Visitors:        Ma-Quin - Primary Midwayer 173

                   Christ Michael (Jesus) – Creator Son of Nebadon, our local universe.

Ma-Quin spoke after 1h03min                  Total time meditation: 1h10min

Ma-Quin: hello my fellow, this is Ma-Quin here. We had a few problems with our connection to your human brain. I advise you to do regular meditations to upgrade your brain and to have your mind easily settled, that’s the only way to receive and transmit our messages. Nevertheless we are happy to be back.

During this time of the day, I am going to reveal a few problems from which people on Urantia suffer.

Human beings were intelligent because God placed knowledge inside of the human brain as an aide to live, it is that knowledge that assists human beings to learn, live, evolve, and promote life. This is “Gifted knowledge” received to survive on Urantia, to create materials for the people to enjoy easily life.


On the other hand, human beings also created extra knowledge, called “Earthly knowledge”. It is this “Earthly knowledge” that became more dominant and swept over the mind. It controls them and drives them into hatred, jalousie, violence and murder. Humans are easily tempted and were empowered to stay in the dark and getting lost. These problems evolved during the Lucifer rebellion.

To overlook Urantia many strange things happen and that is why Wivine and Cyril had to leave this village (Placencia) and work in other places to bring Light and create Happiness and Kindness among other people.

We need you and Carole to stay here for very important reasons. Belize is a small country and we need to control it so that it would not reach the peak where other countries suffer from like war, poverty and unemployment.

The majority of the world’s population refuses God’s love, only a few consider His Love and Mercy.

This group need to strengthen and continue to help each other, send more Energy to places, have closer relationship with God and do not give up so that one day Light will embrace you.

I encourage you to do at least 15min meditation each day, and I will make you aware when to meet again. I also will notify my presence to Wivine. Good bye my dear children.

Christ Michael here: I am very happy and proud to see my children keeping remembrance of my Love for Urantia. I deeply encourage you to give more respect to Urantia people and they will respect you the same way you did because that's the only key and way of life: be more patient, show love and be kind.

This was our first contact my child. Ma-Quin will be the Primary Midwayer to always assist you.

Our goal and achievement will soon reach. Let’s work hard, my children, and focus more on the Celestials. For the moment I say goodbye.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book