The decimal planet n°606- Urantia.

Session 46 of 29 August 2012 –recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Europe by connecting us to the Light Anchor of our site in Placencia.

Participants:   Wivine in Belgium.

                   Cyril in Italy.

Received by Wivine.

Visitors: AYA, Master Spirit N°7 of Superunivers N°7 OrvontonThe Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

                   TABAMANTIA the sovereign supervisor of the decimal or experimental planets.

AYA spoke after 1hour                  Total time meditation: 1h30min.

AYA: I am AYA, Master Spirit nr.7 of Superunivers nr.7 Orvonton. The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

My girl, you have a lot of questions in mind about the organization of the decimal planets and no. 606 of your planet which is a decimal planet. You are right when you start counting by 10-20-30-40 etc that planet 606 cannot be a decimal planet... nr. 600 or 610, Yes.  {1 planet out of 10 would be a decimal or experimental planet}

What I will say here is a general rule in all your Superuniverse Orvonton. You have been told that each planetary System may contain about 1,000 inhabitable planets and that one world in 10 is used to perform experiments with life to produce changes and improvements on the physical bodies of future humans.

Not all planets are suitable due to their environment for the development of humans with sufficient brain capacity to produce souls able to fuse eventually with their God Fragment or Thought Adjuster and continue their ascension together as a spiritual entity to The Universal Father on Paradise.

Which means that the number of inhabitable planets where mortals can appear with the capacity to develop their soul to much higher moral and spiritual heights in order to fuse one day with their God Fragment is something organized and purposeful.

Remember the following: around the Isle of Paradise you have the worlds of Havona turning. Around Havona you have 7 Superuniverses rotating and each Superuniverse has 100,000 local universes. This complete entity is called the Grand Universe.

There are four circles revolving around the ‘Grand Universe' with worlds in development called the "outer space levels". The ‘Grand Universe' with its ‘four outer-space levels' is called the Master Universe.

All ‘Superuniverses’ with their ' local universes ' have to evolve to the status of Paradise, namely the status of "light and life" ". Then, there will come a 'new era of the Universes' in which the Supreme Being will be crowned God The Almighty Supreme. This will be the era where She will receive all powers to manage alone the entire Master Universe, which is not the case at the moment because this Divinity is still evolving and developing.

There lies the reason why the local universes must also have permanent residents which will evolve together with the other Celestial Creatures and Angels created in a local universe.

We must therefore plan on thousand inhabitable planets of a planetary System a number of mortals who will receive a Thought Adjuster to develop their soul so that she can reach the Morontia Worlds but where she will not fuse with her Thought Adjuster. These souls will then fuse with a Fragment of Mother Spirit of your local universe Nebadon, in order to become its permanent residents. The Mother Spirit of a local universe is always a daughter of The Infinite Spirit.

We must also provide a number of planets to develop human souls with fusion potential with their Thought Adjuster. These fused souls will continue their ascension as a single entity, a Morontia entity and no one will be able to notice the difference between the soul and the Thought Adjuster.

This “fused Morontia entity" will continue her spiritual development by leaving one day this local universe to continue her ascension as a new spiritual creature through the Spiritual Worlds of the Superuniverse, then on the worlds of Havona to eventually reach Paradise and become a Spiritual Paradise Creature that will join the Corps of The Finality.

This is the case of Urantia where we experimented with new life forms to generate more powerful human species with a two brained type-mechanism (two hemispheres).

Everything is organized, regulated and we do experiments with plant, animal and human life forms on each decimal planet.

If you count the planets in a decimal way, planet Nr.100 should be a decimal planet... Well no, here we jump on to No. 101 and later it will be nr.202-303-404-505-606... and so on.

These "extraordinary decimal planets" and there are 10 per planetary System, are used to experiment with human life forms that will reach faster higher levels of development, where men will have certain brain characteristics which will allow easier contact with their indwelling Thought Adjuster. Therefore, these planets will always be dedicated to The Universal Father.

This is also the reason why your "planet 606-Urantia" is so important in the whole circuit of decimal planets that are dedicated to The Universal Father, The Creator of all.

We cannot tell you everything, but it is a general rule in all local universes of your Superuniverse Orvonton. Later when you have more knowledge we can give more explanation.

It is related to the type of brain of a population on a planet.

There are three common types of human brains in Nebadon: the one brained type, the two brained type and the three brained type. The three brained types will reach in time higher civilizations, will get higher mind capacities and reach higher spiritual development on their planet than those with one or two brain parts. You are all astonished today when you receive our messages, when you receive a glimpse of us but a three brained type mortal on an advanced planet will consider what you do here a primitive situation.

However, this difference plays no role once the soul continues her ascension on the Morontia Worlds because all must undergo the same phases of spiritual and mind development and the difference thus dissipates in time.

The crucial basis for the development of your soul will always be your love for God, wanting to become like Him through service to your fellow men.

Planet 606 has a remarkable destination and is a special experience where we improved the "Spirit receptive organs" among mortals of a two brained type so that they can get a better connection with the Celestial world and their God Fragment during their mortal evolution to reach higher spiritual insights.

We would still like to warn you that there are people on your planet who are born clairvoyant or clairaudiant and who sometimes are able to one degree or another to receive our messages and see the invisible world around Earth but that doesn't give you any indication as to the quality or the spiritual height of their soul, or their selfless altruistic intentions.

Be aware that there are people who are walking on your world with great psychic, extra-sensory capacities and much more that they do not use for their spiritual development or to serve their brethren, who do not believe in God, and who use their gifts for their own glory and prosperity... At the expense of others or their free will.

I tell you this to explain clearly that the basis of ascension of your soul will always be your selfless service to your fellows, your love for God and your desire to become like Him: perfect. This is done by learning humbly and gradually submitting your will to His, regardless the type of brain or visionary skills you have or not. The skills received at birth are a help then use them for the wellbeing of others and to do good.

I'll tell you more, later, when you have more knowledge and experience. Thank you and see you soon, my children.

Tabamantia here: Hi, I am pleased that our connection succeeded this time. I am indeed the celestial personality who holds sovereign control over all the decimal planets of Nebadon, your local universe. You will certainly understand that after the rebellion of your former planetary Prince Caligastia and Lucifer, we had to set a few situations straight.

I come to reassure you that the Plans of The Universal Father and Christ Michael (Jesus) work and that there is a positive change in the quality of the human being and the development of souls on Urantia, which was not the case until the end of last century. All recovers as planned from the beginning.

We saw that with everything we did on the physical bodies of your populations by sending Universe Energy to Earth, with the help of the Life Carriers and all other projects that are in circulation, that everything that was originally planned by the Life Carriers and the Melchizedeks will ingeniously recover.

We already see the effects on a small scale and we are confident that this time the recovery will be possible and that the populations of your planet will continue their ascension to the era of Light and Life or Enlightenment.

I would like to remind you that the era of 'Light and Life ' means that the planet will reach through evolution the status of Paradise which is Light and Life. You will gradually manage through your actions and decisions to make Earth a paradise for generations to come.

Thank you, my children. I will also return later with the approval of AYA and Christ Michael to give you more explanations on these 'extraordinary decimal planets' nr.101 - 202-303-and so on. Good bye.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book