Humanity will be restored.

Session 47 of 2 September 2012-recorded-- Original English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Belize and in Europe.

Present: B-Maya and Carole in Mezza Verde, Belize

          Cyril remote in Italy.

          Wivine remote in Spain.

Received by Wivine in Spain.

Visitors: Ma-Quin, Primary Midwayer nr. 1-7-3

             Moiraya – Master Spirit N°3 of Superuniverse N°3, the Voice of The Infinite Spirit.

               Christ Michael (Jesus) –Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon.

Ma-Quin spoke after 1h13min                  Total time meditation: 1h46min.

Ma-Quin: I'm Ma-Quin, Primary Midwayer nr. 1-7-3.

I have a message for all of you and in particular for those who will go in a few weeks to the region of 'VAN' in Turkey. We, the Midwayers, are preparing your trip. You will climb many mountains and enter different kinds of caves.

Most of the places to visit are not touristic; this is why you have difficulties to locate them on the internet. We will bring you to them and this is the reason why Monsanloran Melchizedek asked you to do almost every day a meditation during your journey so that we may be able to direct you on the spot. Trust our guidance because we work as intermediaries for the Melchizedeks.

The 'Lake Van' regions and Eastern Anatolia contain much ancient knowledge hidden from mankind since antiquity.

We will sometimes ask you to visualize a world at peace before going in meditation. View all soldiers laying down their arms and roll up their sleeves to help people rebuild what has been destroyed; to help rebuild the mosques and churches with the people and restore the honor of the ancient spiritual places of the prophets where much wisdom lays because it is in these places that people will learn to communicate with their indwelling God Fragment.

We keep some mystery about your trip to test your faith in your inner guidance that should be strengthened in all of you.

This region has always been a meeting place for many religions and beliefs. I'll help you because I was born 500,000 years ago on your planet as well as the Secondary Midwayers who are grandchildren of Adamson and Ratta and who were born there about 35,000 years ago. They are also the guardians of all knowledge on these places.

You will learn how to visualize with love and at the same time express in 'words' what you want to achieve for this region of the Middle East so that peace can prevail and that all these different cultures and beliefs can live together in peace and show respect for each other.

Visualize in the "now" - as if it had already taken place, with a huge heart and pronounce the words with conviction. It is then that your Thought Adjusters will work hand in hand and weave your vision in a transcendental higher dimension to allow other people in the future to plug into these higher thoughts and spiritual images of peace and love. This will change the future of Urantia and neutralize those negative thoughts that are currently widely spread around your globe about a next world war or major global natural disasters.

Because Urantia has suffered the consequences of the Lucifer rebellion you will not reach the era of light and life in the traditional way as expected on other habitable planets. All your different languages, religions, belief systems, cultures and human species will still be present when you will arrive at the beginning of the era of 'light and life'.

Peace and happiness for all mankind means that every child, every adult has the right to happiness, education and development opportunities and this will only be possible if all are beginning to accept that God lives in every person walking on this world without any distinction. It is man that discriminates, not The Universal Father.

Hundred years ago, the average age of a child to receive a Fragment of God after its first moral decision was 5 to 6 years. This average age will soon be around "three years", which means that many children will soon receive their Thought Adjuster shortly after birth together with their personality.

More and more children will be born with a higher mind that may already establish a close relationship with their Thought Adjuster around 2, 3 or 4 years of age.

Thank you my children, have a nice day in Belize and a beautiful evening in Europe. (8 hours’ time difference.)

Moiraya: I am Moiraya- Master Spirit nr.3 of Superuniverse nr.3 – The Voice of The Infinite Spirit.

My dear children, I am here because The Infinite Spirit, the Mother Spirit of the Master Universe wants to talk directly to you.

I am the one that created your Mother Spirit Nebadonia of your local universe Nebadon. I am the caring Mother of the Universes who bestows Mind over all Creation.

The Universal Father gave me indeed ways to carry out his Plans and those of Christ Michael for Urantia to come to your rescue.

All mankind will undergo a genetic transformation and all will be biologically raised the same way and at the same level but your characteristics and your differences will continue to exist. This will be a general lesson for all humanity on your planet. You will learn to live among different people and those who think differently from you because this situation comes closest to what you will experience on the celestial Mansion Worlds and the Morontia Worlds.

I will give a higher mind and intelligence to all those who will establish contact with their Thought Adjuster and I will give through your Mother Spirit Nebadonia more powers and mental gifts to current and future generations. Every child that will be born in the future will be more intelligent, much more able to feel the indwelling Spirit, will be more clairvoyant and clairaudient than your generation and generations before you.

What has been destroyed by Lucifer and Caligastia will be restored.

I warn you because current parents will meet a very big challenge to manage and educate these gifted children at all levels. Some parents might even be in a similar situation as the parents of Andon and Fonta. The gap will often be large at the beginning but will be balanced in future generations.

When the next two or three generations will have produced highly gifted people... then some children of Adam and Eve will come back in a human body to help your world with their powerful mind gifts, their supra-human intelligence and the wisdom of the Universes. They will bring back the celestial values and will be active at all levels: in government administration, business, health, agriculture and all branches of science. We hope that this will happen after the next 3 generations, in 100 years of your time.

Rejoice to be the great-great-grandparents of wonderful children that will change the face of this world under the tutelage of the Magisterial Mission to bring everything back to The Father, the Creator of all that is.

I take care of you, my children. I may seem very far and yet I'm not because all of you sleep, live and think constantly in my arms. Goodbye to all.

Christ Michael here: well, my dear children, you are preparing for the big trip to a country with a foreign language and culture. It is very important for Urantia what you will undertake and certainly for the region of the Middle East where Christianity and Islam are fighting each other since 1,500 years. The fundamental truths of these two religions are the same and could complement each other from the moment men will stop killing one another on behalf of The Universal Father, regardless how you call Him.

I want to thank you for this and The Infinite Spirit gave indeed with the agreement of My Father many possibilities so that each individual could reach already on Urantia the state of light and life.

You will live extraordinary illuminating moments in these ancient holy places where we will bring you. Rejoice my children because you will work out there for Me and My Father under the aegis of the Magisterial Mission and in doing so, you will help all the inhabitants of your planet and all humans and souls of my entire local universe Nebadon.

I thank you my children on behalf of all those of Nebadon, the local universe I created. I thank you in the name of My Father, The Universal Father and our experiential Deity, The Supreme Being who grows up with all the experiences we live together in Nebadon. Remember that you are part of a Grand Universe and not just of a small planet.

Goodbye, my children. I will come visit you during your trip with Nebadonia.



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