The spiritual glands and the new Priests.

Session 48 of 11 September 2012 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Europe by connecting us to our Light Anchor in Mezza Verde, Belize.

Present:        Cyril remote from Italy.

                   Wivine remote from Spain.


Received by Wivine in Spain.


Visitors :       Gabriel of Salvington, The Bright and Morning Star.

                        Father Melchizedek.

                        Malvantra Melchizedek.


Gabriel spoke after 1h06min                    Total time meditation: 1h42min

Gabriel: I am Gabriel of Salvington, the first born of Christ Michael and Nebadonia, your Mother Spirit of this local universe Nebadon. I govern this local universe on behalf of Christ Michael and I replace him when he is not in Nebadon. I represent him also in other local universes and on Uversa, our Superuniverse headquarters.

You want to hear me talk about Lucifer and Caligastia.

They were brilliant Lanonandek Sons created by Christ Michael and Nebadonia. Caligastia, your former planetary Prince, was chosen and tested by the Melchizedeks before arriving here 500,000 years ago. He had an exceptional intelligence and knew the laws that govern the universe. At the time, Christ Michael of Nebadon was often absent to make his bestowals among all Orders of his creation.

When Lucifer approached Caligastia via his first lieutenant Satan, Caligastia had already his own ideas of how he wanted to manage the progression of humanity on your planet.

Several new ideas were put to the test on your decimal planet by the Life Carriers that were unable to be fully deployed.

Firstly she was destined to become a planet dedicated to The Universal Father and the mortals who would have grown up on it would have produced souls that could fuse later with their God Fragment or Thought Adjuster.

Secondly you are a type of humans with two glands in their brain which secrete chemical substances resembling the endocrine glands that secrete your hormones. These glands are used to make you more inclined towards spiritual matters and increase your spontaneous imagination.

These glands are not revealed to humanity and unfortunately they no longer work properly.

The Adamic blood bestowal would obviously have enhanced your ability for spiritual development and strengthened your immune system. But okay, we will have to use other means to rectify the situation.

These glands are currently enabled by Celestials that transmit Universe Energies to your planet as well by people who know how to take and transmit them.

(Note Wivine: part of what follows is a response to my question if Caligastia was the instigator of our AIDS virus but I did not ask my question specifically to Gabriel.)

That Caligastia wished to stray from the Laws of the Universe to rule alone and impose his own ideas, is one thing.

The existence of viruses is due to a degeneration of some original bacteria that became parasitic. Bacteria are unicellular organisms and can live in a non-living environment. Viruses don’t have cells and can only live and proliferate in a living organism as your cells, those of animals and plants. This resulted out of a lack of foresight by the Life Carriers and they didn’t correct it because they thought that the arrival of Adam and Eve and the Adamic blood bestowal would have sufficiently improved your immune system that you no longer would suffer from it. But neither this took place as expected.

Animals can be carriers of viruses and as the cellular structure of some animals is close to yours, there are viruses that can adapt or be adapted to the human body. Many experiments are done in your labs with viruses for different reasons and believe me, your current scientists don’t need a Lanonandek Son as Caligastia to do this kind of research and achieve the desired results. They are sufficiently able to find it all alone.

It is true that he harmed you, not because he absolutely wanted to harm mankind when he rebelled but because he diverted from the Plans of Christ Michael and The Universal Father for your evolution. When we closed all "communication circuits of the universe" with your planet and quarantined all 37 rebel planets, the planetary Princes who followed Lucifer understood very well that sooner or later we would come after them.

Despite this, these Lanonandek Sons still wanted to continue with some experiments that were not allowed by the laws of the universe because they had already proven to be harmful elsewhere.

The problem came from the fact that they did not accept the authority of the Paradise Sons nor of their father, Christ Michael. They wanted complete freedom in their actions and denied the very existence of The Universal Father.

When a rebellion breaks out on an experimental planet like yours, whose experiments are carefully planned and followed with a magnifying glass, the slightest deviation of the Plans of God can cause a great disaster in the evolution of mortals and delay their spiritual evolution.

Nonetheless every soul that came out of your planet Urantia received all possibilities to continue her evolution on the Seven Mansion Worlds and the Morontia worlds.

Thirdly, Lucifer and the planetary Princes have created humanoid creatures on some planets that did not correspond to the standards of Christ Michael. In addition followers of Satan and Caligastia created for years ‘nefarious thought forms' and on top of that there are the “fallen angels” that you call 'demons' who have been jailed underground without being able to move from there by Archangel Michael and his Angelic armies.

This is the ‘great cleaning work’ in which you help us with other groups scattered around the world that you do not know.

Fourthly, there is the situation of the women on your globe. Following some religions, traditions and cults, the situation of women in many parts of your world is very precarious. Women must develop and be regarded as children of God in their own right; they should receive their place as equal and be respected as a complement of man. As long as both sexes will not be put on an equal footing you delay the global spiritual evolution of humanity.

When the Prophet Mohamed received his Divine verses that he learned by heart, his first pupil was his own wife. He has never treated his wife as a lower being. What happened after hundreds of years, when some started to put on paper the verses Mohamed had received is another story. There are in Islam as much different streams as there are in Christianity; same for Buddhism and Hinduism, the religions in China, in the continent of Africa, Central and South America.

A culture, a religion, a language is something very important. A language expresses the culture of the ancestors of a person. That is why we ask you to learn other languages in order to better communicate with each other and respect the language and culture of others. Because behind each language there is a culture, a religion, a thought and all traditional knowledge contained in the genetic code of a person.

Study the way in which other religions and philosophies honor The Universal Father. You will find many compatible elements in it and rewarding.

The barbarism of your wars, the killing of each other, the abuse, starvation, bestial genocides, creation of weapons of mass destruction that pollute the earth and the air you breathe comes from you, people.

No fallen angel, no dark being can force you to make such choices. You have free will. These are your choices; it is because it is in you and that you have lust for power, dominance and material wealth; because you do not want to know the Divine Spark that indwells you or follow his Guidance; because you don't want to hear about love and sharing.

Some of you even received many gifts to bring you to higher spiritual heights and even though you knew about the existence of the celestial world by having contact with it, you still sank in the enormous sin of pride and lust for power.

It is up to you to decide to change with our help, to show others that the Celestial world is very close to you and that it takes just a few moments of silence per day to experience this presence.

Thank you, my children. I hope I could answer the question concerning Caligastia and some viruses.

Father Melchizedek : my kids, I am Father Melchizedek and I am here to speak about my Sons of the Order of The Melchizedeks – your Tontons.

You work with those Melchizedeks who form the link between Uversa and your planetary Government, between Machiventa Melchizedek your new planetary Prince, Christ Michael and the Avonal Son who is near your planet to begin his Magisterial Mission.

Some of my sons work with Life Carriers and may also become one by receiving a special body that allows him to create creatures with a Mother Eve on the Midsonite world of a planetary System. Their descendants are called "the Midsoniters" and these Midsoniters do not embody on material planets.

I wanted to tell you personally that a comparable experiment will be done on your planet with a Mother Eve and one of my Melchizedek Sons-bearer of life to create a superior line of "material Teachers' that will be used for a while to make the link between the Celestial Teachers and mortals. Compare them to a lineage of ‘Grand male and female Priests’.

It is not the first time this happens but following the rebellion we had to stop the projects. These "Priests-Teachers" and ‘Priestesses-Teachers' will therefore be again among your populations. This is not for tomorrow, it will take some time but it is in the plans. I won't say more but they will contribute greatly to the advancement of humanity.

Thank you my children, this is what I wanted to announce. You’ll better understand later all the changes and the help we'll bring you. Thank you my children to work so faithfully with my sons. Good bye.

Malvantra Melchizedek here: Hello my children. I know that you are all physically separated from each other, scattered in different countries but in spite of this we are able to bring you all together in one place around Earth during your meditations.

There is indeed a new experience that will be done with your Tontons Melchizedek. I could have announced it but our father that we call Father Melchizedek, wanted to do it.  So, be happy, many things will happen and will be done. Get ready now for your trip to Turkey. There you will learn more about your brain and all parts of it that need to be developed.

Thank you, my children and see you soon.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book