The journey in Turkey was a success.

Session 50 of 23 October 2012 – recorded – English translation- Original French.

Place : Belgium.

Present: Charles and Wivine in Belgium.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: SIRAYA, Master Spirit N°1 of Superuniverse N°1 – The Voice of The Universal Father.

Siraya spoke after 54min.              Total time meditation:1h09min.

Siraya: it is Siraya here, the Voice of The Universal Father. My young children, don't worry about those little misunderstandings and controversies that happened between you during your journey in Turkey. All of you did an admirable job each according to his abilities. You have all been adjusted by your Thought Adjuster, who could take better ownership of your mind due to the fact that most of you gave him this permission.

Some of you reached the third psychic circle and some even the first which means that your Thought adjuster is certain of your later fusion which allows him to leave you once in a while when you sleep to attend other occupations.

It is a great achievement for a mortal on this planet who has to "believe without seeing" with still a long, long way to go even if he manages to hear a few small lessons from Spirit.

Go on with your meditations, alone or in group, because even remotely you are all very much linked. Try to silence your mind during these meditations to be able to hear in time our voices more clearly and objectively without your mortal mind intervening.

It is clear that we always will have to deal with your vocabulary and ability to understand when we give you explanations. The more knowledge you'll have of the Urantia book, the easier it will be for us to explain phenomena. The book provides a standard terminology for all those who wish to move forward on the path towards The Universal Father, but is not a requirement, only a support for all of us to communicate between each other.

Many things from your 'former teachings’ are still useful in this preparation and cleaning work for the coming of the Magisterial Son, but soon you will receive different and more powerful endowments.

If you continue to develop the 'latent abilities of your brain' your Thought Adjuster will help you one day to see the Magisterial Son in a less dense body than a physical body and you will come to see the Melchizedeks in the same way. These tests will continue upon your return in Belize during your meditations.

Rejoice children because you did beautiful work in the former country of Van, Adamson and Ratta.

Adam and Eve were indeed present in the caves of Yedisalkim near the city of Van during your meditation.

(Note Wivine : two of us received a similar small message of them during our meditation there.).

You walked the land of the descendants of Adamson and Ratta and your greatest experience was at Ani, an ancient place where the secondary Midwayers helped Adamson to create a 'temple of wisdom' invisible to you.

(Note Wivine: Ani was an ancient medieval Armenian city, which lays currently in the province of Kars in Turkey near the Armenian border. It was the capital of the ancient Armenian Kingdom between 961 and 1045 ad. She was once called the “city of the 1001 churches”. The city has often been ransacked and the people massacred. It was abandoned completely in the middle of the 18th century. All that remains are the ruins of Christian, Baptist and Muslim churches that they are rebuilding. We visited several of these churches including a mosque and the Energy was extremely strong and beneficial everywhere. This entire ancient city and its surroundings felt like a huge holy place of which you undergo immediately the wellbeing.)

This place is one of the brightest sites in the region. As you may have noticed, dozens of churches of different Christian denominations, Muslim and others, receive the same Divine Energy from your Creator during the confession of their religion. You received your material proof that God is with all without making any difference and doesn’t care at all in which way you organize your rituals, your songs and masses for Him.

Take example and respect the beliefs of others because these are their foundations on which they will build the house of their soul and will learn to become perfect as God, your Creator in who’s name I address you.

The Father blesses and thanks you to grant Him a great place in your hearts. Continue, my children, continue on this path, do not stop and slowly more will be revealed to you that will help you understand better all the transformations that you experienced during this trip and those that will follow.

Continue and walk hand in hand with The Universal Father, your Creator - the First Source and Center.

Goodbye my children, be happy and full of joy because God guides his children well and always help them on their way towards Him. Goodbye everyone, goodbye.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book