We have more to learn than to teach.

Session 51 of 3 November 2012 – recorded- original English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: B-Maya, Carole, Cyril and Wivine.

Visitors: Siraya, Master Spirit n°1 of Superunivers N°1, the Voice of The Universal Father.

          The Most High Observer of Urantia.

          Malvantra and Monsanloran Melchizedek

          Secondary Midwayer Chief Bzutu – ABC-022

Received by Wivine.

Siraya spoke after 1h43min           Total time meditation: 2h17min.

Siraya: My dear children, I am Siraya, Master Spirit nr.1 of Superunivers nr.1 and I am The Voice of The Universal Father speaking in His Name.

First of all I would like to thank those two who remained in Belize during these 3 months while the others were in Europe with their families and undertook the trip to Turkey.

You did much good for this small country of Belize and Central America by remaining here and continuing to do faithfully your meditations because a wave of violence occurred for some time in all surrounding countries. Thanks to the fact that you have kept the flame of light alive your country has been protected but be aware that there is still violence of your neighbors, Guatemala and Mexico, approaching you.

I ask you to protect your country and to calm down this wave of violence by using every day for a week your Light Anchor in group or individually. Sweep this Light of your Anchor over all Central America and your country and ask all souls and dark entities to follow it so that they can continue their path of evolution according to the plans of the Universal Father and Christ Michael.

Next imagine that a blanket of bright white light extends across these countries to fill the hearts of all people so that they help each other rather than to fight.

Hurricane Sandy (end October 2012) which swept through the Caribbean and submerged 25 States in North America is one of the natural disasters that may occur due to emerging changes. God has pointed a finger toward this planet so that His Will be done and that every person knows Him in his heart. This great strength is very close and in addition to that there is the presence of the Magisterial Son whose influence is felt.

This is the kind of natural disasters you can expect. They will never occur at the same time everywhere on your planet, but they may occur more often until the necessary frequency transformations have taken place. Don’t expect that entire populations will be swept from Earth following natural disasters, but there will surely be casualties just as there are each day in traffic accidents, when boats sank and aircrafts fall, as there are people who die every day of diseases, famine and war.

(Note Wivine: suddenly it was silent……)

Malvantra here: the connection with Siraya broke off and we are trying to restore it............ a bit patience, please.

Siraya again my children: The Father is so happy that you have established such a link in your heart with Him because it is the most important thing to achieve in your life that you may walk with Him confidently to co-create a better world. There are many things that you need to learn about the different ways to co-create a better world with The Father. You could have learned some of it while traveling in Turkey, but this was not possible because all were not prepared to participate in this as a group.

We will teach you with the Melchizedeks, the Midwayers, the Lanonandek Son who oversees you in the Magisterial Mission, how to synchronize with your Thought Adjuster, so that your visualizations, supported by the selfless love of your heart, can be used to create a better future for your planet. Your God Fragment will then convert with the "independent God Fragments" these higher thoughts into a reality in the higher human consciousness so that they can occur. "

Stay simple and humble, my children. If you want to be an important person of high quality, or a spiritual master start to be humble by serving others, by working hand in hand in the name of The Universal Father, Christ Michael and Nebadonia so that Urantia may become a better world.

Thank you, my children, thank you very much.

The Most High Observer: I am The Most High Observer – a Vorondadek Son – of your planet. I am here on behalf of The Most Highs or the Constellation Fathers of Edentia - headquarters of your Constellation Norlatiadek.

I came here after the rebellion of planetary Prince Caligastia to exercise jurisdiction over your planet. Since the beginning I have chosen my mortal staff amongst the 'Reserve Corps of destiny" and I still do.

We pushed Wivine in August 2012 to visit the ancient Maya site of Coba in Quintana Roo-Mexico before she took her flight to Belgium. She walked to the “Temple of the Descending God" were she saw numerous stelae which spoke of a great ruler. I made contact with her introducing me as a “Vorondadek”. Many of the Corps of mortal reservists with whom I worked in a given period came from this region and the last one lived in the 7th century a.d. in Coba as did the last Maya priest of Lamanai in Belize with whom Monsanloran Melchizedek worked.

Normally, I do not present myself directly to people, but I wanted to tell you that during your lifetime, you will become part of my "mortal staff". This is why I ask you to go together to Coba in this same location when it suits you and there is no emergency, so that we can meet to provide you all the knowledge that is stored out there.

Do a meditation on the spot so that we can connect and give you more capacities and power for the 'cleaning work' of the 'dark grid’, to help fallen angels and lower souls that are still there. Masses already departed, but there are still a few staying behind. We still need to break a few hotspots on this ‘dark grid’ among other things we cannot explain and which will be done with the help of the Midwayers. There is a group of Midwayers who do this job and you will help each other.

We will pass you messages in Coba and make some changes to your brain and other body parts so that you feel well and that all may be able to repeat our words during your deep meditations.

Deep meditation is the only way that we recommend for your group to receive and transmit messages that you’ll record in order to receive good instructions in which you can trust.

It is very important that you have a group where everyone can trust each other, is sincere and show understanding and respect for one another as well as for the efforts that have been done here for years. We will not accept that people join this group with other ideas in mind or personal ambitions.

We worked very hard to link this group for future missions in the 3rd dimension, other dimensions and on other planets. Later, if your group is well connected and you remained sincere between you, you will work together on other projects on the Morontia worlds.

The Angels who bring people together to form a group to achieve tasks worked hard to gather those coming from different countries in Belize to train you for specific tasks and your Thought adjusters contributed in this as well.

(Note Wivine: Cyril, Victor and I lived in different countries of Europe and Carole lived in the USA. We arrived all here in Placencia within a period of 3 years)

It is important that each member of the group can trust the others for 120% because if this is not the case the group won't be able to function properly. Mistrust and false pretenses to participate will not be accepted.

I am the Most High Observer for the Fathers of the Constellation Norlatiadek, who spoke.

Thank you, my children, for the honest work you tried to do and the best came out of most of you and I insist... of most of you... stay humble because great things await you and great things will be your reward. Keep The Father of us all in your heart and walk hand in hand with Him.

See you later, my children.

Chief Bzutu-ABC-022, secondary Midwayer here: I was asked to come and speak about the one who came to the rescue of Carole a few weeks ago when she had these terrible back pains at night and asked for help. We send her a secondary Midwayer specialized in healing who has his own methods like other healers among us. It was not intended that she would see him but because she has this ability we decided that they could communicate with each other as it happened briefly the night where it happened.

Thanks my friends to work with us in these specialized tasks. I leave you now. I am Bzutu and I got this nickname from George Barnard in Australia. I am ABC-022 of the 1,111 Progress Group. Until later.

Malvantra here: my children, we are all so happy to see you again. Maltucia and Monsanloran Melchizedek were present in Turkey to help you to be adjusted by your Thought adjuster and dismantle many situations in the Middle East. I thank you my children for everything you have done there and we will continue our experiences to densify our body so that you can see us one day during your meditations. Goodbye to all.

Monsanloran here: Hello Carole, it's been a while that we haven’t seen each other. We're back now and there is a lot of work to do. It is a big program because you will have many new things to learn and new skills to receive for the work ahead and it will take time. Everything will be explained to you gradually and as you know ‘time' has not the same meaning for us as for you. I mean here that everything you are about to learn will also be useful later on the Morontia worlds. I also welcome B-Maya and Cyril and until next time.




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