Divine Goodness, Universal Beauty and Eternal Truth.

Session 52a of 10 November 2012-†† recorded Ė Original English. (Session posted in two parts.)

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: B-Maya, Cyril, Carole and Wivine.

Visitors:††††††† Siraya, Master Spirit Nį1 of Superunivers Nį1, the Voice of The Universal Father.

†††††††††††††††††† Teacher Tomas.

Received by Wivine.

Siraya spoke after 1h30min††††† †††††††††††††† Total time meditation: 2h14min.

Siraya here: it feels good to have you back together so that we can built you out for future missions. You will receive huge gifts to pour the Light on this planet on behalf of the Universal Father and you'll be assisted by many Orders of Celestials as well as Seraphim created in your local universe by your Mother Spirit, Nebadonia and Christ Michael.

Donít worry because there is only one of you for the moment that transmits longer messages through deep meditation. B Maya already has good contact with Ma-Quin and did pass some small messages. Cyril is able to hear us and uses this guidance very well. Carole has the ability to see the Midwayers and Morontia creatures during her half-sleep and can communicate with them in her own ways.

We contact each of you in different ways which allows us to communicate with all of you and that is our main goal.

We advise all to participate regularly in these group meditations to enable us to increase your capacities to help humanity and hear our voices better without your mind interfering constantly. Youíll advance a thousand times faster in group then if you walk alone.

This is not the time to expand your group, so stay with those who are here and we will see in the future if you can extend or whether it is preferable to divide you in several groups.

If you meet people that give you the impression to be attracted to what you do, in particular to ďmeditate with the intention to communicate with oneís indwelling God Fragment and receive his instructionsĒ, donít take them in your group but let one of you help them out with a separate meditation around your Light anchor with which they can connect. Do not bring them in your group meditations, because the power of the energy you attract when you are together is much too strong for beginners, even if they are used to meditate.

Faith and trust in oneís inner guidance have to increase gradually and is an ongoing process for each person. These beginners will be able to receive the same capabilities as you once they will follow the inner guidance of their Thought adjuster and allow him to take control over their minds.

You cannot run around the world now to transmit your knowledge because 'the system' to do this is not yet installed globally. The only thing you can do at the moment is bringing people together around a Light anchor (Merkabah) to help them go into deep meditation so that each individual obtains what he needs. If someone comes to you in your region to which you could transfer your abilities we will give you our consent very clearly.

All we ask is to take beginners in separate meditations and no longer accept other people in your group meditations before we give you permission.

{Note Wivine November 2014: we allowed a few times tourists to join our meditations upon their request. Unfortunately these people had all side effects such as severe headaches for days, had the impression that they were only halfway in their body or pain in the bones and several other things. I had it difficult to say no, but I learned to do it now. Even if they tell me they are accustomed to meditate 4 hours I donít let them join us anymore because I also saw that neither they could stand it.

We started to meditate 10 minutes around our Light anchor and increased the time with 5min per fortnight. We even worked with timers at the beginning. We immediately felt that these meditations around our Light anchor to which we connected were much more powerful than our ancient solitary or group meditations. But you forget this over time and I was so excited about it.}

Now, I want to say a few words about eternal truth, divine goodness and universal beauty. Truth, beauty and goodness are three attributes of Divinity that you will study more and more during your ascension career towards Paradise.

Truth: the truth is given through revelation, when you are silent by managing to quiet your mind. Only then will the spiritual world start to guide you and initially direct you to books, messages, masters or through symbolic images that will help you understand what you can't find elsewhere when you cannot hear our voices.

By seeking higher spiritual knowledge and constantly asking questions you will slowly receive answers and youíll approach and will gradually understand the universal truth.

The universal truth comes from the Universal Father which transmits it through your indwelling Thought Adjuster, commonly called the Spirit within. When you consciously take contact with God during your meditations, in silence, you unite with Him through your inner Spirit.

This is why God will always manifest from within and never from without.

It is through regular meditations with the intention of communicating with Him that you allow Him to reach you to convey you gradually higher spiritual knowledge. It is this "revealed truth" that you are asked to look for.

Goodness is not what most of you think, particularly to give material things or money, by being not sincere towards others because you are afraid to hurt their feelings.

Goodness means to try to get as close as possible to the "unconditional love of The Father" or to become as good as He is. Learn how to give under His directive on a higher spiritual level and I strongly insist "under His Guidance" and not what you think or believe is good or right because it is often tinted by your social, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Be just nice without exaggeration and donít let others make a fool of you.

A person who is desperate can be cheered up with a smile and kindness so that he feels worthy again and understands that he has value. He will then realize that the world is not only ugliness and that the love of God can also be found in the hearts of others who are not necessarily related.

There are 1,000 ways to serve by showing the love of your heart to your brethren without feeling the need to be a preacher or a swellhead who only thinks on spreading his own truths or what he understood without ever taking the time to listen to the needs and questions of others.

Let you guide by God, by your Thought adjuster without your mind or emotions interfering and you will always express the right words and do the helpful actions. Remain modest and donít show off. NO! Put your little person on the side and let God speak through you.

Beauty: you look at beauty as a beautiful building, a beautiful painting, beautiful jewelry, a pretty face or a nice body, but when we speak of beauty, we talk about the beauty of the combined variety in Creation, all the planets, constellations and universes that were created by the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit as well as the creations of their Creator Sons with the local universes Mother Spirits.

We speak of the beauty of the manifestations of love of the Seraphim and other Celestials serving unconditionally with patience all creatures of the inhabited planets. These young creatures whose destiny it is to grow spiritually, so that they may reach the Universal Fatherís perfection in Paradise and become a Paradise Being.

Thank you my children and continue like that. Good bye.

Teacher Tomas: Hello all of you, I'm Tomas your teacher. I'm here with my group to tell you that we are eager to help you out with your questions arising from the reading of the Urantia Book or your life experiences. We are ready and when it suits you, we will be there again. Goodbye everyone, until next time.




For the words in blue see The Urantia Book