The Seraphic Guardians of Destiny.

Session 52b of 10 November 2012  -recorded – Original English. {Following session 52a}

Place: Mezza Verde à Placencia au Belize.

Present: B-Maya, Cyril, Carole and Wivine.

Visitors: Andromeda – AndromèdeSeraphic Guardians of Destiny.

Received by Wivine.

Andromeda – Andromède: We are the Seraphic Guardians of destiny of this girl here. I received permission to say a few words.

The Guardians of destiny are Seraphim who are very experienced Angels with personality. We are not the Archangels. We always work in pairs when we receive custody of the destiny of a human and we don’t have wings as we are represented since ancient times in Christianity.

When a young child starts his life, it is usually placed under the custody of a Guardian Angel. We are only assigned to a mortal in certain circumstances which are usually:

-      When the soul reaches the 3rd psychic circle of human and spiritual attainment.

-      When people already have a good contact with their Thought adjuster independently in which of the 7 psychic circles they are.

-      If you are accepted in the mortal Reserve Corps of Destiny.

I just wanted to tell you to never feel less worthy because you are unable to transmit our words at the moment. You are all unique and each has his own innate abilities that we help you to develop. You are all gathered here for the same purpose and for a very important reason: to help to implement some changes and transformations on your planet, now and here in this 21st century. It will be a job for which you will never receive any glory, recognition or earthly rewards. You will work constantly behind the scenes, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously.

The growth of your soul does not depend of your ability to receive and transmit messages or see us. Many people can receive messages from Celestials which usually pass through the filter of their minds. Some even manage to distinguish us from a young age following hereditary genetic abilities. During your meditations we can do much to remedy this and one day all humans will discern and hear us which will significantly facilitate our communications. Unfortunately, not all these day use these innate abilities for the benefit of their fellowmen or to be of service to the Creator of all.

Sometimes, these qualities are nipped in the bud from childhood by the environment and if this is not the case unfortunately many grow up with the common idea that they have a superior soul. They are often placed on a pedestal because people have the misconception that these gifts go hand in hand with spiritual mastery. And as a result they often fall into the pit of spiritual pride due to the attitude of followers or sympathizers who turn to them. They are often addicted to all that attention and all those people who praise them to the skies and therefore will not encourage those who run in their wake to independence.

I'll tell you that the growth of a soul is proportional to the growth of the heart, by serving your fellowmen out of love and by loving God unconditionally; when you give for the pleasure of giving, when you give others the freedom to follow their own path, when you help beginners without blinding them with your own light.

If you are a more experienced person simply take their little hands to help them do their first steps as you do with toddlers that learn to walk. As soon as they can stand a bit on their legs let them go but stay behind to give them the feeling they can count on you if they need you. We take immediately over from you when they manage to cross the bridge with confidence.

If you have innate abilities which help you to see or hear the spiritual world develop them during your meditations until you are sure that your mind is out of the way and that what you receive is derived exclusively from the indwelling Spirit of The Father.

If you don't have these innate gifts and that you have to believe blindly you will develop during your meditations a huge gift which is very appreciated by us. You will then be part of those who had to believe without seeing or hearing and the development of such deep and unwavering faith will be very valued during the future ascension career of your soul. Therefore, never feel inferior because others have something that you don’t and don’t place them on a pedestal. Learn from them what they have to offer, nothing more and use your discernment.

No human is able to judge neither growth nor height of a soul. Don’t amuse you therefore by making comparisons.

Take care of your own soul growth. Clean your own diamond first so that it better reflects the light of God to others before you point a finger. Do not attempt to imitate others because the growth of a soul is not a competition. Don’t run away neither with the fruits and efforts of other people’s work because you want to excel before an audience. Anyway, you will all get there with our help and you have plenty of time.

You will grow much better and faster if you get a little bit more in touch with your indwelling God Fragment and by understanding that soul growth does not stop after this life.

Regardless of your religious faith or believe in reincarnation, there is soul life and soul progress after your mortal life... soul growth doesn’t stop here and does not continue here. Soul growth continues by passing through about 1,500 celestial worlds beginning with the Mansion Worlds, the Morontia worlds and next the Spiritual Worlds and Havona. Each time you receive a new Morontia or Spiritual body adapted to your status until you arrive at Paradise where The Universal Father will welcome you and you will become a perfected Spiritual Paradise Being.

It is a misunderstanding and a lack of knowledge about the destiny of a human soul that make people think that they are less worthy than another or that they will not receive enough opportunities, possibilities or mercy on the celestial worlds.

We, the Celestials, know that it requires time and patience and we tell you that the life of your soul will last much longer. We don’t look at 'time' as something restrictive...... we see eternity but your physical body is not eternal. It is your soul with her Morontia body that will continue her evolution on the celestial worlds and it is on that you need to focus.

There are actually people who can dematerialize their physical body to rematerialize it in another place or on another planet. There were people on your planet that could do this and there still are and perhaps one day you will also be able to do so. However the ultimate destination of the human soul on your planet is to reach The Universal Father on Paradise and on Paradise your physical body is completely pointless.

It is important to have a long life expectancy on the worlds of time and space because your current material lives are a bit short. The more life experiences you can acquire on a material world the better it is.

This will change over time when your planet will be anchored in the eras of light and life where human bodies will be so modified that they can serve 300 to 500 years. This is a nice time to acquire many life experiences on a material world which will be very useful when these souls will create life as Spiritual Beings on the worlds of the outer-space levels during the next Universe era.

The Seraphic Guardians of Destiny may choose to follow the same path as you, the mortals they protect. They will follow you and will assist you during all your ascension career and they too will receive a Thought Adjuster with which they will fuse in due time.

This is what we chose to do and we will be the companions of this girl for a long time as will be your Seraphic Guardians.

Thanks to all of you. The time I received to speak is over. Until next time.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book