Have the courage to change.

Session 53 of 12 November 2012 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia Belize.

Present: Carole, Cyril, B-Maya and Wivine

Visitors : SIRAYA, Master Spirit N°1 of Superuniverse N°1, The Voice of The Universal Father.

                        Christ Michael (Jesus), Creator Son of our Local Universe Nebadon

                   Ma-Quin, Primary Midwayer.

Received by Wivine.

SIRAYA spoke after 1h12min                   Total time meditation 1h49min.

Siraya here: I am the Voice of the Universal Father. Hello my children, I see that you get comfortable with your new techniques to send Energy. We appreciate your confidence in us on this subject. Many prefer to stay in their habits, in what has been taught to them because there is always fear for new things, fear for change, fear to restart from scratch in something new where you must learn everything from case 1.

Most of humanity is like that. They are reluctant to change because it’s walking into the unknown, losing your grounding, sometimes moving away from friends and family or fear for rejection of one’s social environment. Yet this is what we recommend, dare to change your lifestyle and try something else once in a while.

If God would have wanted to create you "perfect" He would have done so. He created you "imperfect" with the possibility to become perfect like Him after a lot of transformations and experiences on many celestial worlds.

You are here in your first and unique material life, even if you think it is not true; be aware that there is only this life and what you do in this life that is important for the future and the eternal survival of your soul.

Then experience adventures and learn to discern truth from false. Sometimes you have to walk in the mud, fall from the stairs to become stronger and restart your climbing with determination. You are here to experience everything, the good and the bad because it is most and for all ‘lived knowledge’ which has the most value for your soul. Knowledge acquired by the intellect, by reading messages and books are lighthouses, ramps that will point you to the path and can be of help to better understand your experiences.

Then if you can, do travel, meet other people of different faiths, from other continents and cultures, study how they live and think, look at their living conditions which are often far from your standards to open your mind. Thus, you will understand that ‘universal wisdom’ lies within each and every one and that there are lots of similarities between religions that believe in One Creator.

You will quickly notice that most similarity in the world is found in "moms". They are everywhere the same and they all ask for peace, education, prosperity and abundance for their children. All the hearts of moms in the world call for peace.

When you're young, you start with the beliefs of your parents, your region and culture. Later, when you will submit yourself more to the guidance of your indwelling God Fragment who never stops speaking to you whether or not you are listening, you will feel the need to seek other truths, and then you have to be open for change.

When you're at crossroads and have to make choices, go into ‘silence’ and ask guidance from your Thought Adjuster, to know which path he chose for you, which one is best because everyone has his own.

There are no good or bad roads when you walk hand in hand with God to help your fellowmen, to grow and to transform. Everything you learned, each religious or spiritual teachings you received were the scaffolding to build the next stage of the house of your soul. When the construction is ready you must remove all scaffolds to let shine on broad daylight the beauty of the building.

The symbol of the building which don’t require scaffolding anymore means that you have put your will in God's hands and allowed your Thought adjuster to control your mind.

The next step will be the fusion of your soul with your God Fragment and if this happens already on Earth your physical body will disintegrate due to the extreme force that will emerge from this fusion. You'll be taken immediately on the Mansion worlds where you will wake up with a new Morontia body and continue your ascension full speed as a “fused soul with her God ’Spark’”.

To achieve this it takes courage, confidence and daring to follow this inner guidance by accepting changes, transformations and understand that you no longer need these old scaffoldings that helped you to create the magnificent edifice that is your soul.

I thank you for your attention, my children, and au revoir.

Christ Michael here: my children you are in the middle of it, as well in your own transformation as in the major global changes that are currently occurring in the consciousness of mankind.

In a few years you will begin to see the results of the efforts made by the Light workers through various programs that we have generated on this globe to correct what went wrong 200,000 years ago following the Rebellion of Lucifer.

Keep confidence in your Parents of this local universe Nebadon, myself and my companion Mother Spirit Nebadonia. We are always there to support you in your harsh moments of transformations and changes. We have great joy seeing all the light that penetrates the hearts of people thanks to those who work hand in hand with us. We are on the right track and everything works according the Plans accepted by my Parents the Universal Father and the Eternal Son-Mother who created me by ‘thought’ a very, very long time ago.

I congratulate you for your courage and your determination to move forward, even from upwind because your entourage wants to keep you in what they know and don’t understand you anymore. It takes courage to take the path of transformation by accepting the hands we tend you when you barely hear us and don’t even see us.

I am very proud of all my children working in My Name and also of those who are not aware of Me to make a better world of Urantia, a world that pours out the Light.

Goodbye my friends, I am very pleased and your Mother Spirit as well.

{Note Wivine: during a while they made me understand that Ma-Quin was trying to make contact with B-Maya. At some point I told him... out loud... but for some reason it didn’t work out and Ma-Quin came to me.}

Ma-Quin: I'm Ma-Quin, Primary Midwayer. I tried to connect to B-Maya, but it did not work. As you are all constantly rewired, transformed and upgraded to higher levels of communication circuits, we may sometimes have to adapt the way we communicate with you.

I wanted to tell that I am always close to you with my group of Secondary Midwayers. We follow you regularly and support you in your meditations. We translate for Celestials; we prepare your connections and try to help everyone sit as comfortable as possible.

We don’t have time to sit near you and take your hand to make a little chat. We are very fast and if you need us we are in a few minutes near you even if we work on the other side of the globe. We work all since a long time for Machiventa Melchizedek, our planetary Prince, and even before. So, you see that your connection with us and the Melchizedeks is not accidental because we work with the same Melchizedeks as you.

By the fact that 60% of the corporeal members of the Staff of former planetary Prince Caligastia defaulted 200,000 years ago, many of their tasks were not performed. We, the Primary and Secondary Midwayers have taken all these special tasks on us although this is not standard procedure. We were able to fill this gap under the direction of Machiventa Melchizedek. I assure you he knows how to keep us busy, certainly with all your wars, natural disasters and many other tasks we cannot explain for now.

Don't worry B-Maya, I will come back to you. You know I can let feel my presence around you. Goodbye everyone and I am the last to speak. Good bye.




For the words in blue see The Urantia Book

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