The Mother of all children of all Universes.

Session 54a of 19 November 2012 – recorded – English translation– Original English/French. (Session composed of 3 parts).

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole, Cyril, B-Maya and Wivine.


Visitors: Malvantra Melchizedek

           SIRAYA, Master Spirit N°1 of Superunivers N°1, the Voice of The Universal Father

           AYA, Master Spirit N°7 of Superunivers N°7, the Voice of The Trinity and the Supreme Being.

Received by Wivine.

Malvantra spoke after 1h30……..              Total time meditation: 2h17min.

Malvantra: my little ones, you have been connected today through new circuits to a totally different system because the Supreme Being wants to offer gifts to Urantia.

She asked Majeston to implement a communication system with Seconaphim so that She can easily make contact and pass on what She wishes more clearly. We facilitate this operation by connecting you to this "extraordinary circuit" which will operate by Reflectivity between you and the Supreme Being.

Normally it is Aya, Master Spirit nr.7, the Voice of the Supreme Being, who speaks on her behalf. However, it was decided to make Her Presence more felt on Urantia so that all will learn to know Her as

«The Mother of all children of all Universes »

Of whom all souls are a living component.

Thank you, my children.

AYA : I am AYA, Master Spirit nr.7 of Superunivers nr.7 Orvonton. I am the Voice of The Supreme Being and The Trinity.

The Supreme Being is the cosmic Oversoul of the Seven Superuniverses with the '4 outer space levels' circulating around them. She is the Experiential Goddess in which you live that you help grow through your actions, your decisions, by undertaking and implementing things and living new adventures.

Helping the Supreme Being to grow in God the Almighty Supreme is also part of your responsibilities and your tasks.

There is a "special communication circuit" deployed on Her demand with the collaboration of Majeston - Chief of Reflectivity" and his Seconaphim who are reflective Angels responsible for communication between humans and the Supreme Being.

This is an important decision of which you don’t understand all implications and it will take time before your populations are ready for this.

Anyway, it will be a great event for all Nebadon and Orvonton because it means that the Supreme Being has grown up and began to exercise Her Power in the Superuniverses.

Time passes fast for you, my children, very fast.

It's your job to let know the Supreme Being and let understand who She is.

Just as it is your task to let know the Universal Father and make clear to all He is a person who wishes to have personal contact with all His children.

You will receive new powers and abilities which we'll explain how to use to implement them everywhere you go. Some of these abilities will be used during your meditations when we will bring you to other regions on your planet.

Others will serve in your daily life to help individuals, populations, countries and entire continents using the "Pure Energy and Pure Spirit of your Thought adjuster", work in which the "independent God Fragments" will help who are here to cooperate. We will explain later the goal of this.

Thank you, my children, that was all for today.

{to be continued in session 54b-2012}.


For the words in blue see The Urantia Book