Humility and energy systems.

Session 54c of 19 November 2012 – recorded – English translation – Original English/French. {Session divided in 3 parts.}

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole, Cyril, B-Maya and Wivine.


Visitors: Malvantra Melchizedek

           SIRAYA, Master Spirit N°1 of Superunivers N°1, the Voice of The Universal Father

           AYA, Master Spirit N°7 of Superunivers N°7, the Voice of The Trinity and the Supreme Being.

Received by Wivine.

Malvantra spoke after 1h30……..              Total time meditation: 2h17min.

Continuation session 54b of 19 November 2012.

SIRAYA (continuation 54b): I will talk now about “energy systems”.

Behind all material phenomena that it is a physical body, a stone, a plant, or a planet there is an ‘energy system' to maintain everything functional.

This applies also to all types of "mind". There is as well a 'non-spiritual energy system' behind a mortal mind, a Morontia mind as behind a Cosmic mind.

Every thought linked to a strong emotion that originates from a mortal mind generates a form of energy which can develop by feeding with the energy of a same thought from you or others; hence the definition of the creation of a 'thought-form'.

Once you have your strong emotions under control and your thoughts become more spiritual through closer contact with your Thought adjuster, your soul with her emerging Morontia mind may grow much better in your current life.

The more the Morontia mind of your soul will grow the more your contact with your indwelling God Fragment will be facilitated. If you let then your Thought adjuster take control of your mortal mind he may gradually lead you towards much higher and more pure spiritual thoughts.

When you will give birth to higher spiritual thoughts to which you add a strong emotion of unconditional love, your thought-forms or mental images will resound in the Super-consciousness of humanity.

When you are ready to use “the Pure Energy and Pure Spirit” from your indwelling God Fragment, you will be able to use “the Binding Divine Power of Love and Mercy” to help your fellowmen.

This 'Divine Energy of Love and Mercy' cannot be tempered or manipulated for selfish reasons. It comes directly from the First Source and Center, she is of undeniable purity and everything she touches will be harmonized.

Your Thought adjuster will only consent to use it when your intentions are completely selfless, loving and conform to the Will of God.

This Huge Binding Force of Love and Mercy will come out through your head or sometimes through your whole body because it comes from your personal Adjuster who dwells in you, and at that moment, you'll be able to say, "I and The Father are one."

One day you will be able to do, with the permission of The Father, what Jesus predicted: Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these..

You can do this only when you have reached the stage of unity with the Divine Spirit in you, in heart, mind and soul.

As long as this will not be the case, 'thought forms' issued by the mortal minds of people will have varying degrees, ranging from the lowest because of anger, envy, and hatred towards the highest level that we just described.

Thank you, my children, and have a nice day.

Malvantra Melchizedek here: my children, I am here to give some comments on the vision B-Maya had a few days ago during his solitary meditation. This vision has been shown to illustrate how you must serve your brethren.

{Vision B-Maya: I was sitting on a chair at a large table. There were servants who brought me various dishes with fruits or vegetables. When they arrived at my table they knelt with inclined head and raised their arms to put the dishes before me on the table. This continued until my table was filled with all kinds of food plates. There, I understood that this food was a symbol for our received wisdom and that I didn’t have to eat literally these foods and had to do something with it. But what? And why was I sitting alone at the table with servants who constantly brought me dishes as to a King?}

The way in which B-Maya saw these servants bring him all these food dishes and kneeling before him symbolizes the way you are served. You are served with respect by all Celestials.

We descend to serve and honor you because you hold a Fragment of the First Source and Center, a Fragment of The Universal Father, who assists you with the development of your soul.

You who receive our words of wisdom propose them to those who are seated at your table. You do not need to advertise or solicit people on the street so that they come and eat at your place. You wait until they come of their own volition and clearly ask permission to sit at your table.

Then you show all these dishes in the same way and let your guests choose those food dishes to which their God Fragment will lead them.

It's like this that we ask you to share with others the wisdom we propose, by taking into account the choices of your hosts and respecting them as equal.

This is the proper humility that you should bring forth.

A true 'Master' who wants to teach others is still a student and sees his students as equals, not as subordinates.

In every human being lives a presence of God, so please respect this Fragment of God even if the person in front of you is not aware of it.

Humility is something everyone must learn and this learning process will continue for a long time on the celestial Mansion worlds. It is above all to fade when you see that your light dazzles others and so much more.

To assimilate the good attitude of humility is difficult for a mortal and it will be a learning process throughout your entire life. You will find yourself in different situations in order to develop this thanks to many experiences and we will often test you on this topic.

The more you will walk hand in hand with God, the more you will feel loved by Him and all Celestials, that you will not feel alone anymore, the lesser you will feel the need to put you in the foreground. On the contrary, you will learn how to give others the impression that they are exceptional.

I thank you, my children, stay as you are. You will be involved in many situations in the future that will help you understand what true humility means and that it is above all showing respect for others in all circumstances. Goodbye everyone.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book