Our three tasks.

Session 55 of 1rst December 2012 – recorded – English translation –Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: B-Maya, Cyril and Wivine.

Visitors: SIRAYA, Master Spirit n°1 of Superuniverse n°1, the Voice of The Universal Father.

Received by Wivine.

SIRAYA spoke after 2h04min…..               Total time meditation: 2h32min.

SIRAYA here: my children, the meditations take time because of these preparations we need to do to connect you to this "communication system with the Supreme Being".

You will have three tasks, my children.

First of all, you must understand how close The Father of all Universes is to you. How big His desire to have a direct and personal contact with His children. He gave you all a Fragment of Him to be as close as possible to the smallest ones of His Creation. He asks you to open all hearts to this unique and personal relationship that you now live.

It is a very slow process that begins with faith in one Creator, a Heavenly Father who wants to communicate with his children, if they so wish. It is with this conviction that all will start because without this faith there's no door opening to a direct relationship with the Creator.

Then, by going regularly into 'silence', by meditating to listen and engage a conversation with God, all get to know this personal and intimate relationship. The more this relationship and trust develops between God and man, the more people want to understand and search for higher knowledge.

This way the child will grow hand in hand with The Father following the path that He drew for him because all are unique. There are no two the same.

Little by little, the child will follow more the guidance of The Father and his love for Him will increase. The child eventually will fully trust The Father because he will know that The Father is Good and that He will forgive all his nonsense made by ignorance or lack of experience.

So, if you encounter people who are open to this start spontaneously to talk about your own experiences with your indwelling God Fragment.

Your second task in which you will be enabled is to make understand others who is The Supreme Being, "The Mother of all children of all Universes”; this experiential Goddess, the oversoul of the Universes, who is young and grows with you by absorbing all your experiences.

However, before you talk about Her you must first better understand Her essence by acquiring more knowledge.

Nevertheless, as you grow and She will take more direct contact with you, you will come to better identify Her and understand why it is so important to start here and now to take decisions, to act and to implement, to make new experiences because this means, as well for you as for Her, growth.

Love her as a Mother, because it is the best way to get closer to Her and understand who this huge Goddess who cherishes you all is.

The third task that you can accomplish here is to reach the apogee of human evolution on a planet, which is the stage where you can fuse with your God Fragment on Urantia thanks to your spiritual progress.

Depending on whether you manage to submit your will to The father’s Will, that your 'Morontia soul' has reached maturity, that your Thought adjuster controls your thoughts and your "human mind" is spiritualized... you will become a candidate for fusion even before physical death or immediately after on the First Mansion World.

When Christ Michael, Creator Son of your local universe Nebadon, reached this evolutionary soul stage during his earthy life as Jesus of Nazareth, his ‘perfected human soul’ would normally have fused with his Thought adjuster when he was baptized in the Jordan by John the Baptist at his 31 years of age.

However, this fusion never happened because his Thought adjuster left the moment of baptism to join the Universal Father from whom he received immediately his "personality". When he returned a few minutes later, he stood next to Jesus as a "Personalized Thought adjuster" and Chief of all Thought adjusters in Nebadon.

This happened because Jesus was a Creator Son from Paradise, descended on Urantia to live a human life among humans. His 'soul' is now part of his being. He is God and man at the same time.

You start as a mortal and your destiny is the ascension of your soul to Paradise and to do so, you get a Thought adjuster or God Fragment with which your soul may fuse if you choose to do so. This fusion can already take place here on Earth, or afterwards on the celestial Mansion Worlds.

Jesus then continued to live his mortal life with his ‘Morontia soul’ and his ‘human spiritualized mind’ while his 'Personalized Thought adjuster" stood next to him to maintain his relationship with the Will of The Universal Father.

However, if you would reach this higher stage of evolution and your fusion would be possible on earth, it could be postponed with the necessary permissions at the top in case you need to perform tasks that are considered important for the common good of humanity by the planetary Administration.

You can evolve so high in this life that you may skip all stages of the Mansion worlds and the Morontia worlds and leave your planet without knowing death. If this is the case and your time has come to leave, your Thought adjuster will carry your soul immediately through the circuitry of the God Fragments to Salvington-headquarters of Nebadon. You will stand directly before Christ Michael, see him in all His Glory and your fusion will immediately become reality.

This is the highest performance a human can accomplish in his spiritual progress on a planet.

I am Siraya, Master Spirit nr.1 of Superunivers nr.1, the Voice of The Universal Father.

The Father thanks you because you want to represent Him and talk about Him by touching the hearts of those you meet, to those who are listening and demanding.

Depending on your progress, you will receive more information. Have a good day and goodbye.




For the words in blue see The Urantia Book