The original teachings of Jesus.

Session 57 of 8 December 2012 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril, B-Maya, Carole and Wivine.


Visitors: Malvantra Melchizedek

             Christ Michael (Jesus) Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon.

             Nebadonia, Mother Spirit of de Nebadon and conjoint of Christ Michael.

Received by Wivine.

Malvantra spoke after 1h22min                Total time meditation 1h53min.

Malvantra here: my children this is a wonderful day for us as for you. We were able to establish a new communication circuit to help Urantia, your planetary Supreme to become more aware of her and also to establish a direct link between the Supreme Being, the Mother of all children of all universes, with the people of Urantia.

The circuit to which you'll be connected will be set up with the help of Majeston to allow the Supreme Being to communicate with you, will pass through Urantia, your planetary Supreme, sometimes called Gaia.

We hope that all people brought to you will contribute to the same goal. The goal is to make it clear that the Universal Father indwells every child on Earth and that you only need to go in ‘silence’ and have that ‘faith’ to make contact with Him and receive His personal Guidance.

It is this way that all will evolve in the future and not anymore by following others teachings or through masters that have people who follow them, sometimes love them and often put them on a pedestal. We want to avoid that men look for outside wisdom. All this will disappear as the priests and preachers in the churches. Any holy place, any religion will eventually mention only one thing and that's the indwelling God to whom you have to ask council.

Keep in mind that we don't expect you to give spiritual lessons. Your role is not to be an evangelist, is not to be a spiritual teacher or a spiritual master. This is the past and will disappear in time.

We expect from you to bring people to the knowledge that God lives in them; that you can talk to Him, listen to Him and that the meditations accentuate and enhance their communication abilities with Him as well as with the Guardian Angels or other Celestials.

Don’t try to tell your own convictions or acquired wisdom, understood or not, right or wrong.

We will bring each individual to the understanding, wisdom and knowledge which he or she needs through this meditation system and the introduced Energy circuitry, regardless of their religious or spiritual backgrounds. We, with their Thought adjuster will be the teachers of each individual and not you.

Your role is to develop through these meditations that will help you better adjust with your indwelling Divine Spirit. Invite others to do the same because that is how we will teach people directly in the future.

Listen to what others have to say. Ask them questions and listen to what they tell, how they think, how they see God and how they see their evolution. Listen and you will learn much.

Practice for a while to listen to others beliefs, study them and notice what they have in common with what you learn here.

When you have done these exercises you will realize how life experiences bring each individual his own beliefs and may even reach transcendental truths………………...and it is only than that you will become able to speak about the indwelling Father Fragment and the Supreme Being in terms that are comprehensible to all.

Invite people to enter in 'silence', to join a small meditation with one of you and then we will take over. Bring them to God and God will teach them with our help.

Thank you children, it was just a small clarification.

Christ Michael here: thank you, my children, to continue the work I started during my bestowal 2,000 years ago as Jesus of Nazareth on your beloved planet.

I taught my disciples that they should first talk about My Father, who lived in each one of them because after my bestowal each child would immediately receive his God Fragment after his first moral decision which was not the case before my bestowal.

Since my young age I was looking for quiet places to talk with My Father and know His Will. Believe me, things were not always very clear to me neither when I was young. I have experienced the same challenges as you. Following the revelation of my Divinity around my 25 years I knew who I was but I never stopped doing what My Father expected of me. He wanted me to reveal Him to all mankind and at the same time the destiny of the souls of Urantia.

I had also taken upon myself to reveal the Supreme Being during my mortal life.

The true Gospel that I had well ordered my Apostles and evangelists to spread is now lost because of the tremendous emotions my death on the cross and my resurrection has aroused which was to reveal the Universal Father and the Supreme Being. Out of pure happiness they began to shout from the rooftops that Jesus, Son of God, was alive and well. What makes that Christian religions speak a lot of me but little of my gospel.

You, my children, you will continue this work and establish the wisdom of my original teachings. You will spread the knowledge of The Father who lives in you and the presence of the Supreme Being in a simple way.

You still have a lot to learn but you'll find out that what began here by asking us our help, will scatter over 20 years worldwide without the need of an organization.

I thank you my children for all the work and activities you do and the confidence you have shown in me, in my Melchizedek Sons, the Angels, the Midwayers and all Celestials that are still unknown to you.

Be aware that my Divine nature has never left me during my bestowal on Urantia but I wasn’t aware of it before an adult age.

It had to live my mortal life like you and develop a soul with the help of a Thought adjuster. I decided to live your entire ascension path to The Universal Father. I wanted to know and experience what all my children on all planets of my local universe live. This allowed me to understand the experience of your ascension and to open a faster and more direct path to The Father in Paradise for you.

‘The perfected soul’ I developed during my life is an integral part of my personality as a Paradise Son. That is why I am the ‘Son of God’ and at the same time ‘Brother of all men’.

You can therefore call on me as Christ Michael - Son of God or call the soul of Jesus - Brother of all men, if you need my presence. Both are good.

Thank you my children, thank you very much and we'll work a long time together.

Nebadonia here: Mother Spirit of this local universe Nebadon.

My children, I'm always close to you, you are always bathed in my peace and my love. I bestow constantly my "Holy Spirit" on you so that you can open yourself to spiritual topics. You can call me as much as needed, I'm always there for each one of you.

Our goal is to help develop your soul.

After your mortal life your soul will continue her ascension on the seven Mansion Worlds, then on the Morontia worlds up to Salvington headquarters of Nebadon. You will then be a ‘first-stage spirit’ fused with his God Fragment.

It is at Salvington that Christ Michael and I will give you your credentials so that you can leave this local universe and continue your ascension on the spiritual worlds of your Superuniverse n°7 Orvonton.

Once you reach Uversa, headquarters of Orvonton, as a high Spirit, you can proceed to Havona, then Paradise where you'll meet the Supreme Being, then The Infinite Spirit, then The Eternal Son-Mother and eventually The Universal Father who will take you in His arms to make you a Perfected Paradise Creature like Him.

Christ Michael and I created your entire environment as well as the Melchizedeks, the Vorondadeks, the Lanonandeks, the Life Carriers and all Seraphim to help us administer Nebadon, to make your life possible and assist in your ascension.

We are proud of you, my children and we know that it will not be a problem to bring humanity into the knowledge of The Universal Father, who indwells each of you. Goodbye my children, have a nice day.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book