You are living in the 21rst century.

Session 58 of 10 December 2012 –recorded--Original English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole, Cyril and Wivine

Visitor: Lanaforge, planetary System Sovereign of Satania.

Received by Wivine.

Lanaforge spoke after 2h38min                Total time meditation: 2h52min.

Lanaforge: I am Lanaforge, planetary System Sovereign of Satania.

You were told that you work for the Magisterial Mission under the direction of a Lanonandek Son. I am a Lanonandek son and you work under my administration for the tasks assigned to you.

We have implemented a circuitry with a race Commissioner and the Most High Observer - Vorondadek Son to bring together all Maya’s of Central America. This is why it is important for you to go to the Maya site of Coba in the Yucatán peninsula with the Maya boy like the Most High Observer requested.

I won't give many explanations, because I am only here to announce this fact. You'll hear later more from me and the race commissioner for the Maya’s. As you know, the Maya’s never left this region; they have always lived there since ancient times and still do. Their high priests who had much knowledge and contact with the Melchizedeks and the Most High Observer have now disappeared.

Their knowledge is still there and need to be recovered in order to unite them, not as an aggressive political power but rather as a community that was once destroyed, partly by their own intestinal wars, then by Spanish domination.

There is a very important reason why the unification of the Maya’s is scheduled in Christ Michael plans and don’t think this will happen in the immediate future. To do this they need trained leaders: on one hand those initiated in the traditions of the ‘ancient ones', and on the other hand ordinary Maya’s which will better know how to make the link between the Western and Mayan cultures, because they will have been raised in both.

Carole, you will be a source of inspiration for all colored people in your country and beyond. We wish that you represent these people because they are a very important group that deserves to be addressed, united, and brought back in their self-esteem.

The Universal Father and Christ Michael- the one you call Jesus of Nazareth, wish that every person on Earth knows God and walk on this planet with respect and self-confidence. The way of thinking of centuries ago in higher and lower races should disappear.

Man lives now in the 21st century; be aware that the "Power of love and Mercy of The Universal Father" will bring together all children on this planet by making them feel that they have a Heavenly Father and thus they are all brothers and sisters.

No race can claim that it is more important, smarter, and more valuable than another. This is only true in the eyes of the believer, but not in the eyes of The Universal Father.

You will all work with the respective race commissioners and the Most High Observer.

Thank you and I'll tell you more another day. Goodbye and have a nice day.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book