Ethnic hatred and the cleaning of the Borderland.

Session 59 of 15 December 2012 – recorded – Original English

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril, B-Maya and Wivine.


Ma-Quin, Primary Midwayer n° 1-7-3.

Bzutu- ABC-022  Secondary Midwayer, Chief Midwayers Progress Group 11:11


Bzutu received by Wivine……………Ma-Quin received by B-Maya.

Ma-Quin spoke after 1h18min                  Total time meditation: 1h42min

MA-QUIN (by Wivine): I am Ma-Quin, Primary Midwayer. B-Maya, I try to connect with you….PAY ATTENTION!

MA-QUIN (by B-Maya): I am Ma-Quin, Primary Midwayer n° 173. I am very happy to have managed to make this connection. Although I first tried with you, I still had to pass through Wivine to warn you before I could connect.

I know that last week something strange happened and this is very difficult to understand for some people. If you really understand the purpose of being here this should not come over as a surprise to you. You are reaching the level we expect you to achieve.

Always remember that reaching this point is not an easy job as The Universal Father expects you to have always a kind heart and bring peace around you and the result of that is a better “you”.

What happened last week should never be a surprise to you and it will happen to each and every one that are joining these meditations here.

Everybody will be used without knowing it and will be brought to other places to talk to people like a normal looking person. The person to whom you will talk will think you are a real person but in fact it is your spirit that travels. For right now these happenings-actions will start slow and this was the first time it happened. We expect that everybody will achieve this level.

Now that we have revealed this we don’t want you to start boosting your ego’s and we ask you to continue to listen to what we have to say. Stay like you are right now and wait until you see there is a change.

That’s my information for the moment. Goodbye.

Bzutu (by Wivine): Bzutu here – ABC-022 –Secondary Midwayer and Chief of the Midwayers of the 11:11 Progress Group.

I take over from Ma-Quin, Primary Midwayer that just spoke to you.

My girl, you asked what happened last week when you wanted to turn on the lights in your meditation Centre when the night fell. When you opened the door, you saw a boy lying on the ground resembling B-Maya that was apparently sleeping; although you were not sure because his arm was hiding his face. You entered to turn on the lights and left. Later you started to worry because the boy was lying on the floor. Maybe he was sick? It is not normal to see a Maya boy lying on the floor in the dark in this place.

You asked your husband to have a look and when he entered the building he asked the boy to stand up and recognized B-Maya. He asked him to close the place and turn off the lights when he would leave....and this is what the boy did. The next day you asked B-Maya what he was doing last evening in the meditation Centre. He replied that it wasn’t him because he didn’t left home all evening.

Ma-Quin explained you what happened.

This is something for which we built out your group. You will indeed become able to "bilocate" during your sleep and meditations. We will bring your soul with her Morontia body to other places where we will densify it with a similar system used by Midwayers. We will assist you so that you are able to appear in another location with a 'body' to work and talk to other people.

You are only in the early stages, this is still very new and it can take a year or two until the whole group is able to do it.

Now, concerning the 'borderland' referred to in the Urantia Book.

This is the reason why we send you to specific locations, chosen by our care to break the lower areas of this invisible “borderland" around Earth. In doing so, we create openings in order to destroy the lower thought-forms; free the trapped souls sometimes used by those who practice black magic and take away the "fallen angels".

You were sent after the first experiment of the Melchizedeks to different locations in Belize to install these “Melchizedek Light columns" thanks to which the surrounding population has had fewer problems with these dubious practices.

The power of darkness is broken in your country and it can barely inflict damage to the Belizean people. You already felt the beneficial impact of it after 6 months. The lower entities are attracted to these "Melchizedek Light columns" and then we take care of them.

The Melchizedeks have sent you to Dachau in Germany, to Mauthausen in Austria and to the Russian Solovky Islands. You went to Ani in Turkey, to Vari near Athens and other places where many people were killed due to wars where they died in fear, hatred and terror.

Sending people to a terrifying death and torture rise such very low emotions which maintain the soul of the deceased in a frightening darkness and prevent them from seeing the 'Light’ to leave.

On the other hand, if the soul manages to go on she will only take with her the 'good spiritual things' acquired during her lifetime.

The "negative" feelings of bitterness, hatred, anger and remorse remain here in the region of the borderland, invisible for most of you, in a "transparent whitish energy body" with a shape possessing a lower consciousness that continues to cling to her negative feelings without being conscious of time passing by.

It is only when the soul is resurrected on the First Mansion World and able to resolve her life traumas with the help of celestials that her remaining 'ghost, or lower energy form’ may disappear.

This is where we and you come into play; to dissolve with much love these “lower energy forms" resembling ghosts. The only thing we ask is not to be afraid of them because nothing will happen to you. We are always there as well as the Seraphim to protect and help you.

You are going to break for a while these 'crucial dark places' around the globe where the dark underground world operates; for the moment by physical expeditions and later by conscious bilocation during your meditations or sleep.

The ‘dark world' around your planet has several descending levels. In the lower layers you may find 'entities' with a consciousness lower than an animal consciousness. Humans can induce such low feelings in them that they commit acts of cruelty that an animal would never do. These souls or low entities that cannot move on to the 'Light' should also depart.

The places where we send you are "concentration points" which must first be broken and then cleaned so that they can no longer cause harm to humans. This is not a job that will be done in a few years. Humanity is far from approaching the beginning of the era of light and life. Thoughts and negative feelings are still spread.

Darkness and residue of what happened the last 200,000 years, the wars of the 20th century and the 21st century still in progress are continuously nourishing the 'lower dark layers' around your planet and they must all be cleaned, from down up to the level of racial and ethnic hatred.

You'll clean up the "hate" caused by what one race or ethnic group did to the other so that all can walk on your planet without hatred or bitterness in their hearts. This "racial hatred" is still there because it is constantly fed through historical books, by stories of lived experiences and current actions which cause bitterness in the hearts of young people and this way ”lower thought-forms of hate” are constantly nourished in the "borderland".

You have many tasks at hand and now I have talked enough. Thank you, my friends, this was Bzutu who greets you.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book