Becoming a «lead climber».

Session 61 of 26 December 2012 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia – Belize

Received by Wivine.

Visitor : SIRAYA, Master Spirit N° 1 of Superunivers N°1, the Voice of The Universal Father.

Siraya spoke after 50min              Total time meditation: 1h44min.

SIRAYA here: my children, you experience a lot of lessons during your life on Urantia. All lessons learned from experience have an immeasurable value for the Supreme Being, the Mother of all children of all universes.

The more difficult trials you live that require wise decisions, the greater your value will be for the Supreme Being in the next era of the Universes where you will create life and administer those worlds currently in formation in the outer-space levels.

When we talk of creating life, we are not talking about the way Life Carriers are implementing live here. This will be done in another way, but explaining it now will not help you.

It is necessary to understand that good and bad experiences are placed on your way by your God Fragment to push you to take decisions that are in fact your examinations, diplomas for future times after you’ve reached Paradise and will be part of the "Corps of the Finality of glorified mortals".

There is a reason why we have implemented a "Corps of the Finality" and this reason is the next era of all Universes so that you can work in, with, and for the Supreme Being, the Mother of all children of all Universes.

So don’t fear difficulties in life because these great lessons will have the most value for you when you finish your studies, when you pass all your exams and believe me you will never receive excessive burdens to bear.

Compare yourself to those who like to mountaineer; they always want to climb higher and new mountains. Each new mountain is more difficult than the one before. These people are not going to climb always the same mountain because they love challenges, the unknown and want to exceed their limits.

The unknown makes you curious, you want to go further, learn more. Every time you learn something new you understand better and that is how you grow. It is for this reason that we encourage you to try things out, to change your life, meet new people, travel, do things you never have done; of course under our guidance and not recklessly.

One day I will send you all alone to an unknown remote place and your only cue will be the guidance of your indwelling Thought Adjuster. But fear not, we will only give you that exam when you're ready for such a great adventure.

You are here to grow in wisdom, to become Godlike and lead by example. If you want to teach wisdom, learn first to know about what you are speaking. We want to say here that during your entire ascension career you will receive schooling and practical tests, as well here as on the Mansion worlds, the Morontia and Spiritual worlds. You will be given tasks to run.

Each time we sent you to countries we gave you lesser indications to push you to seek your inner guidance in order to know where to go and what to do. During your last trip in Turkey you received your instructions day by day, sometimes hour by hour to learn to listen to your indwelling Thought Adjuster, the Melchizedeks, the Midwayers, the Seraphim and Celestials who were around you.

This experience taught you a million times more than all the books and messages you might read.

Theoretical concepts will be faster understood when you experience truth, when you felt it inside of you. It will have much more transcendental and intrinsic value than all acquired intellectual knowledge. Memorizing wisdom to then repeat it to others without having experienced it does not generate the same thing. This is why we will continue to teach you first through practice and explain afterwards.

Only one thing is important and that is this little-known truth that God lives in every one and that you can receive his Guidance without making big efforts. Go simply in meditation and listen. Ask your questions first and then think on nothing. You have your free-will which means that you have to take the first step. We will try to attract your attention, but we will never impose our presence or our advice if you do not want to hear it.

God gave you your personality, you received an "energy system" which holds up your physical body, you received a mind and a Fragment of God with whom you will eventually fuse when your soul will be adult by making the right choices, taking the right decisions and doing good deeds.

God lives in every person which means that all of you have the possibility to develop your soul-embryo into a Paradise Spirit, as perfect as is the Father in Paradise.

Avoid arbitrary judgments, lightly taken on your brothers and sisters as the mortal mind is far from perfect. Try to have all elements in hand to better understand the reactions of people. If God puts someone on a seat to do a certain job that is because He knows that this person is able to carry this responsibility. If you find that this person has bad character and does not act according your human morality, be aware that taking responsibility is not within the reach of everyone. The majority prefers to follow, seize, observe or even criticize rather than to take things in hand and carry the load on their own shoulders.

Heavy trainings await you for which you will need lots of courage, character strength and prove us that you are able to carry the responsibility of your own soul growth.

Then ask yourself the question if you want to do the effort and be able to gather enough courage. If the answer is ‘yes’ and you want to put yourself under our guidance, we will help you.

Be aware that we don’t take you to an amusement park for children who snatch the toys from the hands of others. You must be very careful with your egos, your envies, your personal ambitions because that is what we will test above all. We are building all of you out to become a "lead climber" and this asks a sense of responsibility, the ability to work in a team and be able to fade away to leave others the opportunity to experience their inner guidance.

Compare it to the achievements of sportsmen at international level. The daily exercises these great athletes have to undergo to reach this level are much harder than those of amateur athletes.

Think very well about what I just told you and seek advice from your Thought Adjuster.

I thank you all and goodbye.

I am Siraya, Master Spirit nr.1 of Superuniverse nr.1, the Voice of The Universal Father.



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