The exceptional destiny of Urantia.

Session 62 of 29 December 2012 Ė recorded- English translation Ė Original French/English.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia-Belize

Present: Cyril and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.

Visitors: AYA, Master Spirit nį7 of Superuniverse nį7 Orvonton, the Voice of The Supreme Being and The Trinity.

†††††††††††††††††† The Most High Observer- Vorondadek.

AYA spoke after 2h15min††††††††††††† Total time meditation: 2h40min.

AYA: I am AYA, Master Spirit nr.7 of Superuniverse nr.7 Orvonton. I am here as the Voice of The Supreme Being.

The Supreme Being asks you to have some patience before all connections by reflectivity can be put in place so that She can talk to you personally. These are things that take a lot of time. It must pass through Uversa (headquarters of Orvonton) to your local universe Nebadon, then via your Constellation to your planetary System to eventually reach Urantia. It is a network that has never been set up in Orvonton for any local universe.

Normally humans on time-space planets that have never experienced a rebellion are not much aware of the existence of the Supreme Being, the Oversoul of Paradise, Havona, the seven Superuniverses, and the four outer-space levels.

Only there was a human heart on this planet, just released from her quarantine following the rebellion, who was able to understand Her and who tried to reach Her the same way she speaks to her indwelling God Fragment.

Despite the fact that the Supreme Being is so far away from you, this human heart was able to touch "the Mother of all children of all universes" by showing her devotion and love. The Supreme was so moved by it that she wanted to respond.

Be aware that the Infinite Spirit, the Supreme Being and the Master Spirits will react to any spiritual action and decision because they are in connection with every existing mind in the Universe, even yours - that of mortal creatures who live on material planets.

The Supreme Being will respond to any action of love, devotion and loyalty to Her and that's why She comes.

What is exceptional is that this happened on a planet that still has a long way to go and was just brought back on the orbit of Light. Be sure that this direct link and communication She wants will be installed, but it will take time.

As was explained last time "ask and it will be given to you". All acts of love and devotion directed to us and to your fellowmen will automatically cause a reaction in the "spiritual mind circuits' and we will descend towards you.

If at any time you refuse our presence because you have decided to turn back, we the Master Spirits, the Infinite Spirit, the Supreme Being, and all other Spirit Ministries will withdraw and let you act according your own will.

The Supreme Being does not react to acts of disloyalty as the Lucifer rebellion. She reacts to your love, devotion and loyalty and we mean here during the entire path that you still need to traverse to reach Her.

She took this human heart in Her arms and showed her the seven Superuniverses and all four outer-space levels that turned around but she was only able to communicate with movements to try to make understand what she wanted to show and let hear. This is why She wants to have direct communication with her little children so that they can talk with their Universal Mother the same way they do with their indwelling God Fragment.

We donít know what the effects will be of this form of relationship with the Supreme Being because it has never happened, but we know that it is very important for the future of our Superuniverse, of your local universe Nebadon and Urantia when all Orvonton will be settled in Light and Life.

I wanted to share this extraordinary event for our Superuniverse and the future of the children of Urantia, of all Nebadon and later of all other local universes of Orvonton.

The life experiments done on Urantia included a genetic predisposition in the two spiritual receptive glands to be able to connect with the Supreme Being. This is why Christ Michael revealed the existence of the Universal Father, the indwelling God Fragment and the existence of the Supreme Being during his earthly life as Jesus of Nazareth.

Your Creator Son as well as your Mother Spirit are part of God the sevenfold. They will later have an important role to play during the next era of the Universes with and in God the Supreme. This is why he did put in the children of Urantia the germ to realize already here this contact with The Supreme.

We will not reveal more for now. For us it is a great joy that this could occur outside our expectations, following the 200,000 years of quarantine of your planet.

All this goes much further than we are explaining and the more you learn the more we can add knowledge that will help you understand better.

Christ Michael didnít choose Urantia randomly and he didnít select it only because it was part of the rebel planets. She was chosen because she had an exceptional destiny due to her location; she faces the first outer space level of which the nebulae and galaxies in formation can be observed by your astronomers.

Thank you my children that is all for today. I wish you a good day. Good bye.

The Most High Observer here: be careful girl when you arrive at Coba in Mexico. We will guide you to the location where you've been, but also across the Lake near the caves. You don't have to enter these caves. We will be waiting for you there. Let all those who will join the trip pay attention to our signs to direct you to the exact location where you need to be. Thanks girl, goodbye.



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