Sincerity, Honesty and Trust.

Session 63 of 31 December 2012 –recorded -Original English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia – Belize

Present: Carole, Cyril and Wivine


Monsanloran spoke after 1h53min            Totale time meditation: 2h03min

Monsanloran here : Hello everybody, also to those who are abroad. We wish you a Happy New Year. There is still a lot of work waiting us and we know that we can count on you.

You will have a few nice surprises next year and will grow in understanding, friendship and sincerity.

I would like to say something more about sincerity.

If you are not sincere between you, then the friendship and trust will disappear. It is sufficient that there is one that is not sincere to break the trust of the entire group.

We ask you to be honest and truthful at the highest level you can manage. Do not lie because one day it will come out and we will take away those who do not work correctly in the group. Misunderstandings can be resolved by discussing, but not by hiding one’s resentment behind a smile.

To have a well united group that is able to grow together, your motto will be:

Sincerity, Honesty and Trust.

So that each of you can have blind trust in the other and we are talking about the kind of trust that can serve as a foundation, not the kind that gives the feeling to be moving sand when you want to rely on it.

A nice person can be honest, sincere and correct. A person who is only nice but not sincere retaining resentment toward someone else cannot work in a group because his or her kindness is worthless.

We are asking young people to respect the older ones and all to adhere to these principles. You are a group whose members are from different ethnic origins, from different cultures and countries and no one is better than the other in our eyes.

If you think you're better than the other then your place is not here. No racism, no pride, no falsehood, no lies, no injustice, no boosted ego will be accepted and do not use the group to satisfy your personal ambitions.

Only sincerity, more sincerity and much more sincerity will help you grow. I thank you my children and enjoy your day and celebrations. Good bye.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book