Deism – Physicotheology and Atheism


Session n°3b of April 12, 2024 – English translation – original Dutch

Location: Mezzaverde in Belgium

Visitor: Malvantra Melchizedek

Received by Wivine

Malvantra Melchizedek :

As you noticed in session no. 3a-2024, science has not always been atheistic. Atheism emerged mainly among them at the beginning of the 20th century and, from their point of view, it was understandable. Much safer to protect against the dogmatic nature of institutionalized religions that have hounded heretics and dissidents in Europe for hundreds of years; who destroyed all scientific discoveries that did not conform to their dogmas, as well as those who discovered them or spoke about them openly.

The philosophers and scientists of those times were obliged, for their safety, to meet in secret, in private homes to exchange their avant-garde ideas. This custom has been maintained until now. New scientific studies and their results are still closely monitored, sometimes prosecuted or destroyed. No longer by the Churches, but by multinational economic and financial interests with influences in politics.

The internet has changed the world a lot. It is becoming more and more difficult to hide certain research. Scientific research is now carried out on a global scale by many new superpowers that have emerged since the beginning of the 20th century.

There will therefore be a new balance where everyone with a little common sense will realize that it is better to work together than to fight each other. Wars are from another era, even if they are fought through an intermediary country or region, which end up becoming victims themselves because they have been deceived.

Then there are the ultra-wealthy philanthropists of the late 20th and early 21st centuries who have their own worldview of how people should think, live, and what they should believe. They also try to impose their ideas or type of religion. They meet regularly in secret. They believe that the population of Urantia, your planet, is there to serve their interests. Their way of thinking is disseminated by biased scientific information, new political parties and various educational organizations.

Thanks to rapid and massive information via the Internet, all kinds of information travels the planet at record speed. People who think about specific subjects, who wish to explore other horizons and other opinions, can now do so. It is still difficult to express sometimes different points of view in one's own environment. Especially if it goes against the general thinking or narrative, or if it is considered to endanger the security of the State. This could be about religious views, political ideologies, war zones, or even presidential elections inside or outside your own country.

Little has changed over the centuries in this area, apart from the form and speed at which information is disseminated throughout the world.

This is part of the normal, slow evolution of humanity in which people are faced with choices and must make decisions. Men reflects on the existence of God and life after death. Develops higher moral values, reflects on ethical points of view and makes decisions. Traditional examples include:

-Death sentence

- Physical punishment

- Euthanasia

- Abortion

- Use of animals in scientific research

- Ethically responsible scientific research and experiments –

- The use and misuse of artificial intelligence

- Preserve and restore nature.

New inventions can raise new moral and ethical questions, but also challenge definitions of God. It is not true that every scientist automatically becomes an atheist when he engages in scientific research. It's more that they don't want to talk about it or that they don't feel comfortable facing religious revelations that are not scientifically verifiable. They too formulate theories that they hope to one day see confirmed. If these theories are ever refuted by new discoveries, an objective scientist will investigate and adjust his or her point of view. Those with great authority in the scientific world sometimes fight new discoveries and theories. They cling to the existing theory and do not want to move away from it. You are then faced with another form of crystallization of belief and dogmatism. This too is part of the evolution of faith and human thought.

Likewise, not all atheists are convinced God deniers.

Lucifer can also be considered an atheist, a denier. He was a Lanonandek, Son of Christ Michael and the Mother Spirit of your local universe Nebadon. Lucifer's manifesto bears witness to this. It consisted of three main points against which he protested. The first point was to deny the existence of the Universal Father, as evidenced by the following extract from the Urantia Book:

53:3.2 (603.3) 1. The reality of the Universal Father. Lucifer charged that the Universal Father did not really exist, that physical gravity and space-energy were inherent in the universe, and that the Father was a myth invented by the Paradise Sons to enable them to maintain the rule of the universes in the Father’s name.

Lucifer proclaimed his "declaration of freedom" at a time when the Creator Son of Paradise - Christ Michael (Jesus) - Ruler of your local universe Nebadon - was still busy with these 7 bestowals in all the orders of Beings that he had created; the last of which was a human life +/- 2,000 years ago under the name of Jesus of Nazareth.

Which meant he was often absent. It was only after having accomplished these 7 bestowals that He received full powers over His local universe Nebadon and was crowned Almighty Sovereign of Nebadon. Before this coronation, Nebadon was under the high supervision of advisors and emissaries from Paradise who disturbed Lucifer and his acolytes because they wanted more freedom to fulfill their own ideas concerning the evolution of human souls. This was 200,000 years ago.

Despite the pernicious influence of Lucifer's ideas on the evolution of human souls, he was never able to completely stifle man's need to seek God. Certainly not after the resurrection of Jesus, who then gave the signal that every little child could receive a Fragment of God.

Everyone's religious belief or disbelief changes over time. God lives now in the heart of everyone and knows exactly how far and how fast He must minister a nascent human soul.

God – the Creator of all and everything – is not just the visible cosmos. God is much greater than the Master Universe which is composed of:

- Paradise Island.

- Havona which surrounds it with its many spiritual worlds

- The 7 Superuniverses which circulate around Havona which contain spiritual, morontia and material planets.

- The 700,000 local universes – 100,000 in each Superuniverse

- The four outer spaces with their evolving worlds which circulate around the 7 Superuniverses.

This creation which is completely permeated by God is only a very small part of the complete Being of God which is found in the immeasurable “dark space of the universe”.

Your scientists can study the cosmos, therefore parts of the Master Universe, created by God, through astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry, quantum physics and mathematics, and so on.

They study the energies of your planet and the cosmos that they can perceive. Energies that emanate from God – the First Source and Center. Several major scientific researchers have realized for centuries that there is a brilliant, intelligent mind behind creation.

The problem for the exact scientists is this: how will they name and define 'It' without conflicting with the terms and definitions of existing religions, without having their research undermined due to blasphemy? Without fighting between colleagues because of all these differences of religious opinions?

They therefore decided at the beginning of the 20th century to stay silent about the subject and leave it to theologians and philosophers.

It is through scientific study and research that the Almighty Power of God is most manifested to man. All universal physical phenomena throughout space have their origin in the activities of the First Source and Center.

It is from Him that all physical energy and material manifestations emerge as non-spiritual phenomena.

In the Master Universe, there are 3 basic energies and one composite energy:

- Spiritual energy

- Mind energy

- Material energy.

- Morontia energy is a composition of various proportions of spiritual and material energy.

Scientists have not yet discovered everything and cannot discover everything about God, because God is a Pure Spiritual Being and Pure Spiritual Energy.

God is much greater than the Master Universe that He created with all that it contains.

To know God in its entirety, the human morontia soul must spiritualize itself to such a level that it can contemplate the Father in Paradise as a Higher Spiritual Creature evolved in the image of God. And even then, God will not be fully grasped by those Superior spiritual Creatures of human origin who have attained the Gods perfection.

These Higher Spiritual Creatures of human origin will become the instruments that will help the current Master Universe to transcend into a new era within several million Earth years. God will delegate to them the abilities to become the New Creator Sons and Daughters of this future transcended – fully spiritualized Master Universe.

The current Creator Sons and Daughters of Paradise, created by the Deities of the Trinity, who have received from The Universal Father all powers for the creation and administration of the morontia and material worlds

- in one of the 700,000 local universes of the 7 Superuniverses,

- as well as the creation of the different Orders of Divine Sons such as the Melchizedeks, the Vorondadeks, the Lanonandeks, and so on down to men,

will then receive new responsibilities and support the new generation of Creative Sons and Daughters of human origin in their unrevealed tasks.

God is omnipresent. He can appear in various places at the same time throughout His cosmic creation. He knows every hair on your head, there is nothing he doesn't know about everything that happens in his Master Universe. He is constantly informed about everything and everyone. Because all things are coherent in Him and have their existence in Him.

However, God is not observable in the same way everywhere.

1) God is only observable or visible in His Perfection on the Island of Paradise and in the central universe.

2) He is neither perceptible nor visible in the 7 Superuniverses. He has reduced his presence there to leave all the administration to the Rulers of the Superuniverses and to the Creator Sons and Mother Spirits of the local universes of a Superuniverse. All have been given the powers and abilities for this work and are in fact equal to God.

3) An exception to this is the personality circuit of the First Source-Center and His Thought Adjusters.

Here God works alone, directly and exclusively. He doesn't delegate anything.

Thought Adjusters represent God in the heart and mind of man, but it is up to man to cooperate with this indwelling God Fragment in such a way that the growing human soul gradually approaches the Divine Mind and allows the Thought Adjuster, with the permission of the soul, to exert more influence so that his presence can eventually be felt and heard.

It is not the sins and misdeeds of man that limit the work and influence of the Thought Adjuster. Absolutely not, God will always love everyone the same, even the biggest criminal.

It only depends on man's choices.

If you want to know God, you must come to Him voluntarily. Begin a loving and trusting relationship with Him in your heart and soul.

Otherwise, this God Fragment will have little, less or even no significant influence in you.

For the physicist and the mathematician, in physics and quantum physics, in modern biology and genetics, in astrology and geology, God manifests himself as “Energy”, therefore as a non-spiritual phenomenon.

The greatest gift that God has given to man is his “free will”.

God himself has free will and when he decided to create a human being in his image who would be able to reach Paradise in Gods perfection, this human being had to receive 4 important things from The Universal Father.

- A personality

- an soul embryo

- “Free will” to be able to make choices

- A God Fragment with which the soul could one day fuse in order to be able to become a Superior Spiritual Creature in the Image of God, in His Perfection.

A person can reach such a spiritual stage only through free will, through trial and error, through personal revelations and inner experiences, through performing misdeeds and heroic deeds, and overcoming life's difficulties.

By :

- Developing character strength to face disappointments and trials.

- Develop altruism by helping those in difficulty.

- Develop hope and confidence to face the uncertainties and dangers of life.

- Develop faith by continuing to seek unrevealed truths. The search for Truth is only fueled when man lives in an environment where he can wander and where he is are surrounded by lies.

- Seek the divine ideal by living in an environment where kindness and love still need to be improved.

- Loyalty which can only develop by finding oneself in situations where one can be tempted to be unfaithful and to betray.

- One can only become altruistic and humble on a divine level by abandoning this ego which always calls for the honor and recognition of others.

- One cannot choose to do good and raise it to a higher level if there is no possibility of doing evil.

- Man cannot appreciate inner happiness without having experienced pain and sorrow.

God's greatest gift to man is his free will. Man can choose freely. Without free will, man cannot choose to become like God, and therefore could never become 'perfect' like God, nor become in the image of God.

Due to these life circumstances in which a young human soul may or may not want to grow toward God, it is inevitable that missteps and bad decisions will be made, that grief will be caused to others. Sometimes small, sometimes big.

It's never too late to decide to do things differently. You are free to seek God's guidance and direction whenever you want, as much as you want, and to live according to it. God will never reject you, insult you, or disapprove you. He will carefully show you, without judgment of right or wrong, where you can improve. If your ego can't accept that you still need to improve somewhere, that's just as good for God. He won’t beat you up.

Each person is unique. Each person is given many choices, opportunities and above all time to rise towards divine perfection. One takes the highway, the other experiments with alternative routes. Others take small paths, crossing fields, villages and towns at their own pace, sometimes stopping a while in one place to then get back on the road.

You are free and you can take your time to discover everything in order to decide knowingly, by inner conviction and with full confidence, to abandon yourself to the Infinite Wisdom of God. A Wisdom that will one day make you a Superior Spiritual Being to His Image and Likeness, endowed with free will just like Him.

My dear children, it was a real pleasure serving you. You cannot imagine how fortunate you are to live and actively participate with us, if that is your wish, in these remarkable, historic, exceptionally turbulent and changing times on Urantia. This was Malvantra Melchizedek.



You can find more information for the words in blue in the Urantia Book.