Role of a mother and a father.


Session nr.1 of 5 January 2012 recorded- English translation Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde Placencia, Belize.

Present: E-Maya, Carole, Cyril and Wivine.

Received by par Wivine


Visitors: SIRAYA, Master Spirit n 1 of Superunivers n 1 The Voice of The Universal Father



SIRAYA: This is Siraya here, The Voice of The Father. We are experimenting in order to get more direct connections so that we, The Master Spirits, can speak directly with you all. For the moment there is only this little girl here that has already a lot of experience. You all will receive this experience. You all will start to get used to our voices, our presence, to no longer be afraid of us. Feel us like family, friends that you know for a long time and of whom you like the presence. As soon as you arrive to stay calm and be less afraid, your transmissions will be easier. This little one had also to pass that stage and therefore you should be aware that it is a normal thing to have what you call "stage fright", a kind of fear because we are near you.


We come down towards you, human beings, from the moment that you try to climb up towards us. This will become a more natural phenomenon over the entire world.

We need people like you everywhere in the world who can receive our direct guidance, from all the cultures and in all the major populations.

Simple people without a high degree of school education, who will be an example for others that God, the Master Spirits, Christ Michael and Nebadonia, the Angels and all these Orders of Beings created by Christ and his Conjoint, are very close to you and that they do everything to help you have confidence in them and to help you continue your path of ascension together with them.


In the long run this Grand Universe, as well as all the beings created in this local universe, Christ Michael, all the Master Spirits, all will evolve in God The Supreme when she will become Almighty.


Therefore your ascension and the ascension of your planet to Light and Life will go hand in hand. We create together with you another reality. Evolution will never end and we will not put a time on this because Eternity is not counted in days or years. It is only the constant evolution of the deepening and understanding of The Universal Father, The First Source and Centre.


We are all indirect and sometimes direct creations of Him.


The Superuniverses are huge and there are 7 big ones, you live in the seventh and I am The Master Spirit of The first. There are seven Master Spirits, and each one of them has his own Superuniverse. We are all very different and each one of us is putting his own touch, his own stamp, is own personality in his Superuniverse.


It is the same with the Creator Sons who are created by The Universal Father and The Eternal Mother-Son. There are no two the same. Each provides its own stamp, a part of his own personality in his local universe together with his Conjoint that was created by The Mother-Infinite Spirit at the same time as the birth of the Creator Son.


Our goal of all of us is to evolve further and further. To help the Deities, ourselves and all the creations to evolve by experience.


It is good to know the foundations of the Cosmology described in the Urantia Book, it is well to know theories but is much better to first make your experiences, discover new things and phenomena that you can't explain and that by the faith you have in God you start asking questions. That you go into inner silence and ask your questions to God and by doing so your God Fragment, who is always there for you, will guide you. Just like your Guardian Angel does and other guides such as the Midwayers do while they are helping you in your healing work with The Energy, all of them will guide you to books, in your transmissions, with the transmissions of others, the Urantia Book and historical, archaeological sites and others that you can find on the internet so that you will start understand slowly the theory of what you have lived by experience.


We all live and work for the development of God The Supreme; this Goddess, which is much more than a God or a Goddess, lives and develops by experience. Her Thought Adjuster, Her God Fragment is the Trinity. It is the entire Trinity that creates a Soul with the Mind of The Supreme, a Divine Soul, immensely Divine. It is a Deity that will cover all the material worlds of time and space, those that are already created and those who have yet to be created.


This Great Deity, whose features may resemble to you of those of a mother, to the role that the mothers play on your Earth, must learn by experience.


It is through your experiences, our experiences of the Master Spirits, the experiences of all the Mother Spirits and all the Michael Creator Sons of all the local universes in the Grand Universe that She will grow.


This is why we step down towards you, to reach out to help you grow towards The Father and we, who created these Superuniverses that are administered by The Ancients of Days and many others, we do our experiences by that way.


One day God the Almighty, your Almighty Mother Goddess will receive the power over of the Grand Universe when She will be sufficiently grown up thanks to your experiences and our work. For the moment all these Superuniverses are managed by the Master Spirits, by the Ancients of Days, The Trinity and the local universes by the Creator Sons and their Conjoint, and The Supreme Being that will grow into God the Supreme to then become an Almighty Goddess who will become The Universal Mother of all the universes.


At that time we the Master Spirits, the Creator Sons, the Mother Spirits, the Ancients of Days and all other beings, as well as you who received life and evolved out of animal live who will then be ascended to The Father and have joined the Corps of finality, we all will have then another job to do.


The soul and the personality of The Supreme Being, of your Supreme Queen grew and She wants to have more contact with all the human children who ascend, with all the angels who ascend, with all beings created by Christ Michael and Nebadonia who also ascend each in their own ways. She wants to know everyone in all the Superuniverses.


But we will simply talk about you, the little humans on this Earth and also about all the human beings of this local universe that are already in the Morontia worlds, and those who are already on their way to the Spiritual Worlds. She wants to let feel Her presence to all of those as a MOM and she will do this through all the Mother Spirits of the local universes.


Unless some manage to feel Her, to touch Her in a personal way in his heart, than She will give you what you might call "a Big Kiss" and when you receive this big kiss you will feel tremendously well, quiet as if you lived on a cloud of huge peace, you will feel secure, you will feel a goodness that you never felt before.


The presence of the Mother Spirits, the Planetary Supremes, KUWAYA - The Voice of the Eternal Mother-Son and MOIRAYA, the Voice of the Mother-Infinite Spirit, will be felt more and more so that the mothers, all the moms will feel supported in their immensely important tasks to give birth to their children and educate them. To educate them, not only in the material values but to learn them from the beginning that at a certain time they receive a Fragment of The Universal Father in them and that they can always make contact with Him, because this will be their personal guidance.


To support all those moms who want to the well-being of their children at all levels, that will help them with their presence, their comfort by helping their children to grow and to become responsible adults knowing God and who will have the attitude to help their brothers and sisters who have less knowledge, who have less confidence in themselves, who can help and guide them towards this single Truth: "that everyone is brother and sister under One Father, The Universal Father."


Thank you my children, this is what I wanted to tell you personally on behalf of The Universal Father and myself, as Master Spirit n 1, SIRAYA. Goodbye my children.


MALVANTRA MELCHIZEDEK: Malvantra here. This was announced by Master Spirit n 1, The Voice of The Father, SIRAYA, so that the people of Urantia would understand that if they want to evolve differently and faster to the Era of Light and Life, there need to be respect for the mother and the work of a mother, just as The Universal Father respects the work of The Infinite Spirit who works through the Mother Spirits, who works through the Master Spirits.


It is time that many attitudes change and that the family spirit and the work of a "mother at home" is recognized as one of the most important elements to create future generations who are stable, emotionally in harmony, intelligent with a higher mind, a Morontia mind and which can experiment and develop their potentials and abilities that The Universal Father awarded them with their personality, under the guidance of the Thought Adjuster who is a Fragment of Him.


It is important that the father plays his father role and protects his family and show the example. It is important for children, to grow great souls that parents understand their responsibility when they bring children into the world and that they re-learn to play, as well the father as the mother, their exact roles.


This will also be a priority for the year 2012. This must be known and it is for this reason that the Mother Spirits of the local universes will be strengthened in their ability to help you, you all the mothers and the fathers of the world, to understand your role. It will be The Infinite Spirit, working through The Supreme Being, who will pass this complementary power to your Divine Mother Nebadonia, to make understand the role and the capital and huge importance of the mother and the father of a family with children.


This is announced by The Voice of The Universal Father. Understand well that this is something which comes directly from The Universal Father. This is announced by Master Spirit No. 1.


I hope that you will understand the importance of this message that is transmitted here for all future generations.


We will send this same message to many other places in the world because the situation is very serious in many countries due to materialism, religions and many other cultural reasons.


Mothers must be capable and have sufficient time to be with their children and know which role they play and fathers should support the mothers and their children in this role.


This is made very clear and said as simple as possible so that the entire world can understand it and return to these fundamental values.


The more people who will become conscious of this message the more this will enter the collective consciousness of humanity. Thus we can move forward and change over a few generations many things on this planet.


Thank you my children. You are not in danger anymore, you are highly protected. There is one thing on which you must pay attention that is to keep the lowest profile you can and to continue to support each other in your group as you do. Dont attract the spotlights on you because you are only students and apprentices just as the rest of the human beings here on Earth. No one is more important than another.


You're all children with a God Fragment in you, able to speak directly with The Universal Father and now also with your Universal Mother, the one that is called the Supreme Being in the book of Urantia.


Thank you my children, the session is finished. Thank you and goodbye.





For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.