Session nr.2 of 7 January 2012 – recorded – Original English.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Cyril, Carole, E-Maya, B-Maya,  and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: AYA – Master Spirit n°7 of Superunivers n°7 Orvonton – the Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

Total time meditation: 1h40min

AYA: This is AYA here, Master Spirit n°7, The Voice of the Trinity and the Supreme Being, the Master Spirit of your Superunivers where you live in.

We come back to you with an important issue.

The Supreme Being is now empowered with the facility of being able to make direct contact with you all. Through you all here, she will let feel her presence and speak to the children of Urantia. You will be Her ambassadors who will learn others about The Universal Father and The Universal Mother which we all help to grow by our experiences and our work.

Your local universe has been shaken a lot by different rebellions. This gave such an experience to your Creator Son Christ Michael, called Jesus when he was on Earth, to your Mother Spirit Nebadonia and also to us, the Master Spirits and the Supreme Being. It is through all that work with the help and contribution of all Celestials of Paradise and of The Father that we could help Christ Michael to realise his Plans; to send him an Avonal Son that will come for a Magisterial Mission on your planet. Everything has been put in place know so that this Mission can go on.

You are part of what is called the Magisterial Mission in the sense that you are preparing the ground, his house, a place on Earth where The Magisterial Son could come. We don’t mean here that you are preparing and building literally a house of stone or wood where he could live when he is in a physical body. NO.

You prepare the minds of those around you. You help like so many others to prepare his coming so that there will be enough places on Earth where he will be surrounded by people who are aware of Him, that are already much more evolved and closer to their God Fragment, to the Cosmic Mind by having a Morontia mind.

You are preparing this; you are preparing like a farmer the soil where later the seeds can be planted. There are many controversies around the coming of The Magisterial Son. We don’t want you to get into that.

Know that you are all helping us, each with your own capacities, to prepare the world and a large part of your brethren for the future generations and for that coming.

Many things have been said about the “Mortal Staff” of the Magisterial Son. These are possibilities. But as the date of his coming is absolutely not known and it is certainly not for tomorrow, we don’t want you to put these things in your mind. As it would well be another 50 years before The Magisterial Son will really come in the flesh.

So be realistic and help us prepare the ground on which he will once walk to help all humanity to go to Light and Life.

Let people believe what they want to believe. Let everybody believe what he wants to believe as everybody has his personal guidance, his personal Thought Adjuster, his angels, other guides and the Love of Christ Michael and Nebadonia. Believes are something personal and they are not worth to start quarrels and wars about it.

You all have to go forth with your own believes and how you understand things. The only thing that is of real value is your love for The Father, that you love to be of service to The Father by helping your brothers and sisters now here on Earth and later others on other planets once you will be on the Morontia Worlds. That is the only thing of importance.

Be happy that you heard the call of The Magisterial Son to help him to prepare his coming, whenever that might be as you are of great value to him.

Even if he would be here now in the flesh, how would you recognize him? Which colour of skin should he have: white, red, yellow, blue, black or brown? How will he look?

Already now you have many people who say they are the embodiment of Jesus Christ in his second coming. In a few years you will have people who will say that they are the Magisterial Son. How would you recognize that it is true or not?

And to whom will He present him first?  How will you know?

So don’t put expectations my children in waiting for a coming of the Magisterial Son or in a second coming of Jesus in the flesh. Know that you are working for the Plans of Christ Michael and that you help to realize them. You have helped to reconnect this Earth back to the Universe circuitry without knowing it and you will help more in the future. Sure the celestials did the biggest part of it but we needed humans who wanted to help, as it is the humans who have to help their brothers and sisters and then we will help more.

You live now in times of great changes and history on your planet. You will be of great help; the Mayas to their people and the others to theirs. Many doors will go open before you, what you will touch, will change. What you will say and speak out will transform and many will follow you in this. Many will learn from you and become like you.

Continue with what you are doing and then more and more people will understand what is of real value once they learned to make contact with The Father within.

So realize very well that the Magisterial Mission already begun and does not need to have Monjoronson in the flesh right now to start. The Magisterial Mission starts by making people aware that such a thing will happen and by making people aware that they can start working right now for the Magisterial Son, now during their lifetime; that they are preparing that coming in the flesh and that this still has to wait for another few generations.

Thank you my children that is all for today. Thank you very much.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.