Will Monjoronson be visible to some one day?

Session n° 3 of 14 January 2012 – recorded – Original English

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present : Cyril, Carole, E-Maya and Wivine

Received by Wivine.

{Note Wivine: I learned to speak English in 2008. Our group is multi-cultural and multi-lingual. Most of our group started to read the Urantia Book one year ago. That’s why the celestials always present themselves a bit formally to us. They do this since the beginning of our recorded group-sessions in February 2011 and I quote one of them here: “Because….that you would learn to know us and not put us all in one bag.”).

Visitors:        AYA, Master Spirit n°7 of Superunivers n°7, The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

                   MONJORONSON, Magisterial – Avonal Son of The Magisterial Mission.

Aya spoke after 1h11min              Total time meditation: 1h27min

AYA: This is AYA here. My children, we are not going to do some tests to learn you to speak (transmit) today as there is something to be announced to those who are aware of the Magisterial Mission.

Monjoronson here: I am Monjoronson, I am an Avonal Son created by the Eternal Son-Mother and The Infinite Spirit. I come here to help Christ Michael, your Creator Son, who has been created by The Eternal Son-Mother and The Universal Father. We have both the same Mother and are both Paradise Sons.

I come to help him with a Magisterial Mission and many Melchizedeks will come with me to help unfold His Plans. We have to speed up this world in many ways. Last week you have been announced that the Magisterial Mission started. Indeed we are now preparing many people all over the world in many different programs and many teachings that started to change the mentality, the mind and the consciousness of this world.

There is a group that started in the USA (and in Australia) to let know people that there would come a Magisterial Mission. The people who understood the term a “Magisterial Mission” were the readers of the Urantia Book. We prepared many transmitters (T/R’s) to be our voices and our ambassadors. These T/R’s and those who prepared the mind of so many people that there would be such a thing as a Magisterial Son coming with a Mission are waiting for me to come in the flesh, to meet me and to see me as well as the others of my Celestial Staff.

We understand this, we understand the desire from the point of view of a mortal who would like to see us and work with us during his or her mortal life.

Our bodies are in preparation and for most of us they are ready. They are not ready in the sense that they will be materialized completely as this would be much too soon, much too dangerous for us to do.

What we will do is showing ourselves to those we want to talk to and have contact with. Don’t expect it for tomorrow and don’t start waiting for it. In a few years in your counting we will start to come on your globe and you will be able to see us in a Morontia- body just for the duration a discussion with you. We will show ourselves to different little groups, to people who are ready to see us and speak with us of what we have to do together. That’s what you can expect in the near future.

In the meantime all these groups who are now coming together, and they are existing in all religions and beliefs over the entire world, will be more and more guided to the knowledge that we will one day be visible to them.

Therefore all your bodies are in preparation; they still need some adaptations and need more connections to the communication system with reflectivity that we are installing to communicate with you in a better way. This will take time.

The real coming in the flesh of Adam and Eve, their children, my Staff and the Melchizedeks will take a few decades.

When these groups are ready and they will not be afraid of us, we can show ourselves. This will be a stage in between.

So for the next 20 to 50years nobody will have to prepare a bed or a house for me as in this stage we don’t need it. We decided to do it this intermediary way because too much things have to be prepared and put in place.

I wanted to announce it to all those of the Magisterial Mission who want to know and who are waiting for my presence that I am already very near you; that I follow all of you and when you accept to meditate in groups we can better encircuit and prepare you to upgrade your body and your senses, to give your body more Morontia material and that your mortal mind will get more impregnated with your growing Morontia mind. When you come together in groups to meditate, this process will go much faster.

We understand that not everybody is able to be in a group and when we speak about a group we speak about minimum 2 people.

We can better prepare your mind on a more Morontia level with those who create such a group. If you do so we will in time get our bodies denser so that one day I can be in the middle of your group, speaking, teaching and answering you.

We will keep the name Monjoronson for a while as giving another name will only bring confusion and unnecessary discussions. So don’t look for my real name or my celestial name because this will stay secret for a long time until.

That’s all I had to say and I thank all people of the Magisterial Mission who prepared my coming since such a long time and who made people aware that such a Mission would begin.

I thank you all very much.

The Magisterial Mission is indeed on his way and started.

Goodbye my children.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.