Christ Michael asks your help.

Session nr.4 of 21 January 2012 – recorded – English translation - Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Cyril, Carole, B-Maya and Wivine

Received by Wivine.

Visitors:        AYA – Master Spirit n° 7 of Superunivers n°7, Orvonton, The Voice of the Trinity and of The Supreme Being.

                   Malvantra Melchizedek

                   Christ Michael – Jesus - your Creator Son of this local universe Nebadon.


AYA spoke after 1h11 min             Total time meditation: 2hrs.


AYA : Hello this is AYA here, your Master Spirit n°7 of Superunivers n°7 Orvonton, who speaks for the Trinity and The Supreme Being, your  Queen Mom who will receive one day her “Crown with Seven Jewels” to become Almighty. What you call her “Crown with Seven Jewels” is a symbol for God the Sevenfold.


When God the Sevenfold and the Soul of the Supreme Being will have evolved, at that moment God the Sevenfold, who now administrates all 7 Superuniverses and the local universes will hand over all power to God The Supreme. Than those that are part of God the Sevenfold will receive other functions with and in The Supreme Being which will then be God The Supreme who will become afterwards God the Ultimate.


You are part of this. You are children of The Supreme Being and God the Sevenfold. When you will ascend to The Universal Father, you will also become part of the “Jewels of the Crown” of God the Supreme to help Her evolve while you will arrive in a different stage of evolution.


This is a small new lesson we gave here and you can read more about it in the Urantia Book.


The Supreme Being, your Queen-Mom, wants to address you.


{note Kathy: when I finally understood a bit more the Supreme Being from the Urantia Book, I perceived Her as a Young Mother-Goddess who one day will receive her “Crown with Seven Jewels” to become a Supreme Goddess and receive all power above the seven Superuniverses and beyond. I even asked the Universal Father, my “Big Dad”, to be there the day She will be crowned. It may look like a fairy tale, I know, but it's my way to bring all these Deities closer to me and differentiate them until the day I will grow up and have more intelligence.}


The Supreme Being: my young children, this brings me such joy that you arrived at a stage of development where you can reach me with your heart. It has been explained to you that I am composed of Planetary Supremes and that your Planetary Supreme is called “Urantia”. All these Supremes are part of my body, my Soul and evolve with your experiences. They grow by absorbing your experiences and it is through them and their connection with me that I receive all my information about you. Continue your life experiences, to learn and to love your Universal Father because He is also mine.


Continue my children with all that you do and reach out to those who seek your help without pushing them, in accordance with their beliefs and level of development and let speak your heart. Your Guides, your Angels, your God Fragment will guide you in what you must say in order that these individuals understand the wisdom behind the words you express. The God Fragment of the person in front of you will thus receive the necessary commodity to work in the mind of the one that looks for knowledge and come closer to The Universal Father.


You will meet people from all levels of development, you will meet people whose souls are more advanced than yours from whom you will learn and you will meet souls whose level of development is still at a very small stage who need to hear some words of wisdom so that their God Fragment has something to work with.


I explain this in a simple way my children but there is great wisdom behind my words, thus try to feel and understand this wisdom within your hearts.


If you read wisdom that comes from transmissions of other T/R's, launch your heart on it and read with your heart so that you understand the wisdom behind the words we tried to pass through this transmitter. Even if the words seem shocking there is always wisdom to understand that will help and guide you to new knowledge so that you can grow.


If words hurt, let them pass and leave them behind you. They were maybe not pronounced to shock you or they are not complete or the vocabulary used is not the one with which you can understand the wisdom.

This is why you have to ask Mother Spirit Nébadonia to read these messages with you and each time there is something which offends you, she will give you the Spirit of Truth and show you the truth that was not expressed clearly by these words and it could well be something entirely different from what you have understood at first.


Nothing comes before your eyes without purpose. But read everything with your heart and ask your Mother Spirit to whisper you the wisdom behind the words that was not expressed.


Goodbye my children; it was a real pleasure to be able to speak to you. This is something that normally never happens. Our Universal Father gave me this possibility on my request. Thank you my children. Good bye.


Malvantra here: We want to announce that we will start to prepare new journeys and travelling’s so that you can do some work for us. We will not explain much now but it’s on the way. The Universal Father gave us other means to increase your ability to receive our messages and with these new capabilities that you will need to receive proper guidance, we can start with new actions where it is necessary. You will implement Light Anchors where needed and “clean” at the same time the area and help the souls of your brethren which are converted to find their path towards the Light and their ascension according to the Plans of Christ Michael and The Universal Father. We don’t want and there is no need any more to speak of Lucifer and Caligastia. These names must fade from the minds because they bring fear. If there is one thing we don’t need any more on your planet that’s this fear for demons, devils, ghosts and all that stuff.


It suffices that humans understand that souls of deceased who sometimes die in violence and torture or in extreme unpleasant conditions doesn’t stay necessarily all the time close to their body when they have no belief in the Love of The Universal Father. Sometimes they will not realize that they have lost their physical body after an unexpected death and yet they still feel alive and want to communicate with the living without achieving it. It is a phenomenon which will last a long time on your planet until all humans raise their consciousness and their belief in the “inner God” who is good and who does everything to help them progress towards Him.


There are programs implemented to help these souls and other programs will come forth so that those who want to help their invisible brethren to return to their path of evolution, can learn fast and easily how to do so.

Meanwhile those who received these teachings and capabilities will continue to help there where they are.


When people die, they die with the beliefs in which they were educated.  When a soul loses her body on a battlefield, often we see that these souls do not realize that they have lost their body and that their hatred is so fierce that they continue to fight. There are cultures and beliefs for which it is important to bury the body according to the rituals of their belief to bring peace to that soul and that the members of the family can mourn. All these things are very cultural and soaked in local beliefs and the soul keeps these beliefs after death.


Therefore respect this, just as we do. We will help those souls with you and the Midwayers to bring them back to their ascension path. From the moment they wish to continue their ascension towards the Light we can help.


It is also true that many of these souls are not aware of a life after death, a Heaven of Light, Goodness and Beauty which leads to the Universal Creator.


The humans who have a soul that radiates already much Light will attract these wandering souls who seek for help. Many things have been done by ceremonies, memorials and monuments to help these souls of the battlefields to let them understand that they are dead and that they must stop fighting and hating, that there is a path that leads elsewhere to other celestial worlds where they can continue their evolution in peace.


With what was already done and the program that we gave you last year in the summer and autumn we managed to release a lot of souls. Thanks to the help of The Universal Father all those who wanted to leave but were unable to do so have left. Millions and millions of souls of all ages, from all cultures of the world departed.


There are still reluctant individuals and every day there are human beings who die. Therefore this will continue to exist until your planet will come to an higher awareness and people acquire more knowledge about life after death and about The Loving Creator who expects them.

We are working very hard on this on our side and much is installed. We could reconnect many of the circuits of the universe, especially those working with Reflectivity and circuitry that works with other systems.


“New teachings” will come for the transmitters of the future who will learn this work in a different way and who will be encircuited during their meditations on this new communication system. This system approximates the "reflectivity system" but is not quite the same as what is used in the circuits of the universe by the Master Spirits and the Ancients of Days to receive their information. Your communication system with reflectivity is hung, connected and apparent to it.


We have no words to describe this in your vocabulary and that’s the reason when you started with it we announced that these were the “first steps of the system of reflectivity on Urantia”. We did not lie, only we could not explain it in the terminology and vocabulary that you possess.


Then to stop the confusion we will say that it is:

An Urantia, Earthly type system of reflectivity adapted to the humans of Urantia.

This is not comparable to the Reflectivity System used by the Ancient of Days, so let’s say that it is a derivative of this, adapted to the mortals on Urantia. We hope that the confusion around the term is thus settled.


Messages that will and already come through this system are 80% reliable and we will still increase their reliability. However you must consider several things:


1)   We are required to use your vocabulary to express huge abstract truths, and therefore you must still consider what we really mean in the message.

2)    We do not want or cannot always reveal all that you want to know. This small group here is a very beautiful model. We very well explained them that they would receive their truths step by step and regarding what they were able to understand. We have seen that this is still the best way to proceed, by small groups who are not looking for fame and simply seek to grow, to be educated, to follow our guidance and work for The Universal Father by helping their visible and invisible brethren.


There is a great advantage when there is confusion about vocabulary to express certain things and that is that everyone begins to think about topics on which they never thought before. At that moment we can direct everyone towards greater openness on certain subjects and help them to understand other truths that are not written clearly in the Urantia Book but which are hidden behind certain sentences.


With regards to the longevity of life of people who have been accepted by us and that will work for a long time for the Magisterial Mission, we will say the following.


As long as your physical body is in perfect operating condition and that it stays alive, you will work for the Melchizedeks and the Staff of Monjoronson (The Magisterial Son). If your physical body is no longer appropriate, you will leave it behind and we will ensure you get another body with which you will continue to operate. We will not explain how this will work. Just know that if your work for the Magisterial Mission is not finished we will do what is needed.


It is clear that those who have been chosen to remain on Earth to work with The Magisterial Son, the Melchizedeks and the Staff, possess souls with great potential and are very close to fuse with their Thought Adjuster. These are souls who have already learned to do the Will of the Universal Father. So if you didn’t fuse on Earth and you intended to follow the Magisterial Mission due to your own choice and our acceptance, your fusion will be delayed.

Do not think that when you stay on Earth with another body after physical death you would be without Divine guidance because of the possibility that your Thought Adjuster wouldn’t stay with you. Don't forget that your souls will be already extremely advanced and will have reached such a level of knowledge and a habit to do the Will of The Father that it will pose no problem. You will have the wisdom of Christ Michael who represents The Father and of The Infinite Spirit via Nebadonia your Divine Minister and you will have the Magisterial Son with his Melchizedeks who will be there with their wisdom and all these experiences will increase the spiritual benefits of your soul.


When your task and mission will be completed you will go to the Morontia world adapted to the level of your soul where you will fuse with your God Fragment and continue your ascension.


Up to you to understand what has been explained here and to take your decisions.


Thank you my children. I salute you and I'm glad to have seen you back, it was a long time ago. We have been busy, we the Tontons, and we are back with a program in which can participate many people under certain conditions which we will disclose later.


Christ Michael: My children, I hope you don’t have the impression we have put too much responsibility on your shoulders. However because of your determination, your trust in us and your willingness to help your visible and invisible brethren, we ask you to continue. We will help you to grow and better understand with what you are busy and we ask you to be indulgent with those who receive also our messages, and who are sometimes divided because this will settle in time. We work with them and we know they want to help us from out of their heart.


You will see, this will come alright and later you will be able to communicate easily and openly with them; something we prevented you all from doing before because you had to grow up in peace and we wanted to give you personally an education that suited you all to prepare you to do the work to which you all aspire and which enchants you so much.

You will be an inspiration to many who did not know that such a thing could be done and that they could help in this area.


I make a call to all my children:

To those who want to help their invisible brethren to find their way to me, to bring back to me all these lost sheep crying because they are lost, hungry and in the dark.


If you want to help in this work you have to talk to me in your hearts during your meditations and you will see that one day you will be brought in contact with those who can teach you this and afterwards you will receive your personal direct lessons to learn and know what to do where and how.


We cannot oblige you. It is up to you to volunteer with a strong conviction in your heart to help in this very special task on Urantia. This little planet is very dear to me and is very particular because nothing in her evolution was ever standard.


Thank you very much my children. I salute you. I love you all and I hug you. Goodbye my children.


Malvantra it is over for today little one. We are very pleased that The Universal Father granted Christ Michael, Monjoronson and us these new opportunities and soon we will be working together again with the Midwayers and all your Guides. Goodbye my children; It was a great joy for me to see you back and talk to you.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.