The Abyss of Spiritual Pride.

Session nr 6 of 4 February 2012 – recorded- English translation – Original English/Dutch/French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: B-Maya, E-Maya, Cyril and Wivine

Received by Wivine.


Visitor: Malvantra Melchizedek


Malvantra spoke after 1h30 min               Total time mediation: 1h53min.


Malvantra (speaking Dutch):

This is Malvantra here. We greet the young Charles who connected (remote) today with this meditation. Now your group is really complete. It will take some time before all of you will be on the same page and will be able to work as a Unit. Great tasks are awaiting your group.


Thanks to the fact that Charles joined we now can exercise one language more. It has been told to you many times that this was something very important to us, namely that we can pass the same message in multiple languages at the same time. This is the first time we speak in Dutch and we are pleased that we were able to do so.


As regards to the lady in France, she has to take her decision. She is already notified and must decide if she wants to commit fully to participate in this grand experiment


We will now change language.


Malvantra (speaking French):

My children this is Malvantra here. We are very pleased that this Belgian person has joined the meditation of your group. The encircuitments will still take some time. The fact that we have a language more, Dutch, will help us to make better experiences in passing the same message in different languages at the same time in different locations.

This is what we meant before; this was our intention as a first experience. Right now these things are in a phase of experimentation and started here with people who live here and those who came from Europe to this place to help you with the creation of your Light Anchor. Therefore by starting from here we will be able in a few years to expand this network worldwide.


Malvantra (speaking English):

The assignments that you will receive later will be of a level that we cannot explain for the moment. Your bodies will have to be adapted so that you can learn to “travel through space with your body and soul”. You will than go to some places to speak to local people with our help and pass them our messages. These people need a physical presence which you will be able to give them in the future. Most human beings have it difficult to make personal relationships with Celestials they do not see which is due to the genetic aspect that makes that not everyone has developed psychic senses.


You don’t use all the functions of your brain now and these functions are necessary to get a higher intelligence, a broader Morontia Mind and this goes hand in hand with receiving the ability to hear and see clearly.


This improvement is done during your meditations or your sleep. The more you do these meditations the more parts of your brain you will be able to use. We can say now that in your group some have developed their brains between 40-80%. It is this that gives you the ability to pick up "The Energy of the Trinity" and transmit it to people, areas, war zones, natural disasters and that you can help the "wandering souls" to return to the Light.

The more you will use these capacities, the more you will use the Light Anchors for these purposes, the more you will develop “the latent abilities of your brain”. It will transform your DNA, it will transform all your cells in much more Light and it will transform your brain.


That is what we are achieving with you here and to what you are reaching out by having the patience to do these long meditations regularly and consistently. The capacities you will have in a few years will be amazing, tremendous and very difficult for us to explain.

You will receive these capabilities to serve God, humanity, the visible and invisible ones in all humility. If you would try one day to use them to boost your ego, for your own needs and your own glory, you will lose everything and might even go as far that you would not be able to stay alive because you would become a danger to yourself.


So you are warned now.


You are at the doorstep to enter that journey and receive these capabilities. When you pass this gate, there will be no way back; you can no longer deny it.

If you continue in all humbleness to be of service with unconditional Love for God and your brethren, than you will reach far out, go very high with many capabilities.


But if you lose your humility and would begin to boost your ego, your pride, feeling above others, put you between God and man, or even deny God, that you would use your abilities to enrich you in a material way, for your own needs or those of your family or who are dear to you, then there is no way back: you will leave this world.


It is time now for you to think very deeply about yourself and your ambitions, what you want to become, before we begin and continue with each of you individually the following phases.


The “Doors of Heaven” are opening before you and for you and we will be there to hold your hand and guide you. We will never let you down; you will have no enemies except one, YOURSELF. It is you who will be your greatest enemy if you choose the path of pride and personal ambitions.


We will give you time at every step to make your decision because we do not want that someone starts a path without warning what might happen to him or her if they would succumb to their pride, their spiritual ego or their own spiritual, emotional and material ambitions.


Thank you my children. I hope I could explain this in a very clear way to you.

You are all welcome, you are all capable but you need to take this decision yourself before we go on each time with the next step.


Thank you my children. The session is finished. Goodbye.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.