Pre-Fusion with God Fragment on Earth.

Session nr.7 of 13 February 2012 – recorded- Original English

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: B-Maya, E-Maya, Carole, Cyril and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.


Visitors: Malvantra Melchizedek

                AYA – Master Spirit N° 7 of Superunivers n°7 OrvontonThe Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.


Malvantra spoke after 1h54min                Total time meditation: 2h22min.


Malvantra Melchizedek here: my children, we are gradually setting up a vast network of people who will be able to connect to this place. Some will be brought here as invisible visitors to see how this experiment unfolds. Others will be encouraged to come to this place to learn what you will have to teach them and maybe attend some of your meditations. These people will then return home with ‘this knowledge’ and will be able to join your meditations from where they live if they wish to do so.


If these experiments yield the expected results, we will be able to build out in a few years’ people from all continents through their meditations during which they will be connected and transformed as we have in mind, so that they can work for us afterwards in their surroundings.


When you are all able to quickly transform your body into 'Light', we'll take you as a 'group' to the Morontia worlds to follow an education so that we can send you afterwards to locations in " the borderland of the physical and Morontia realms " to bring your assistance.


We want to have as many people as possible around the world who are able to connect to this communication system with reflectivity, to pass the same message in different languages at the same time everywhere on the planet. Each "receiver/transmitter" of each country will add something to it, but a fraction will be the same in each message and it is this way that the communications will validate each other.


We ask everyone to be patient and know that patience is "a virtue". Let us work in peace with this group for a few months or more until we have fully tested everything and we can bring forth the "new teachings" with a "new method" to help mortals as well as wandering souls.


This 'invisible space' around Urantia is still empowered by your negative thoughts. Any person who produces a thought of fear, anger, jealousy or hate creates an "energy thought form" which takes a shape and is kept alive by more fear, more hatred, anger or jealousy.


These 'thought forms' can merge to become "monsters" who will try to create more fear, hatred and rage in the human mind to receive the necessary energy to stay alive. It is one of the most important reasons why it is necessary to avoid developing these feelings and thoughts of hatred, anger, jealousy, rage and anguish.


You can create with your thoughts, but you haven't yet learned to do it with « higher spiritual emotions of love» Now, you do it just with your "lower emotions" and you don't realize it, you are not even aware of it.


This is the reason why we try so hard with so many groups to establish righteousness, mercy, compassion and love into the consciousness of humanity, to create this way huge "positive thoughts forms”.

The more people who will learn to give birth automatically through their hearts to these 'thoughts' of love, mercy and compassion the more these "dark thought-forms" of hatred, fear, anger, jealousy and envy will decrease which are constantly engendered everywhere in the world and sometimes even by you, to keep humanity on a low frequency - the level of vibration of the paralyzing fear.


These terrifying, violent and horrific images you see constantly on television and films remain in your mind. It suffices that you want to meditate with the intention to make contact with your indwelling God Fragment, with Celestial Beings or just standing around your light anchor to have these "dark thought-forms" sent to you to enable these frightening images in your memory that are stored there permanently.


This can happen when you're starting to do meditations, even when you are near your Light anchor or if you want to destroy these "dark thought-forms" or help the wandering souls going towards the Light. It is then that they will try to activate these horror images in your brain to induce a "horrible paralyzing fear" in order to stop you. This is how the dark system works and in all cultures over time this has resulted in different ways.


I say to all those who want to reach God, when these images come to you understand where they come from. They are not the actual creatures, it is just an activation of images in your memory and your imagination does the rest. It is you who introduced these images in your memory by reading books with drawings, from your beliefs and watching movies and television. It is only your memory which is activated in order to instill fear when you learn to meditate to make you believe that it is the "meditation" which is the cause and that you would think that “going into silence” is dangerous for you.


There is only one thing you can do and that is to stay calm until these images disappear and thank God He gave you this test so that you can prove Him that you're not afraid and that you trust Him. These images disappear after a while. Send feelings of love, compassion and mercy on these images because they are nothing else.


None of what you see which induces fear during a "meditation" to get in touch with God is real, because the ‘dark ones’ or the ‘dark thought-forms’ will not expose themselves.

I hope that I answered your question clearly?


I thank you my children. We will end the meditation. We are making progress and we thank you for the patience you have shown during these long meditations and by doing them you help those in other countries to connect on this communication system.


AYA: this is AYA here, your Master Spirit nr. 7 of Superunivers nr.7 Orvonton. I am the one who created this Superunivers in which your local universe Nebadon is located as well as the planet where you were born. Your planet is a "decimal" planet. One planet out of ten that can support life are planets where we are experimenting with new life forms, where we present new characteristics to experiment and make improvements that come forth after a long time of development.


This planet has received, since the introduction of the first " germ plasma of living things and beings", the possibility of producing humans with a physical body and a particular brain capable of receiving Thought Adjusters who could 'pre-fuse with your created soul' already here on Earth, provided that these souls reached a certain level of ascension. If everything would have evolved on your planet according to the plans of Christ Michael and the Universal Father, you would already be in the era of Light and Life and this new opportunity, this special ability of your body and mind would have already appeared.


What we have called last time “travelling through space with body and soul” has also another meaning. If you manage during these long meditations to transform your physical body in 'Light' with our help, you will at the same time create a Morontia body with a Morontia Mind allowing your God Fragment (Thought Adjuster) to pre-fuse with your soul in a similar way as the 'fusion' on the Mansion worlds or Morontia worlds but without being exactly the same.


Normally your physical body would immediately be destroyed if you would fuse here on Earth with your Thought Adjuster. You would receive afterwards a 'new' Morontia body with a Morontia Mind on the First Mansion World. Then it would be this “fused soul with her God Fragment” who becomes a "unified new being' that would continue her ascension.


However here you will first learn patiently to create yourself a "new type of body' by transforming your physical body with the help of your God Fragment and when you achieved this your "pre-fusion" will be ‘a fait accompli’.


Your 'new body type' will be like a ‘double body': outside you will have the appearance of someone with a normal physical body and inside you will have a Morontia body with a Morontia Mind supporting a "new entity in an intermediate state", namely "the soul that pre-fused with her God Fragment."


We will not give you more explanations for the moment. You must all achieve this and you are on the way. We warn everybody that it is not enough to read a Book or messages to achieve this.

We won't add anything more to this communication and we thank all those who participated in this meditation.

Goodbye to all of you.


Malvantra: It is really finished now. Goodbye everyone.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.