Meeting with our Midwayers.

Session N°9 of 22 February 2012 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: E-Maya, Cyril and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.


Visitors: Monsanloran and Malvantra Melchizedek

                  AYA, Master Spirit n° 7 of our Superunivers n°7, Orvonton


Monsanloran spoke after 58min                     Total time meditation: 1h43min.


Monsanloran: I am here to announce you something very important. You will start working closely with the Midwayers in your area. You will receive one Primary Midwayer and a few Secondary Midwayers. They will be presented to you gradually.


This Primary Midwayer knows your regions (the Americas) since a long time and will help the Maya's in their language. The Primary Midwayers are androgynous (Hermaphrodites) beings, they are male-female.


The secondary Midwayers assigned to your group have plenty of experience to help you with your work in the "borderland". In time you will learn to know, to see and distinguish them.

You know that the secondary Midwayers represent all the ancient races of earth: the yellow, the red, the indigo, the blue, the green and the orange, as well as many mixed races.


Don't be surprised when you see them. They are all very different, dress very differently and can be male or female. Some look like the native populations of the Americas, others like the older blended Mediterranean races, others like Caucasians, Africans and Hindu, etc.


The Mayans will be the ones who will see the Primary Midwayer with the look of an ancient Maya leader.


So do not be surprised the day you'll see them because they may have very different features than yours. They can dress before your eyes as they want: costumed in Asian clothing, Egyptians or as Native Americans, regardless. I tell you this so that you would not be surprised, nor have fear when you will achieve to see them. Therefore we announce them because one day you'll see them, be able to converse with them and will work a lot with them.


Everything moves very quickly at the moment and it was necessary to inform you of their presence. Ciao, my children, goodbye.


AYA: this is Aya here, your Master Spirit no. 7 of your Superunivers No.7, Orvonton.

My children, you progress with great strides and that means that the little trip we planned for you will be faster than announced. Get ready, my children for this fantastic journey that you will remember and describe for future generations.


We would like to say something important regarding the announcement of new revelations that would complement the Urantia Book. For the moment the Order engaged to prepare these future revelations is far from ready, nor to give an agreement for their disclosure.


What we intend to do with the agreement of the Ancients of Days, is to produce attachments to the Urantia book, to simplify it, to make it more understandable and accessible to a wider audience.

We will also add new items to bring some light to some topics. It is in this sense that there will be new revelations but one cannot say that it will be the “6th great Revelation”. It will be like an extension or additions to the “5th Revelation” to eliminate some confusion due to the fact that at the time the Urantia Book was written not everything could be said because of some taboos.


Now, with the new agreement Christ Michael received from the Ancients of Days to go forth with the adjudication of the Rebellion in its entirety and move on full speed with the Plans to bring all planets of the Rebellion in line with the rest of the Satania System, it will be possible to advance this local universe of Nebadon one step further towards Light and Life.


Many projects are in place on Urantia and on the other rebel planets and everything will go hand in hand like a synchronized enterprise. The only thing is that Urantia needs a slightly larger 'cleaning' than the other rebel planets but this will soon be resolved.


Thanks children for giving me the floor and listening to me. Good bye.


Malvantra here: continue a little longer with the meditation. We are going to try something, maybe with someone here or with some in Europe who are joining this meditation. I will return when the meditation is complete. Thanks for being a support for your colleagues and your companions.


{After 20min. waiting there was a mini-tentative of a few words with Cyril.}


We tried to connect everyone and send a message that we have reflected to you and the others. We use you sometimes as a transmitting station of messages. It is one of the tests we do with you and those in your group who live abroad. Things are not going on like they should and that is why we thank you for your patience.


When all these tests will be completed and everyone will be connected and encircuited, you will receive the benefits and we the necessary experience to build out others; but it will take several more months.


The new ones will have life easier because you were the pioneers of this system and for a pioneer it's always longer and harder but you will be rewarded for your efforts, don't worry. This is your way to serve and others are of service in their ways.


Thank you very much my children. We will explain gradually. Good bye.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.