More Paradise Sons will come.

Session nr.10 of 25 February 2012 – recorded- English translation– Original French/English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: B-Maya, E-Maya, Cyril and Wivine

Received by Wivine.

Visitors:        AYA, Master Spirit n°7 of Superunivers n°7 called Orvonton

                   Christ Michael –Creator Son of Nebadon – Jesus.

                   Machiventa Melchizedek


Aya spoke after 1h23 min.            Total time meditation: 2hrs.


AYA: I am AYA your Master Spirit n°7 of your Superunivers n°7, Orvonton. The Superunivers where is located your Local Universe Nebadon, in which your planetary System of Satania exists and in this system your planet Urantia that bears the name of her planetary Supreme.


We told you already that you are beings who evolve by experiences. All your experiences are drawn into your planetary Supreme. This is how she grows and each Planetary Supreme brings her knowledge to The Supreme of their Planetary System and from there it goes to The Supreme Being. It is all your experiences that will make grow the Over-Soul of your Supreme Queen who will receive one day Her "Crown with seven Jewels”.


It is by working hand in hand with God, with your Creator that you Co-create a Grand Deity called "God The Supreme ". God gives you all His Love and by giving it back to your brethren you help the Over-Soul of the Supreme Being to become God the Supreme.

If you do not undertake, if you do not make experiences your knowledge will remain only intellectual and will not help your soul to grow.


To let grow your soul and that of the Supreme Being you have to act and make decisions together with your God Fragment, with the Angels that guide you and with the Midwayers that God put around you to help you. It is by being active and by dedicating yourself to others that you will learn by experience and understand with the intelligence of your heart.


God The Supreme is only evolution and experiences. It is through your experiences and by evolving step by step that you'll help grow this Over-Soul in which you will continue to work later with your Parents of this Local Universe Nebadon: Christ Michael and his Conjoint Nebadonia, daughter of The Infinite Spirit.


You have many elements that come from your Divine Parents.

-          You have a physical body with its genetics which comes from your earthly parents who raised and educated you.

-          You received a unique personality from The Universal Father.

-           You received a Father Fragment that adjusts your thoughts, the Thought Adjuster.

-          You received the “Adjutant Mind Spirits" from your Mother Spirit of this local universe Nebadon. You bathe in Her assistance and Her “Holy Spirit” that She bestows upon you.

-          You received from Christ "The Spirit of Truth" to help you discover truths and understand them. Jesus helps you also with the development of your 'unique soul' which has never existed before and who will not return in the flesh once she left the physical body.


The belief in reincarnation helped many people to realize and understand it takes more than just one physical life to reach Paradise. Unfortunately, these people think you need definitely to live many lives on Earth, which is absolutely not necessary. Every soul leaves this planet when it is her time for the Mansion worlds or Morontia worlds which have been brought into existence with the purpose of helping your soul to evolve. When you will resurrect on the 1st Mansion World you will receive a new Morontia body and Mind that is closer to the Cosmic Mind to give you a greater and more brilliant intelligence.


There are Seven Mansion Worlds and whenever your soul will access a higher one, she will fall asleep and wake up on that other world with a again another Morontia body and Mind which will be each time of lesser material and more spiritual matter.

When your soul has fused with her God Fragment and leaves this local universe for the Spiritual Worlds of the Superunivers she will become increasingly pure spiritual and will have a body of spiritual energies with a mind related to the Cosmic Mind.

You will evolve, work and learn there also through many experiences alternated with studies in huge schools.


You will begin by studying the language of the local universe, then the language of the Superunivers and then the one of Havona and Paradise until you reach The Father, the Universal Creator who will take you in his arms. It is then that you will become perfect as He is, that you will look like Him, always be one with Him and continue to work and evolve in your perfection.


Later when The Supreme Being will become The Almighty Supreme and then God the Supreme you will receive from Her a gift, a Divine Ability and much more. She will then be your sixth Celestial Parent and you will co-create life on other planets in other universes.


You will better understand on the Morontia worlds what we mean here. As you are not able with your mortal mind to understand this "concept of creation of life" we prefer to say you will “co-create life with your Universal Father and your Universal Mother and you will represent them both on the "outer space worlds" that circulate around the Seven Superuniverses. Your scientists can see them with their telescopes because your planet is really at the edge and face to face with the first outer space level in creation and effervescence.


Your future life will always be comparable to your current one. It will not be different, you will always have difficulties to overcome, but you won't need to search for food, nor have diseases or wars. A sweet peace will surround you and you will end up working 24hrs a day. You still will drink, eat and sleep on the Mansion worlds but everything will be different. However, what we don’t like at all ‘up there’ is laziness “Oh, I don’t feel like doing this, maybe tomorrow or not at all”. We expect a bit more discipline and consistency and that you show us your goodwill to make efforts.


Huge ‘transformative Energies’ are launched towards Earth. It affects all humanity: children, adolescents and adults of all races and all begin to awaken and ask questions; especially youth and adults who are sensitive to invisible phenomena that possess extra-sensory capacities in their brain and are more able to hear our voices.


This can sometimes cause problems for a young child or a young person who is under the influence of the minds and personal ambitions of its environment; a child has not enough life experience and sometimes unresolved emotional problems. These young people must be enclosed adequately. We must give young people the time to grow and have the patience to let them mature. Do not go too fast to the outside world with young people who hear the voices from Spirit. This helps neither the child nor those who read and hear these messages even though there would be a lot of truth in them. Never make an Oracle of them when they are young.


Nobody is destined to become an oracle anymore or a great prophet to evangelize the world. All developing souls are required to learn first to go into meditation, to go into ‘silence’ with "humility" to receive their inner guidance.


Start first by taking care of your ‘humility’, solve your entourage problems as well as all emotional blockages stored in the heart that bother you and of which you are reminded all the time so that you would work and dissolve them.


If you are of those who better hear our voices than others keep everything you hear for you at the beginning. Never think that you are an elected one chosen to do something more outstanding than others and if this is the case it will come the moment you'll be mentally ready, you'll have done your experiences and you will have learned to listen first and for all to God for your “own” guidance and not to play the great revelator for others.


Those days are gone; the time of evangelization, of prophet’s en revelators is over.


All heavenly circuits are open and more will come. There is much care, Teachers and Angels for everyone and everyone receives their own guidance and must learn to follow what their own God Fragment expects from them.

In case you are of those who receive messages from us during this transition or correcting time, you can transcribe them, put them on the internet, send them to your friends or keep them for yourself, this is up to you.


But nobody, nobody at the moment is here to play the great prophet, the great revelator or to be an evangelist. These are ideas that were put in people's minds by organized religions and belief systems of which the mind needs to be decontaminated and that will certainly take time.


When you here……. Yes you all here……... You'll be ready and quite in line with your indwelling God Fragment, with the Will of God in such a way that you can represent Him and having well understood what is expected of you, then you will be taken to other dimensions around Urantia to talk to souls without a physical body as well as to some souls staying on the First Mansion World.


You will explain them how you, as a human being still living on earth, managed to have such a close and intimate contact with your Creator, how you feel and perceive Him. You will “testify” of His Existence and nothing else.


Here, during your material life, you will only speak when someone opens his heart to you and at that moment you will simply let your God Fragment respond in your place. You will not add or leave ‘one’ word. Your words will always be simple and directed to the person requesting your assistance and relief.


Your role is not to play the great prophet, the great revelator or the clairvoyant on this planet. Your role is to learn and this is also true for those who are not part of this group.

I warn all mortals around the world who will suddenly begin to hear our voices and be able to hear the guidance of their Indwelling Spirit.


Pay well attention to reproduce exactly what you receive and make the difference with what you want to pass on to others; because it is a process that has to grow objectively in always ensuring not to mix your own ambitions and beliefs with what the Celestials or your God Fragment want to communicate.

The goal is to make clear to each individual that the best guide is indwelling them. It's as simple as that.

Of course, at the moment this is an unknown truth that must be understood and lived through personal experience. But that’s all we ask you to tell people who come for help and stand before you. For the rest you have absolutely no need to play the evangelists of modern times.


I say to all those who spend their time waiting for events, or great revelations that they are wasting their time. Some call themselves “Truth seekers”…….... it is possible. Every human being who is not happy or satisfied anymore with his own religion in which he was educated and is looking for answers is a "seeker of truth", and the words written in the great books do never reflect the truth and only but the truth. To better understand and learn more you always need to look for inner truths during your meditations where you will be guided effectively.


Stay active and do not wait for an event because you lose your time by doing so. You will not grow and you will be anxious all the time of not being there when this event will happen or not being able to fulfill the expectations. There are only two great moments important for you and they are: your fusion with your God Fragment and your arrival at Paradise to be embraced by The Universal Father. Everything else is only experience and growth.


My children never follow the path of "waiting" for an event, nor for the second coming of Christ or the coming of a Magisterial Son. After them still other Paradise Sons will come like the Trinity Teacher Sons -The Daynals, to establish a spiritual age, a millennium of cosmic enlightenment and they also are busy right now to prepare their arrival. It's all part of the evolution of a planet.


Do not wait, move on, learn and help your brethren because by doing so you prepare the coming of any Paradise Son that will come to help this planet evolve more spiritually. Set the stage for their coming and when you hear the call of The Universal Father to leave this physical world you will continue your ascension on the Celestial Worlds which is the real purpose of your creation and your existence.


Thank you my children to have listened to me. It was a warning to all of you, as well to those who read these words than to those who will have heard them.


Christ Michael: Hello my children, I come to great you. You will do a good job with your cousins, the Midwayers. They need your help and are very happy you want to help with the cleaning of the borderland and other tasks that will be taught to you.

Once this work of cleaning will be done a heavy burden will be removed from the shoulders of humanity. The Magisterial Mission and all other projects I have in mind can now move on very fast. You were told that without cleaning the borderland humanity as a whole could not rise and it was true, and is still true.

I thank you to help this planet and other rebellion planets this way, so that all mankind can be pulled upwards as well as this entire local universe that I created with my Conjoint Nebadonia with the intention of bringing forth souls with the ability to ascend to my Father, the Father of all, The Universal Father.

Your friends, the Midwayers, await you. They protect you and also help you in your energy transfers to assist others. Monsanloran will soon come with a project in which you will work hand in hand with the Midwayers and the Melchizedeks.

My sons, the Melchizedeks, are working hard to bring you all at the same time in a specific location in the borderland while you are in meditation to do this cleaning together with the Midwayers.

Now we send you to specific places in the physical world to create "Light anchors. However, if the Melchizedeks manage to gather you together during your meditations in these other dimensions of the borderland you will be able to create "Light Anchors" of a different kind out there directly with the Midwayers. You'll be going straight to these 'non-material dimensions' to clean up the borderland and destroy the existing negative egregores (vortexes) without having to travel physically.


You will receive lots of power and a lots of Light to be able to do this work. You will receive like a "magical light sword' in your hands to destroy all these dark nodes. You will be able to work more effectively and quickly with the Midwayers in these other dimensions of time and space than if you would drive physically everywhere around the planet. This system will allow speeding up everything.

Our Melchizedeks need more time to put this system in place to send you as a group with the Midwayers there where it is most needed.

Don't be afraid because the Light of God is stronger than anything. You have nothing to fear; it will be all these "lower thoughts-forms", these fallen angels and these very dark souls who do not want to see the Light that will fear you. They can do nothing against you and they will be paralyzed by fear and not you.

You are going there full of Light, full of Joy and with the Love of The Father. They will fear you and not reverse. As well the dark beings as the huge 'thought forms' who have shapes and their own requirements which will not accept the change will be destroyed on the spot because their time is up.

Thank you my children, thank you very much to have the courage to come together and to undergo these long meditations and I thank especially the young people, because normally this is not a job for them.

However, you are here because your soul wished it and that is one of the reasons why we started with you all here.

Once the Melchizedeks have implemented their system they will have it easier to train others as other groups are required. We know them, they are there and we only need to push them a bit in the right direction so that they gather and form small groups.


You are indeed the “guinea pigs” of our Melchizedeks. The moment the system is ready, you can really “take off” and they will then be able to train faster others. Everything we do here is experimental, it has never been done before and this is why it takes time, but everything evolves in the right direction.

Thank you all and certainly the youngsters for their patience and their efforts to adhere to these meditations. Goodbye my children goodbye.

Machiventa: I am Machiventa Melchizedek your planetary Prince. I am also here to announce you that you will cooperate with my precious Midwayers. They work for me since thousands of years where there are wars and natural disasters, to the necessary extent. They are not numerous enough and now you are going to give them a helping hand. By the fact that they work directly for me you do the same. There are still other brothers of me, like Monsanloran and Malvantra, that will join to help and they work also under my authority.

Once you are ready and able to work with the Primary and Secondary Midwayers you can start under their control and they will receive their orders directly from me. All your angels, celestial teachers and Melchizedeks will guide you.

Christ Michael will also join at the beginning because it's his project. He has now received permission of the Ancients of Days and can start and that’s why he wants to participate in the first phase.

Thank you my children, until next time.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.