The Secret.

Session nr.12 of 10 March 2012 – recorded –English translation– Original Dutch/English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: B-Maya, E-Maya, Cyril, Carole and Wivine

Received by Wivine


Visitor: Rombaut – Guide and aid of Wivine in her Energy work with the invisible and visible ones.

Monsanloran en Malvantra Melchizedek.


Rombaut spoke after 1h48min                     Total time meditation: 2h23min.


Rombaut (Dutch): Hello everyone. I am Rombaut, an ascending soul that has already fused with his God Fragment. I am a male and my God Fragment was therefore also. We are now one and the same person. You would call me an ascended master because I reached this state of fusion.


You had a question about those "souls" that accompany you to help with your energy transfers and other activities. Most are "ascending souls" who are still in this local universe. I came to help this little girl in 2001 and since then I always followed her. She was assigned to me and I helped her as much as I could. I learned a lot with her because she was always very active.


If you work much, the soul who accompanies you to help with your work remains with you. I do not do this work alone; I get help from the Midwayers, your personal Angels and other Celestial Orders.


Those who are very active are generally accompanied by "souls that are fused with their God Fragment”. This is for us a very special function by which we learn a lot before leaving this local universe Nebadon for the Spiritual Worlds and continue until Uversa (capital of Superunivers nr.7, Orvonton).


It is the kind of work you do that determines the type of soul or Midwayer that will help you. These ‘Teachings’ you followed are important from the moment you can work remote because then you can easily work in the 2 kingdoms: the invisible dimensions for you and the human physical world.


If you are mature and ready to meet this 'soul' that accompanies you in your work, he or she will let you know if you ask. Of course if you have no idea of all the celestial hierarchy and the ascension path of souls it will be difficult for a soul, a Midwayer or an Angel of any Order to introduce because you put them all under one denominator: The Higher Beings.


This is why we constantly pointed out to explore the Cosmology of the Urantia book to have a better look at your career, how your soul is created, what future you have, where you are going and out of what consists a human being; as well as how all Higher Celestial Orders were created and how the entire Administration is organized and on top the explanations of the Urantia book are very rudimentary compared to what we need to study and learn about the Organization of the Cosmos.


If your 'soul companion’ does not present him or herself to you it's probably because you never asked or because you are not able to tell the difference between a fused soul with her God Fragment, an ascending soul or a very advanced Morontia soul from another planet, or a Midwayer. You barely begin to understand something about the different Celestial Orders. When you will do more efforts to learn then all your Guides, Angels, Morontia Beings and other Celestial Orders will have it much easier to introduce themselves to you.


We will not spend our time with you just to hold your hand; your Angels will not, your 'soul companion’ will not and neither the Midwayers because we are all busy with several tasks.


Their role and our role is to point out that it is necessary to make contact with your indwelling God Fragment. The goal is that you become 'spokesmen of The Living God within' and that you will later fuse with this God Spark. This could happen already here on Earth ‘in a certain way’ and those who will achieve this will not pass through physical death when their time comes to leave the planet.

They will go directly towards the Mansion Worlds and will be of a higher level than the First Mansion World. They will have the level of development between the first and the Fourth Mansion World (there are 7 Mansion Worlds before accessing the Morontia worlds). You will even be able to reach the level of Salvington (capital of this local universe Nebadon), depending on your progress. Those who will reach this "state of pre-fusion" as it is now provided through a gradual process will not know physical death like their human brethren.


This is the secret with which you are occupied at the moment and in which I cooperate with this little girl here. Other beings like me will come to help in this grandiose work which will allow you to ‘pre-fuse’ on Earth with your God Fragment that God assigned to you, which becomes masculine if you are male or female if you are a woman.


I spoke in the language of my last earthly sojourn, Mechelen, where I am honored as a Saint. I wasn't a Saint, but I had a profound faith in God. I came from Ireland as many of my Irish Christian monk-brothers to Christianize the regions of Flanders, Wallonia and Northern France in the 8th century A.D..

I was cowardly murdered because I made public accusations to a notable of the city. Someone saw a dancing light on the small lake where I was killed and then superstition and gossip eventually made me a saint, but I didn’t do anything special to deserve this.


Remember that your main goal is to make contact with The Universal Father in your heart and to begin a personal relationship with Him. The Universal Father first and foremost and then if you are mature and ready, you will learn to know the other Celestial Beings who help you, with which you will work and who will guide you and build you out. Your role is to achieve first the goal of your life and that is the Union of your soul with God, the Universal Father who is your Friend and your Father; who gave you everything, who has created you and gives you the opportunity to become like Him through a long evolution.


This starts already now. It is now that you prepare it by relying on the Universal Father as a Friend, a Personality who lives permanently in you and for whom you will feel the love He expects from you.


All those achieving this, little matters that they have read the Urantia book-- a Bible or another author--, all those who will carry this love for Him and eventually reach this complicity with Him will always have much, much more opportunities to continue their ascension than those who have difficulties accepting His Presence or even don’t want to hear about Him.


It is not because you read a book and understood it intellectually that you possess this love for God, for the Universal Father in your heart, that you actually have contact with Him and that you love Him above all and everything…..... Because ………that’s what it’s all about.


Don’t make little deals with The universal Father; He knows you and makes no promises. You give unconditionally and this means with joy and without asking or expecting anything back. Then God will do the same for you but always according to His Wisdom and not yours.


Don’t say: "My God, if I make a few prayers or I give some money to these people to get them out of trouble you must immediately fill my bank account because than I did good deeds." That’s not giving unconditionally, that’s expecting something in return for what you gave. You may do this kind of speech directly to The Father, or act this way with people, but please be aware that you do not give unconditionally, but rather are expecting something in return.


This way of giving is selfish. In fact it is giving to receive and even on your requirements. Many opened the door this way to their own decline.  When you give, give wisely and ask us for advice. Ask yourself first this question "what does this person really needs?" and if he doesn't need or want what you wish to offer then give nothing because your 'gift' would serve no purpose. Don't delude yourself.


Thank you for having listened to me in a language nobody understands here. It was an honor and a pleasure for me to speak to you and allowing me to give you this answer. Thank you and see you soon my brothers and sisters of Earth.


Malvantra here (in English): we allowed this teacher and personal help of this girl to answer your questions. The words of wisdom he expressed are of value to everyone.


Now for Carole and B-Maya: we have made some serious adaptations to Carole to upgrade her because she was away for a long time. Also to you, B-Maya, we made some adjustments for the same reasons.


E-Maya, it is up to you to decide if you want to try again to speak because you were very afraid last time and we had to brake off the test. Tell us when you feel ready. Don't be afraid when you feel our presence whilst your body cannot longer move because it is something normal in such a situation.


We adjust your body in such a way that you will no longer feel it during the meditation. When you become aware of our presence when we try to let you repeat our words, do not be afraid. It is normal that you are not able to move your body neither feel it because it is not in its normal functional state. If you want to try again we will do another test.


When you panic because you realize that you cannot move your body nor have any physical sensations open slowly your eyes and wait for some time to let your body recover its functions. This is an advice for all in case it would happen to you when you just start.


Monsanloran wants to talk to you.


Monsanloran (in English): Hello my children, I see that your group is complete. We had planned a few trips but finally decided not to go because it is not the right time.


We want to put more emphasis on the bilocation in order to move your entire group at the same time to another dimension where you can help the Midwayers in the borderland along with some Melchizedeks, Angels and other Celestial Orders that are unknown to you.


You are all able to send Energy remotely with your Chakra 6, which will be of great assistance in the borderland where your sword will not be in your hands, but where the Energy will come out of your chakra 6. You are trained in such ways that we can operate it easily and very fast. You will be able to use it immediately, as an "extremely strong Light beam" which may, among other things, help to dissolve the "remains of negative emotions" of the deceased.

We will create in these dimensions "Memorials" consisting of three Light Anchors in the places where Caligastia and his partners have generated harsh and dark egregors.


We'll go with some of you in places where we have gathered many souls so that you can talk to them about The Father: "how you know Him, how you know He is there. How you know that He is your personal friend, how He helps you and how all these various types of celestial beings He created help you in your ascension and that they are not only there for you but also for them, to help them out . »


They will trust your voice because you are a human living on Earth. They know the Midwayers, the Melchizedeks and the Angels, but they mistrust them. However, they will listen to you because you are a human being just like them still living on Earth in a physical body.


It is in this sense that you will talk to crowds and it is this way that you will bring also the "wandering souls" towards the Light so that they can continue their path of ascension on the Mansion Worlds. You will also help in the dissolution of the "remnants of negative emotions" which cannot be accepted by the planetary Supreme (Gaia or Urantia).


We very well improved our ability to help you with your bilocation. We first collect you all here at Mezza Verde and thence we leave all together. {Note Wivine: some of us follow the meditations at their homes.}


It is good that you learn to know your Midwayers, some have one and others two, it depends, but make contact with the one that has been assigned to you and do not think that yours is less worth than the one of another.


Carole, it’s now a while you are aware of the presence of your secondary Midwayer who is a woman. We will not disclose her name or her code number. Learn to contact her yourself and ask her who she is.

We can give you the names and numbers, but it’s not the same as having personal contact with her.

Please keep in mind that Midwayers and Angels have a lot of work and that they are not constantly near you to hold your hand, but they can be near you very, very fast when you need them. There are no lazy ones in the Celestial Orders, everyone has his work and they work around the clock. They won't stay near you waiting for you until you decide to do what you have to do. When you start working or studying you call them in your mind, and they will be there within a minute.


If you do not work or study they will surely remind you. Rest assured that you will hear or see the signs of their presence to remind you to help others with your skills.

We protect you and help you in your studies, your work and with your problems, but you must do your part. Do not think that things will come along by hanging in a hammock under a coconut tree.


I thank you my children, we are done for today.

Yes girl, Malvantra said that he will end the session. Goodbye, my children, and have a good weekend.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.